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zerocrossing  +   834d ago
It's really a matter of gamers having had their hand held too much with current gen games, when playing an old school gem like Super Metroid it's important to adapt to the game and what it expects from you instead of expecting to be told what to do.

If you're stuck then either you haven't searched the area enough, or you are lacking a certain power up, it's usually never anymore complex than that beyond a frustratingly tough boss fight.

The entire way you play differs greatly from most current gen games, you're thrown into a strange world that you yourself must explore with the only real direction being that of a point on world the map, making progress at 1st is either done through trial and error or dumb luck, however once you become acquainted with the game mechanics and realise that progress usually stems finding new Items or Suite power ups and often back tracking between areas, then the game becomes very straight forward, not easy mind you but it helps if you approach the game as it was intended to be played instead of expecting glowing arrows to guide you.
herbs  +   834d ago
I literally told 20+ gamers on the Miiverse to hold the run button to get over the noob bridge in Super Metroid. Young gamers now do not have the patience or persistence to figure it out for themselves because of there short inferior attention spans.
jay2  +   834d ago
People need to realies, you get it very easy these days.
DEEBO  +   834d ago
i can't lie,even though i beat it on snes.i was stomp for at 1st but only because i didn't know she had a dash button.but know it's all coming back to me.the best 30 cents i ever spent.
Myst  +   834d ago
Haha same here when I was playing on the WiiU pad and found out I was like "Oh yeah!"
PigPen  +   834d ago
It's like any new game you play for the first time, you learn the controls and your find. It's no difficult than any other game.
CaptainN  +   834d ago
Maybe if they weren't such a moron and first realized the character isn't Metroid but Samus, and second, looked around and found the Morph Ball it wouldn't be such an issue !!!
TotalSynthesisX  +   834d ago
i think metroid is a pretty cool girl, seh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything
TotalSynthesisX  +   833d ago
Clearly, the joke went over someone's head.
PopRocks359  +   834d ago
Oh please. Ask any of the Nintendo 3DS ambassadors.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   834d ago
Back in the day A kind person, A Guide Book, Nintendo Power, or Nintendo Hotline was the only thing that could help you.


With all of the WalkThroughs that are online and all of the Playthrough Videos- I really don't see why people get stuck.

A hard fight that you can't beatbecause of coordination is one thing but not knowing what to do is something else.

-Look it up.

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HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   834d ago
even though i beat super metroid back when it first came out for snes i find it harder to play than metroid prime.

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