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GameCents  +   875d ago
First review is it? Not off to a great start but we'll see.
PeZuS  +   875d ago
EVE all over again I think :-D. This game will be much different down the line, just like EVE
BattleAxe  +   875d ago
From what little I played just the other night, I would say that this is a fair score. If you like micro-transactions, then this game is great, but in terms of gameplay, Killzone and Battlefield blow this game out of the water.
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sevilha82  +   875d ago
I´ve been playing this for the past 4 days or so,and in my opinion is a gasp of fresh air in a market where shooters are all alike.Yes it´s hard as nails at first but then as all practice makes...better.the gameplay isn´t the best but that will evolve as time goes by but is one of the best online world as in content and with is own personal social features...i´d would give an 8.0.more original than every thing else at the time.Ohh,and it´s free.
Emilio_Estevez  +   874d ago
This is an uninformed review, this guy doesn't seem to understand how the game work in regards to fittings and isk. Also seemed like he's basing this off of a few days worth of SP. Not exactly getting a good view of much. Mentions med-kits, those don't exist. Could care less about the score really, but the reviewer is clearly ill informed and it's not what I thought d-toid was all about. I'm disappointed with them.

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