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PopRocks359  +   996d ago
Considering the amount of Wii U games to be shown at E3, my answer is no.
zeal0us  +   996d ago
Considering that if Nintendo announced they were abandon the console business their stocks would drops. Not saying Nintendo wouldn't recover but this late into the game would quite risky to do something of that nature.

I know some people might say oh but Sega did it and survived. Sure but times were different then compared to now and not only that Sega previous console(Saturn) before the Dreamcast had perform poorly. It only attribute to Sega's debt at the tine.

Nintendo previously console the Wii sold phenomenally and made Nintendo a ton of $$$. Abandoning the console business because of their current console is selling as well they thought it would, would be silly.
PopRocks359  +   996d ago
The GCN is one of the lowest selling major consoles in history and yet that console was profitable. Care to explain why that didn't end their hardware run right then and there?

Also Sega had a string of nasty hardware failures that cost them a ton of money. Nintendo had no such string and most, if not all of their consoles have been profitable (the only notable exception being the Virtual Boy).
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zeal0us  +   996d ago
You just answer your own question

"The GCN is one of the lowest selling major consoles in history and yet that console was profitable"

Why would they dropout if their console was profitable?
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PopRocks359  +   996d ago
Yes, I know. It was a rhetorical question lol.

All the facts point away from such a move from Nintendo. Their consoles make them more money. It's simply a good business strategy at the end of the day.
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ShinMaster  +   995d ago
They have much better luck with handhelds
Maybe in the future that'll be their main focus.
3-4-5  +   996d ago
This article writer should abandon the pen/ typing.
SpiralTear  +   996d ago
Is the author's name/title even on the page? I can't find it among the labyrinth of ads and graphics.
StraightPath  +   996d ago
lool the writer should abandon journalism.

Nintendo is coming from one of the most successful consoles ever the Nintendo Wii, with a portfolio of great success in the handheld market which is continuing with the 3DS and with one of the best selling games of all time which include likes of Mario and the most selling game of all time Wii sports.

People forgetting that the PS3 had a disastrous launch and also the 360 did not do that well in their early days either.

Seriously some articles and fan boys are the worst of the bunch and have very short memory in regarding console launches.

Did you know in the first week in the USA the Wii U sold

400,000 units in the first week?

compared to the first TWO weeks

PS3 - 197,000 units
XBOX 360 - 326,000 units

Wii u sold much more in the first week then both PS3 and Xbox 360 when they launched which took them two weeks.

Wii U is launching into a more challenging market than the PS3 and 360 were back in 2006 and 2007 that is why sales haven't been as good. But compared to other systems launch is sure is doing better.

Remember the doom articles of PS3? Remember the doom articles of 3DS? look were the 3DS is now. Put those idiots to shame.

Wii U is taking off slow but I really hope it will take off soon and has many games too.

dumb ass fan boys.
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unapersson  +   995d ago
It did do well in in the first week, but the drop off since then has been more dramatic. Not to say they can't recover, but these comparisons with early last gen sales seem to avoid a lot of the detail (comparing just the first week, that the PS3 was supply constrained and not a worldwide release). How do the cumulative sales compare?
CalvinKlein  +   996d ago
Well the gamecube and n64 didnt sell That many but they kept going. WiiU can easily sell more than those and 3ds is doing really good. Last gen tons of consoles were sold. NIntendo wont repeat the success of the wii, but they will still be continuing doing good if they can sell 50 million+ WIIUs. It would be alot better than gamecube and n64 did.
jcnba28  +   996d ago
lol no.
Neonridr  +   996d ago
my god, why do these articles even exist? Nintendo has enough money to have like 5 failed consoles in a row. You know that once the first party titles roll around the console will start to sell and they will make plenty of money.

Will Sony abandon the console business? Will Microsoft? Not likely. Nintendo has been around as long as both Sony and Microsoft put together, they know what they are doing.
PopRocks359  +   996d ago
"my god, why do these articles even exist?"

Hits and clicks.
memots  +   996d ago
is this the ps3 all over?

Why are people so hellbent on something failing??
Root  +   996d ago
When the Wii U gets at least 3 years in, turn themselfs around YET STILL get negative articles then it will be a PS3 thing all over again
WeAreLegion  +   996d ago
The PS3 never sold poorly. It has been outpacing the 360 since launch.
memots  +   995d ago
WeArelegion since you just joined this site ( 02 Nov 2012 )

Let me explain. The ps3 has had doom article for many many many years. even until recently. It has become kinda of a running joke, Even to this day there are still some people trying their best to make people believe that "it teh fail" Teh dooommmmzz

Even we all know the reality is that ps3 worldwide is way ahead of their direct competition the x360.
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thaimasker  +   996d ago
No but because of Smart phones and the current extremely slow start of the 3DS they are abandoning handhelds( Average 2011 article)
SpiralTear  +   996d ago
Every one of these articles says the same stuff, with the same justifications and the same reactions from N4G.

If you're going to write an article about this completely overused and monotonous topic, be creative and try to justify your argument in a new and much more interesting way. Don't use the same arguments involving EA support, the lack of a major E3 press conference for Nintendo, or whatever you consider to be "a real reason." Otherwise, you could just read the same thing elsewhere.

And don't use the whole "mobile market" iOS/Android excuse. That's old too.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   996d ago
I wish a lot more people on here had this mentality. It's so annoying seeing the same thing over and over again on here.

Same article with the same topic just with a different author and website attached to it. So tired of these lazy "journalists" just trying to capitalize on a hot topic. Bring something new to the discussion. People need to stop blindly approving articles just because they meet the bare minimum/basic criteria of approval.
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LOL_WUT  +   996d ago
Well, with the numbers the Wii U is putting up I can see why these articles pop up ;)
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Theyellowflash30  +   996d ago
Its called the console business.... last time i checked tnintendo sells the most CONSOLES worldwide. Nintendo has plenty of money even if the Wii u fails to stay in the business. Is sony going to get out pf the hansheld market because of the vita sales.......ummm no
hankmoody  +   996d ago
If Nintendo would drop consoles and simply publish games for the various consoles, they would make a KILLING. Imagine if they were to start selling compilations of their older games on various platforms? I'm literally drooling at the mere idea of that.
Theyellowflash30  +   996d ago
Well its not going to happen so get a napkin
hankmoody  +   996d ago
I'll just use my arm, if that's cool.
mudmax  +   995d ago
Yeah, that's cool. But stay away from me with your slobby arms.
MasterCornholio  +   996d ago
I dont believe that Nintendo will abandon the console market but if they want the Wii U to be a success they need to bring games to it and a few 1st party titles wont do it they also need plenty of 3rd party support in order to compete with the other next gen systems.
Jek_Porkins  +   996d ago
This is like going in for a face-lift at 12 years of age. Point being that it's way too early to be messing with anything on your face, and it's way too early to count Nintendo out.

I think with a steady influx of games, and a sweeter price point Nintendo could still do very well, and they do have a lead in the next gen race already, software is up for them, 3DS is on fire, I think Nintendo is still in good shape.

There once questioned E3 strategy looks impressive now, bringing E3 to all the gamer's is brilliant.
Neonridr  +   996d ago
I find it interesting how many people say that Nintendo should just quit the hardware business so they can release their software on competing consoles and make tons of money. But how come whenever these people talk about the Wii U they say the software is for kiddies and nobody wants to play Mario and Zelda anymore.

Just a weird little observation how apparently the games on Nintendo consoles suck, but that they should release their games on other systems...
McScroggz  +   996d ago
To me (as I can only speak for myself) it's because that's almost the only option you have. Nintendo still makes some great games, and a lot of good games, the majority of them just appeal to the same crowd.

It's not that the Wii didn't have something other than the Mario spinoffs, Donkey Kongs and such. It's that there is so little else when compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360. I want diversity in gaming. Journey was my favorite game last year, while games like Mass Effect, The Walking Dead and Borderlands 2 were pretty special to me as well.

My issue with Nintendo is that it doesn't offer enough diversity. I'd buy a great Mario game for a PS4 anytime. But I wouldn't buy a console for a great Mario game.

Know what I mean?
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Theyellowflash30  +   995d ago
Mass effect isnt even a first party game for sony or ms. Its unfaiit to name 3rd party games on the ps 360 and wriite off the third party games the wii and wii u have.

The wii had monster hunter, mario, resident evil, no more heroes, little kings story, and other 3rdside party gems like bloom blocks. Your selling the wii short to try to prove your very basic and bias opinion
McScroggz  +   996d ago
Ok, I'm not saying that Nintendo should just publish software for home consoles, nor am I saying I want Nintendo to just publish software for home consoles...but IF Nintendo isn't going to address its shortcomings in modern hardware and the lack of 3rd party support, wouldn't it be awesome to see Mario, Zelda and Metroid on a PS4/NextBox (or another generation)?
mudmax  +   995d ago
Umm, No.
Summons75  +   995d ago
No, stop being so negative about a new console that hasn't had a chance to really shine yet! Also Nintendo already said if they stop making console they will stop making games.
Dan_scruggs  +   995d ago
If Sony can post billions in losses and still remain in the console business then it would safe to assume Nintendo isn't going anywhere. They weathered the Gamecube and the Virtual Boy with relative ease. They know the highest highs of success and the lowest lows of failure. The fate of the WiiU is still to be determined. Especially when Nintendo's biggest franchises haven't even had trailers released. Mostly articles like this are the result a rabid news cycle that feeds on negativity. Nintendo is by far the most consistently profitable video game company to have ever existed but that knowledge fly's out the window when they don't meet one years worth of sales expectations. They will grow and shrink with their respected successes and failures but right now the 3DS alone is enough to help the company survive the failure of the WiiU (if it does indeed end up failing). And in the next cycle they will course correct if they need to. Give it time people. Being rational also helps.
Y_5150  +   995d ago
This person needs to shut up.
Not reading this poor article the title says enough. Although Nintendo has stated to never abandon the console business, this guy tends to fire up old wounds!
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Kos-Mos  +   995d ago
I think the author should smoke less marijuana and start elementary school all over again.
mudmax  +   995d ago
Hey what is smoking marijuana have to do with it. He should smoke more maybe he wouldn't be so negative towards nintendo. And what is going back to elementary school gonna do. I kid.
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jameson12345  +   995d ago
It seems a lot of people don't realize is that Nintendo is not even remotely in a position to ever go third party. Their console, which is currently struggling, is still only in the middle of its first year, yet people say its dead. When the PS3 and 3DS were struggling, people wanted to say they were dead too, but look at them now. Even the Vita is starting to show signs of life again. Besides, people don't realize just how much of a buffer Nintendo has. They aren't Sega, which was struggling to make ends meet when it went third party. Nintendo actually has twice the amount of money as EA, and even with its problems with the Wii U, it still made a profit this year. Compare this to Sony, who is currently struggling to stay in the black, and Microsoft, who is making money off the Xbox, but its sales else where are mixed at best.
jameson12345  +   995d ago
There is also a reason the best games on Nintendo consoles are always 1st party. Nintendo games are optimized and created for Nintendo consoles. They always have sharp controls and the best graphics possible on their systems because they know how they work, and created them to fit them. If Mario of any of these Nintendo games were ported to the PS4 or 360, they simply would not feel the same. Besides, Nintendo is like Apple, they like doing their own thing, so if you think EA's and Nintendo's relationship is bad, how do you think they could work with Sony and Microsoft?
Max-Zorin  +   995d ago
Of course not. Nintendo is not going anywhere.
elhebbo16  +   995d ago
Nintendo survived the Gamecube with 21 million sold, how? there portable of course.
BeZdaBest  +   995d ago
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R00bot  +   995d ago
Why would the writer come to that conclusion?
Realplaya  +   995d ago
700,000.00 NSMBU games sold before I typed this compliment. The game built in house and no marketing whatsoever. If you are making that much money why woud you leave. People don't understand that Nintendo is going to make a lot of money with every game made.

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