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Neo-Axl  +   711d ago
If anything, Xbox One will struggle against PlayStation 4.
Nothing positive has happened since the reveal, just more problems & scandals the more time goes on.
Max-Zorin  +   711d ago
If only it was legal worldwide to hit dumb journalists with a sledgehammer.
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syphon32  +   711d ago
That's a lie
threefootwang  +   711d ago
"The PS4 will struggle against the Xbox One" ... Said no one ever.

Lmfao, these guys are morons. I wouldn't be surprised if the vast majority of Xbox hardcore fans (me being one of them) made the switch to Sony. MS has spat in our faces long enough, they can take their ONE console and ONE it up their ass.

Not speaking for ALL Xbox fans, just my opinion on it!
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Gaming4Ever  +   711d ago
Bad name, horrible design, fees for second hand games, no backwards compatibility, internet check required every 24 hours, no self-publishing for devs. The One is on a role.
RoninRaven  +   711d ago
"PlayStation 4 Will Struggle Against Xbox One" Are you serious? Have you been away for the last couple of days?
wishingW3L  +   711d ago
fishing for hits.
mochachino  +   711d ago
I can see One being very successful if cable companies actually use it as their cable box (or lease it for the monthly fee they charge for current cable boxes). Cable companies already charge $400 for DVRs so why not just use an Xbox instead.
waltercross  +   711d ago
hmmmm, actually you have a point. Thats the only way I see the XBO being successful.
chikane  +   711d ago
look another butthurt lem
H3ADWOUND81  +   711d ago
Reading to title leads me to believe somebody been smoking crack.. Microsoft's greed for money has led them down a path that's concentrating on tv rather than gaming. Judging by some of the comments I've read over the past couple of days after that shockingly bad reveal, Sony's coming out on top... Sorry to burst your bubble but..... Xbox, go home.....
Daves  +   711d ago
They said it themselves in the article: "The PS4 on the other hand is all about the games."


And seriously, how many of us game in 'The Living Room'. Not that I have any, but that's where the Mrs and Kids reside.

I think MS are deluded on so many fronts, the living room lark is all wishful thinking.
waltercross  +   711d ago
I game in the Living Room, My TV, PS3 and computers are there. My Computer is hooked up to my TV. But from what I saw/read I'd still never buy a XBO. We use a DVR and my Computer is hooked up to my TV, thats all I need.
Daves  +   710d ago
I suppose I don't game in the living room as my TV down there is rubbish :) But up in my 'gaming room' I just have a nice monitor I switch between PC/PS3.
Zeniix  +   711d ago
'' PS4 will struggle against xbox one''

I'm not so sure about that cause as a long time xbox player that hasn't played a console from Sony since ps1 I must say I can't wait to get back and to get on the ps4.

I don't need any television features or kinect stuff, I need some good gameplay.
cheetah  +   711d ago
The new Xbox is another example of how MS do not innovate and always play catch up. Operating systems, phones, Zune, Apple TV etc etc
TBONEJF  +   711d ago
How is PS4 going too struggle against the XBOX ONE? They are already started too loose gamers after they say they won't be BACKWARDS CAPABILITY and CAN'T PLAY USED GAMES
zippycup  +   711d ago
the thing you are forgetting is that we buy consoles for gaming and that is what Sony showed but they never stated they would stop there

Sony can easily update software to allow most of or all of this on top of that they rent sell movies thru PlayStation store they have music unlimited

and unless i read it wrong what the xbox one does whit cable is be another universal remote so i would have to have both of them on and pay more on my electric bill
IBleedXbox  +   711d ago
nah i dont think so. playstation can hold its own. microsoft are fucking up. kinect Smh i dont care about that shit. i just want My Perfect next gen gaming system nothing more
taijutsu363  +   711d ago
I feel like OUYA will have better success...right everyone? :)
Milesprowers  +   711d ago
Didn't Playstation 2 already beat Xbox One ?
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Thomaticus  +   711d ago
EVERYTHING the Xbox can do the PS4 can do as well. There's a Sony kinect as well.. And Sony has already had TV features, they already have NHL TV, so how,hard would it be for them to expand on that. MS seems happy to have that Blu Ray drive, that they felt was unnecessary.
DemonSlayer420  +   711d ago
I would care more about the XBOX ONE if they showed off some exclusives. Nothing remotely interesting yet like Deep Down for PS4. Sony cares about games and their quality and that's why they will get my money first. Shit, Demon's Souls wouldn't even exist without Sony, which means Dark Souls wouldn't exist without Sony. Sony actually care about driving innovation in gaming, making great games and publishing/supporting great games. I own both 360 and PS3 but my PS3 gets way more use due to the amount of exclusives that are amazing. It looks like it will be the same next generation.
Tatsuya  +   711d ago
I can still take PS4 & XBone will be successful but PS4 will struggle, seriously?
What are you smoking? PS4 has the support of all hardcore gamers. It is the console we choose!
level 360  +   710d ago
Honestly Microsoft/XBox ONE is trying to at least replicate Sony's hold on the entertainment side of things.

Since Sony has a vast structure in the entertainment business with it's film/cinema studios plus the many audio/video equipment at it's disposal they really don't need to prove themselves as the general public already knows that.
Leonex  +   710d ago
Who comes up with this DOA....The future is PlayStation
spoonard  +   710d ago
I think the Xbox One will struggle against itself in trying to find a focus. It's competing against to many areas other than gaming. Is it a set-top box like AppleTV, or Roku, or Google TV? Is it a gaming console? Is it a cable box?
Kayant  +   710d ago
Well if rumors are true and they can get their cloud computing working for everyone bad connection or not then yh they would own the online space because peer to peer connection/several xbox ones powering a single console is greater that a single system alone

However, PS4 will mostly defiantly own when there is none of this involved with is more important for a lot of people.
ufo8mycat  +   710d ago
Sure it will struggle...

Just like PS2 struggled against XBOX..
Just like PS3 struggled against 360..

Unless the ONE has a huge number of quality exclusives (non-kinect or casual), then the ONE will struggle against the PS4.
CaulkSlap  +   710d ago
"A lot of people have grown up playing games on their PC, but haven't graduated to consoles as they get older because it just doesn't interest."

I find this insulting.
outsider1624  +   710d ago
unless microsoft hires some mercenaries or ninjas to sabotage the PS4's Shipments...then yes it's gonna struggle!
JallaJunS  +   710d ago
I'm sure the XOne will be nice entertainment wise if you live in the US. MS is always screwing people outside of the US. If it has no games there will be no point to own it outside of the US.
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