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aviator189  +   915d ago
Along with RARE's e3 reveal, Crackdown 3 is one of the games I'm definitely excited to see.
I sunk in countless hours with Crackdown 1 and I just hope that Crackdown 3 gives the main character more toys and powers to work with.

But yeah, thank god it isn't Ruffian Games..
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Kalowest  +   915d ago
Ruffian Games are helping with Ryse...
Virus201  +   914d ago
Ryse is being developed by Crytek.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   914d ago
It was actually hinted that Crackdown 3 was gonna be MMO styled or more people in the world. If that's the case then MS could easily take advantage of its cloud computing techniques to further enhance the world. Make it richer, better AI, expand the world, new threats occurring in real time. Just an overall dynamic always changing and expanding universe.
Chuk5  +   915d ago
I'd love to see Crackdown 3. An actual sequel to the original crackdown.
ApolloTheBoss  +   915d ago
Seriously. CD2 was the exact same game pretty much.
Bakkies  +   915d ago
So when is Milo coming out?
creatchee  +   914d ago
About the same time you and other Sony fanboys stop trolling Xbox articles.
DevilishSix  +   915d ago
I see no hint of a Crackdown 3. All I see is the game blade for Crackdown showing the orb and it was right next to the Halo 3 game blade. This means no more than an old account snapshot used for Microsofts crapping reveal and yes I mean crapping. They took a big, fat, meaty, steaming, crap all over their core fans.
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Jek_Porkins  +   915d ago
Actually it was a Crackdown orb, and that was Halo 2's logo, the silver logo and everything. Looks like Ryse was in the corner, Forza 5 and some other interesting looking games.

As for Crackdown 3, could just be done internally, Microsoft Game Studios is rather large.

There were no old pictures on that dash, everything was new, and some games weren't ever seen before. That is why so many people are excited, I actually think that's an Easter egg from Microsoft to hype up the games.
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DevilishSix  +   915d ago
So we are to assume now that crackdown 3 has been developed because some new and old game pics were shown on a dash board.

I see no point in this article at all, there is no news here.
from the beach  +   915d ago
With at least 15 first party exclusives on the way and a Crackdown orb showing up in the Xbox One reveal, I think this article is well justified.
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SDF Repellent  +   915d ago
Did someone say Crackdown 3???

IronFistChinMi  +   915d ago
I really didn't expect Microsoft to bring this franchise back, so glad that they're. One of my favourite open world games.
konnerbllb  +   915d ago
Just a heads up, you should never use "they're" at the end of a sentence. Use "they are" instead.
project_pat36  +   915d ago
Only reason Crackdown even spawned a shitty sequel is because the majority of people who bought crackdown 1 only got it to get into the halo 3 beta at the time, I know I certainly did. I tried to get into crackdown but it just seemed like a modded version of gta.. or true crimes.. or saints row..
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WeAreLegion  +   915d ago
I really want a Crackdown 3, so this rumor better be true.
isarai  +   914d ago
Ruffian games(the devs behind the series) are working on a game called tribal towers and already said on their official site "We’re not working on Crackdown 3" so unless MS has another studio they can get to do this it's not in the works
IronFistChinMi  +   914d ago
Ruffian aren't the "devs behind the series". Realtime Worlds made the 1st game and Ruffian did the 2nd, Ruffian did contain a lot of ex-RW staff though.

Anyway, Microsoft's Victoria studio is rumoured to be developing this.
isarai  +   914d ago
Ruffian games is basically a team that broke off of Realtime worlds to continue working on crackdown while Realtime worked on APB
Prcko  +   914d ago
I would love to see new crackdown

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