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Animavicion  +   1002d ago
don't feed the troll

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Godmars290  +   1002d ago
Which troll?

Have to admit that there's a difference between using footage for a review and even parody or commentary reasons, and then there's a let's play. Which is pretty much showing an entire play-through. At the very least Nintendo may have an actual argument with the last.

How they might be going about either silencing or profiting off them is another thing, but there still is a point.
TwistedMetal  +   1002d ago
i agree its one thing to show a tips and tricks for certain parts of a game or showing a review with small pieces of footage compared to just saying hey guys dont buy this game just watch me play it and it will be practically the same thing type deal. i wonder how many people who watch these games all the way through actually play them thereselves or bought them.
Brucis  +   1002d ago
Except they said they won't remove the videos and it won't incur a strike against the account. Animavicion has it right.
TongkatAli  +   1002d ago
Yeah, but no one said anything negative about Nintendo on this page. You guys are overly defensive and it's on subject that most couldn't give two _____ about.

After reading this comment on the page

"Nintendo haven’t really thought it through, have they? ‘Professional’ youtubers just aren’t going to play Nintendo games if they aren’t going to get any money, which will in turn reduce the number of people that buy the game. Just look at Minecraft, Mojan didn’t spend a single pound advertising and just look at how popular it is, mainly thanks to youtubers like the Yogscast, Etho, etc"

Yeah, this isn't exactly the smartest thing : /

@ Blacklash True, but the Vita gets trolled more then anything Nintendo combined and it mainly comes from the Nintendo fanbase, sooooooo, Karma ?
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Blacklash93  +   1002d ago
"Yeah, but no one said anything negative about Nintendo on this page."

Probably because there were only 3 comments on this page when you posted. Give it time.
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adorie  +   1002d ago
I'm going to have to agree. The Nintendo fanboys/girls are the MOST sensitive of all.

To think, Nintendo got me into gaming. SMFH.

I can't even say anything positive about Nintendo. They will still disagree with me. *back to Wind Waker on Dolphin*
danitanzo  +   1002d ago
Maybe if people didn't bash Nintendo so much, the fanboys wouldn't bash other things. I never troll the Vita... I don't get why you have to bring in the nintendo fanbase into this... You are all overly sensitive.
rajman  +   1002d ago
Nintendo being hella greedy, Im glad Im not covering their games on my channel.
For those wondering, Nintendo gave gaming networks on Youtube permission to upload/monetize videos of their games, which these networks can give to their partners. Nintendo then did a complete 180 (probably because they're struggling) and started to claim the partners videos instead.
Its quite sad they have to do something like this, sure they will get some money out of it...but in return they will lose alot of FREE advertising/exposure these BIG Youtubers give to their games as they will stop covering their games.
Nevers0ft  +   1001d ago
Nintendo are only claiming videos over a certain length though. You can still do reviews, tips, guides etc without issue and receive the ad revenue from it. If all you're doing is playing the game in a Lets Play video you're not really producing anything or doing anything creative so there's an argument that the LP money should go to Nintendo as they produced 100% of the content in your video.

Having said that though... Although I can see how Nintendo's position can be defended, I still think they'd be better off just enjoying the free advertising and not claiming ownership of these videos, especially when you consider the negative press this is also generating.

tl;dr Nintendo is well within their rights to do this, but publicity speaking it's an own goal.
Sharius  +   1002d ago
lol, try to claim copy right from LP vid, these same vids help you speard your game to the other gamers whom use them to find out about gameplay before they buy that game

kudos, Iwata
PigPen  +   1002d ago
It do seem that way! Lol
Buuhan1  +   1002d ago
I love that this is only a problem for people now because Nintendo does it, but I guess that makes sense as Nintendo makes headlines. The majority of video game videos uploaded to YouTube get Content ID matches, have been for awhile now. Be it from Capcom, Square-Enix, and most commonly of all the composer behind the games background music.

This has been going on for awhile, Nintendo themselves just hasn't done it. Many people seem to be seeing as some EVIL SCHEME that Nintendo just started employing... when in fact they're behind.

I hate the Content ID system, but YouTube as a whole is fucked in the video game department. In order to fully protect your videos you have to be partnered with a major YouTube channel like Machinima. Once you do that your videos can't be Content ID matched by anyone, including Nintendo. Problem is getting that kinda partnership is basically signing a deal with the devil, and you're treated like it.

Content ID's aren't too bad in the sense that your videos won't be at risk of being removed as it'll be the same as the content owner taking down a free ad for them. But there's two big negatives for them.

1) None of the ad/view revenue on any Content ID matched videos will go to the actual uploader, it'll instead go to the copyright holder.
2) If the copyright holder has a dispute with YouTube (very common when renegotiating ad contracts) they'll pull a switch that'll take all their content off YouTube, including your Content ID matched videos. So there's always that little worry in the back of your head.
rajman  +   1002d ago
"In order to fully protect your videos you have to be partnered with a major YouTube channel like Machinima. Once you do that your videos can't be Content ID matched by anyone, including Nintendo"

No dude, you are very wrong....even channels partnered under gaming networks such as Machinima, TGS etc are having their videos claimed by Nintendo. Thats why this whole fuss started, Nintendo gave them permission to upload/monetize videos...and now they're taking that away. Im a partner with one of those networks, and I still get Content ID matches at times.
kingPoS  +   1002d ago
'Sigh' I don't like it, It's like youtube's slowly becoming theretube.

Oh no! a copyrighted character or likeness has been sighted - we can't allow for that...

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