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kenshiro100  +   992d ago
Flamebait article, not clicking. These people obviously didn't compare the two conferences because one was a disaster and the other was a success.
gino9  +   992d ago
If it has no games there will be no point in owning it anywhere. Im confused about all the hate for more capabilities on a game console.Does having the ability to instantly switch from one input to another somehow make games better or worse? No it doesnt. So like it or not if they can make up for this backlash with good games at E3 all this drama will be just that drama. And they will continue to sell consoles. Hell ill even pick one up....right after my ps4.
S2Killinit  +   991d ago
thats where you are wrong though. These abilities require Xbox to have Three Operating Systems. These OS require RAM that could have been used for gaming. As of now, the xbox one only has 5 RAM for gaming. The rest goes to background calculations for the things you mentioned. So yes, it does effect gaming. Don't get me wrong, I've been saying that MS will come out with plenty of games come E3. But The direction they are taking gaming is not something I look forward to. I think they will ruin gaming if they succeed. Microsoft's record with the 360 has shown that they will only cater to gamers so long as that market has not been saturated. During the second half the the current generation MS simply stopped catering to core gamers and focused on casuals and applications. Why? because that market had already been exhausted. They are not in this for making games, their focus is to become this "entertainment hub" that they keep talking about. To be fair Sony is also aiming for this since this is the only route if a console maker wants to stay relevant and be able to compete in the long term, however, Sony's strategy is different in that they focus more on games and add the applications as additions to a gaming console. With MS it's the other way around, gaming is simply an excuse for their other plans. People say "but they told us it reveal wasn't about games" that "MS will show games on E3". Of course Microsoft will bring plenty of games to E3, but the question is why would a game console be announced without Games?? What does that say about the vision of this company? I don't know how else Microsoft could have revealed their hand better for all to see. They will cater to core gamers at the beginning of this generation (just as they did with 360) then once the core gamers either buy into their system or they go Sony, they will move on to causal market. Thats been their strategy and it seems that with this generation it is their strategy even more than before.
Dfooster  +   992d ago
What a load of rubbish. It's ok making money off people through the console cycle but you have to physically sell them a machine first. If 75% of all console gamers buy a ps4 and they are only making money on the games they will be far better off than Microsoft
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N8  +   992d ago
I agree because idiots will buy xb1 anyway.
geraltandtriss  +   992d ago
PS4 is beast while xbox one is like crap shit.MS always focus on kinect like stupid tech and TV.they don't care what gamers want.Sony always focus on games.MS has stupid exclusives.(halo is exception).go sony show what u r made for
ericnoddy  +   992d ago
hi gamers and the likes... this be my first posting on n4g. highly entertaining site. i've had the pleasure of enjoying your constant, unrelenting and sometimes down right amateurish almost religious like support for your consoles of choice.
i've been playing games since forever and have nothing but love and great admiration for people who toil day and night to ensure that my gaming needs are met. so to all gaming companies, thank you.
Krosis  +   992d ago
Same childish debates, same results. Both consoles will do just fine and be essentially equivalent to one another. Children squabbling over hilarious "fierce brand loyalty" lol These companies don't need commercials as the kids waste hundreds of hours whining "mine is better than yours" while the rest of ud actually play the games. Seriously people, your not getting paid to run with the pack. Let everyone enjoy the platform they like; the other guy doesn't really give a rats ass if you think one console is better than the other. I suppose anonymity behind a keyboard saves one the embarrassment of arguing about toys lol
evil_element  +   992d ago
Since the launch of PS4 and Xbox one has been polar different to that of the PS3 and Xbox 360.

I tell you big reason why Xbox will struggle hear on out. You have to see the time line of what the console stood for:

1994: Playstation first disc games console, which had no end of amount of fun to it. It brought about modern gaming + N64 we love it to this days with the controller and 4 player gaming.

2000: Playstation 2 - Instant success, because it had a user base and design personality of refinement and fun.

2001: Xbox came out: Did well with in betweeners but should the world Microsoft with taxing developers from the PC division could create an awesome gaming console. It in the same position as PS1 (PSX).

2005: Playstation 3 had big user base but stood for futuristic power, sleek dark look and crammed with latest tech.

2005: Xbox 360 - Based on fun, outgoing, social console with emphasis on gaming - this reflected in the white/grey colour of the console.

2013: Playstation 4 pretty much the same but less dark and sleek but a heart in gaming.

2013: Xbox One much like the PS3 but much less emphasis on actual gaming.

*Rough dates.

Both have Sony and Microsoft have stood in different directions but thus this generation they (Microsoft) have switched to Sony direction.
Minute Man 721  +   991d ago
Except the ps1 was not the first disc based console, agree with your post
evil_element  +   991d ago
What disc console was before playstation?
zlpw0ker  +   992d ago
I dont get MS,they lost hardcore audience by going into;social stuff,integrating tv in xbox,apps for series and movies,4k stuff which isnt gonna happen until 2-4years.a gaming console should be about games,and only games. And for that reason I hope ms will fell on their ass so they will do the right thing on next gen after this ps4 and xboxOne.

Now for the ps4 its more about the gamers,but Sony is still pulling shitt like dam social button a controller which is so meaningless,I just want to play games.
ps4 will still probably have social stuff like facebook and some stupid apps on tv that will never work in norway.
And oye,they have made a new controller which looks like shitt and the dam microphone for speaking into the controller,fack that.
and sony really screwed me over,I bought the ps3 for ff13 and ffvs13 since it was announced for ps3 and now SE finally realeases some info when the ps4 is about to release and if they decided that they will get vs to ps4 I will boycott SE and not buy nextgen console.when the fack over the consumers I could care less for sony or ms,I stick with the ps3 I have.
brewin  +   992d ago
No way. The ps4 and Wii u both have something the x1 won't, and that is a true two screen experience. Its built right into the fabric if the Wii u with the gamepad and Sony is going to implement it we'll with the vita. Ms smart glass is no comparison to what the other two are offering.
MJ23007  +   992d ago
Stupid article, anyone who keeps up with this knows MS is screwing their customers with used games fees and no no dice for me ill be getting the ps4
ame22  +   992d ago
Dat damage control.
Rixynator  +   992d ago
"They both have have 8GB RAM" Wow obviously someone wasn't paying attention here. DDR5 vs DDR3 nubcake.
N4G4L  +   992d ago
need i say more

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NaAsAr  +   991d ago
that video is like the introduction of a new language...

tv tv tv tv

sports sports

sports tv

reminds me of this lol

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sovietsoldier  +   992d ago
i have been a xbox user since day 1 when i stood outside in the rain waiting for wal-mart to open, and now i have to say i will most likely be going to buy a ps4 because Microsoft is no longer in the game business but in the entertainment business . if i wanted to watch tv ill watch tv but i dont need an xbox-one to do that, i own a console to play games not Skype with friends or browse the internet. i am a gamer not social junkie who always needs input from multiple sources all at once. older consoles have more appeal then these new ones.
Minute Man 721  +   991d ago
Fee for used games OK LOL this system will only sell to the fanboys and there are not enough of them to make a profit
Solo227  +   991d ago
he pretty spoke as if the PSN store doesnt exist... Apparently Miscrosft is the only one offering videos on demand, rent to own HD movies, Netflix, Hulu etc.

I wonder if he knew that before writing this article...
Ozmoses  +   991d ago
haha. the PS4 has already won this competition
S2Killinit  +   991d ago
I'm not clicking on this article. Its obvious they just want click n I'm not buying it.
Orionsangel  +   991d ago
I see the birth of two consoles and a future that's yet to be written for either of them. So these ridiculous articles need to STFU!
Prcko  +   991d ago
it will for sure
gedden7  +   991d ago
No people will struggle to afford xb1..
ATi_Elite  +   991d ago
All I know is that Microsoft's stock went from $24 to $38 so they are doing something right.

I see Next Console Gen as a nothing more than a bunch of multiplats that will be made to run on Xbox1 then ported to PS4 and PC. Whoa just like last Gen.

Sony is gonna have to bring the HEAT with AAA Exclusives and Sony fans are gonna have to actually BUY them instead of talking about them or YES Sony will struggle as Xbox1 will be making cash without playing games.

MS has ALWAYS looked to control the Living Room and Xbox 1 looks to do just that. Good J0B MS with Xbox 1 cause MS Web TV was a FAILURE.
iliimaster  +   991d ago
"People are going to buy one box this generation and you're going to want to still make money off them once they've got the hardware. Microsoft is going to have you tied in to buy other stuff from them. Sony's going to be thinking 'what shall we do for the next ten years?'

lol really? how about making first class games for Gamers and it will have all thats necessary for a gaming console not a spyvcr might as well have a playing meter just like a parking meter next to my xboxone insert coins here to access
pop-voxuli  +   991d ago
Dear Microsoft,

As soon as the Xbox One gets hacked, and it will, I and many others are going to pirate the piss out of every damn game available simply because of the way you have screwed your loyal fanbase by taking away our rights. You think you're gonna screw us? Guess again.
ASH_ufo  +   991d ago
all in one??((( i have PC for this shit...
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marchinggamer  +   987d ago
I doubt it will struggle but it might lose Sony is giving the ps4 DRM and blocking used games this is how it is get with the times
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