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MuhammadJA  +   463d ago
It wasn't all that funny. I just had a chuckle.
Unlimax  +   463d ago
SPOILER CONFIRMED : The Dog Dies in a scripted cinematic way that make us feel really sad xD
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sway_z  +   463d ago
Snow Joke...Xbox Won right?

H3ADWOUND81  +   463d ago
Haha... Starting to feel a bit sorry for em but..... LMFAO.......

I wonder who will get the blame when xbone goes on sale and snow one buys it..

They be like, blame the dog??
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Holeran  +   463d ago
Lead eyebrow animator Lmao
Fishermenofwar  +   463d ago
I know I will get fried for this..But aren't dogs used in the army..Bomb aid in patrols..

So I don't see the issue here...

Battlefield is amazing for the realism and story but I think COD still has a place in gaming..

I preferred battlefields game play and HUGE maps and you couldn't do run and gun..

But I also like COD for the opposite reason..When you want that brainless balls to the wall mayhem its there..

My prediction is the gap between COD and Battlefield will get smaller..(sales wise) next gen..But I think Battlefield will take the realism to the next level..
Pandamobile  +   463d ago
Fun Fact:

Nathan Vetterlien is the voice of the Scout in TF2.
lizard81288  +   463d ago
That video was awesome. just for a joke, for their game, they should have a snowman in it
saggysack79  +   463d ago
that put a smile on my face
Soldierone  +   463d ago
They just made me want this game. If its PC only and my PC won't run it, I might still buy it just to support them lol
segamon  +   463d ago
PainKillerz  +   456d ago
Now that was funny!! COD Ghost you suck lol
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