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smashcrashbash  +   800d ago
Yeah saying that Fuse is Insomniac's greatest failure yet is what is bugging me.It sound as if he is saying that Insomniac constantly fails at everything and this is their greatest failure of all. I mean if you ignore the constant whining and ignore the ignorance Insomniac's games were always good.Even R3 that people claim was so awful was a good game.even if you want to argue about it their games were far above average.So I am kind of confused about 'their greatest failure yet'.So unless it is some sort of flame bait to attract me to read the article or a misunderstanding on what the author really said I don't get it.
bessy67  +   800d ago
Let me sum up the article for you: A butthurt sony fanboy crying about Insomniac no longer making exclusives for PS.
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P_Bomb  +   800d ago
Played the demo, couldn't finish it. Graphics looked pretty blah for something this late in the cycle. The 3rd person climbing/jumping around the snowy cliffs felt like a poor mans uncharted to me, everything just feels borrowed but not as good.

From pulling guys over cover ala mass effect3 to the Resistance-lite shooting, a less effective gears revive AI, and left4dead's seeing partners through walls gimmick. Nothing felt or looked better than its influences, imho. Oh well.
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whoyouwit04  +   800d ago
From the article

"I pray that take a good long look at yourself if your still interested in the game."

What a stupid fuck, different strokes for different folks. I really can't stand people who try to force every one to believe what they do. And no I'm not interested in this game, never was. Yet, I wont dog someone else for being so.
Smokingunz  +   800d ago
What they need to do is make a proper new resistance game set in modern time for both vita n ps4
GrathiusXR  +   800d ago
What's this? Someone played the demo of the game and are classifying it as a failure? The demo? Demo? De-mo.

Seriously this is junk next thing you'll see if people will start writing articles based off trailers...
chuckyj1  +   800d ago
Sony fanboys turn on Insomniac for making a multi-plat game... If this was a Sony exclusive you guys would be drooling over how great a game it is...But, since it's also available on another system you attack it.
Baka-akaB  +   800d ago
Arent you guys tired of those excuses ? Insommniac had Resistance bombing in end .. how does it fit your logic ?

The people that loved Resistance (i'm one of them) were constantly up against MORE people calling it generic , bleh , crap or whatever ... for good and bad reasons alike
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wishingW3L  +   800d ago
as much as I love Sony and PlayStation he's actually speaking the truth. If this were a PS3 exclusive people would be ranting and complaining about the article.

Just look at other PS3 exclusives like GT5 which deserved the bad press it got but people were on every article defending it like crazy. Other examples are: MAG, GOW: Ascension, Socom, etc.
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P_Bomb  +   800d ago
Except there *are* people in here complaining about this article too. Resistance got thrown under the bus on page 1 almost instantly. The "if it was exclusive you'd love it" arguments here are no better than the other side of the coin, where someone could just as easily claim that certain personalities "only like this now cuz it's multiplatform."

I enjoyed R3 but was just talking about its unsatisfactory ending with "more questions than answers" on here the other day. As with fuse, I couldn't finish last year's exclusive ratchet and clank full frontal assault demo either. Not my thing. Insomniac's last 2 games did 63 and 70 on metacritic. If there's a double standard, no one told all4one and q-force about it.
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chuckyj1  +   800d ago
How does it fit my logic? Well
A) Gee...Sony fanboys threw another Insomniac game under the bus...How original

B) Wasn't Resistance the saving grace among a really bad launch lineup of games for the PS3?

So it's no surprise that an insomniac title was "Thrown" under the bus.
Baka-akaB  +   800d ago
Double Post .

Sorry issues even editing or posting right now
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Baka-akaB  +   800d ago
It is a fact that people loved to complain about resistance . The game , righfully or not , was called everything from generic to ugly and boring . Plenty even argued that Resistance 1's good sales , were because the game was bundled with the launch ps in many countries .

It was dab smack in the middle of the "PS3 has no games" mantra .

R2 too wasnt a big success either and managed to alienate fans of the first game . And R3 was widely ignored .

And now you guys wanna pretend it's some kind of cherished dev , with mostly hits under its belt , that people are suddenly turning against because they went multiplatform ? the same people that didnt care in the first place enough to buy their games ?

Get real , when has that excuse ever worked ? It is only used for flops , or probable flops
brave27heart  +   800d ago
What if I dont have three friends to play co op with? Or I just prefer playing games on my own? It sounds like Fuse has been built as a co op experience first and foremost, what incentive do I have to buy it then?
wishingW3L  +   800d ago
that's your choice dude. Or do you complain about MMO's too?
Neko_Mega  +   800d ago
Don't know, I enjoy this game. It isn't a game I plan on buy right away, but I do plan on getting this game because I enjoy it.
Deadpool616  +   800d ago
The game is fun to me, but I won't be buying it since EA is the publisher. I also absolutely refuse to sign up for origins.
memots  +   800d ago
This is on console btw. How bout knowing a little about what your commenting about.
Deadpool616  +   800d ago
EA = No sale...and I'll leave it at that.
hardcorehippiez  +   800d ago
tried it,liked it, well it was ok so i will get it at some stage. cant compare to other insomniac games because i havent really played much to be fair but going off what i have on the demo thus far it is their weakest game i have played yet this gen.
PSVita_FTW  +   800d ago
insomniac's greatest failure was letting go of spyro, and letting activision kill him with the skylanders BS.
RedSoakedSponge  +   800d ago
they should had stuck to comedy games.
monkeyfox  +   800d ago
Only the first resistance was good.. the other two were disappointing and boring. No new ideas... just awful. I think Insomniac have been going downhill for a while now, they are spreading themselves too thin with multiple releases. Sony should buy them and then insist that they use their resources to make ONE good game every two years...
bobtheimpaler  +   800d ago
Seems to be some hyperbole in the article and in the comments on here. I haven't been paying much attention to this game but what was available in the demo was solid and good fun. So I will wait until the game is out before making any further judgements.

As for the Resistance series. Part 1 and 3 are easily the best in the series providing some old school shooter goodness. Excellent back drop of WW2 era with fun weapons, tense battles and engaging stories. R2 has the weakest single player in the series as you were limited to 2 weapons and highly linear levels. It was enjoyable, but pales in comparison to 1 and 3. R2 Mp was a chaotic mixed bag, but I like the more intimate focus of 3. Resistance was never about the MP for me. It was the single player and for that parts 1 and 3 are among my favourites this gen. Not that the MP isn't good. They're very solid and I can enjoy each of them for different reasons.

I downloaded the Fuse demo late at night. Played it and deleted it not thinking much of it. Couple of days later I gave it another chance. I took my time with it and found it to be enjoyable. Fuse seems to borrow some elements from R2's co-op which I do enjoy. Characters with specialised weapons/ abilities that you can switch between on the fly. Combat feels polished and fun. If they can tell a good yarn, then I will probably get it.

I've only really played every main ratchet game and resistance game and to say Fuse is a failure before it has even come out (And this goes with any game) is just nuts.

I also hope they revisit Resistance down the line. Despite R3's performace it is an excellent game. One of the few titles I revisit from time to time. There's a lot of ideas they can toy with like adding some of the space and time travelling stuff from the original i8 concept before they stuck it in WW2. There are so many ways they can go with it.
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Azurite  +   800d ago
Wow... release a month away?
Haven't even heard about it until now.
zeroskie  +   800d ago
They really should have focused on one character that gets to use a bunch of awesome weapons, this way they wouldn't have to shoehorn a bunch of 1 dimensional personalities into one story.
KingKevo  +   800d ago
I'm actually pretty happy that it's so bad. As the aithor in the article said, perhaps now they will go back to Sony and let them buy them. I hated the FUSE demo after the intro and the first few minutes already, but just played it to the end. But that game does not represent what Insomniac is capable of at all. The deal with EA and going multiplatform was a fail, and I'm sure they know that too.
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-Gespenst-  +   800d ago
I just hope EA don't have their hands up Insomniac's asses playing the ventriloquist. This game seems to be a huge step back from their previous stuff- it lacks heart or something. I don't know, I guess we'll see.

EDIT: I still like the idea of each player splitting up and going through different, specialized parts of the levels before rejoining. Could make for some pretty sool parts.
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thelaughingwiseman  +   800d ago
What does the title mean by "yet", have they created other failures? Last I heard Resistance is one of the premier titles to own on a Play Station. I own the set and it is a great series.

Gamers need to realize, they can't make another Resistance game because it's a console exclusive. The only way they could have gotten some aspect of Resistance out to other platforms is by going solo and creating their own game. It is a small taste of what they created. And with the peoples support, they can probably be creating games as popular as Resistance or even more so. They are starting out on their own. It'd be a shame for people to not see that these developers are trying and aren't seeing anything bare fruit.
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