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SandWitch  +   997d ago
Unfortunately, I think it's not

1) On Twitter Criterior confirmed their new game will not be a reboot. Though I'm not sure they were talking about NFS, it might possibly be some sort of their own IP
2) It's Ferrari in the picture. There were no exotic cars in Underground games
3) Rivalry is way too common word, especially in racing games. Connecting it to Underground Rivals is a stretch
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TheMrMalro  +   997d ago
Criterion is not making the next NFS. They only just finished the Wii U Most Wanted. This is the studio EA put together as the 2nd NFS studio, Ghost Games. I have much more respect for them than Criterion.

Look at the cars of Most Wanted (new one) compared to the old one. Totally different car choices, it's just a way to make it new and fresh.

I can't wait to hear more about this, Ghost Games seem to know what they're doing and I hope to god they do.
shikamaroooo  +   997d ago
If it' Criterior developing the game, I hope they don't make the game feel like burnout. I want customisations
Xsly  +   997d ago
I would like it to be but there are no exotic cars in underground games. I personally would like them to make underground 3.
Braid  +   997d ago
Hell yeah, I missed night races. Underground is probably my favorite NFS game to the.
MaleManSam  +   997d ago
God damn Most wanted remake was horrible.
ironfist92  +   997d ago
Underground 3 please with tuner racing and cheesy story kthxbai

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