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LOGICWINS  +   929d ago
And so the b.s. begins.
NatureOfLogic  +   929d ago
We want to milk like COD.
Aaron Colas  +   929d ago
"We like your money, and would like more of it. Sincerely yours ... Ubisoft."
CommonSense  +   929d ago
Right...uh...that's what a business does. If a business doesn't make money, they don't exist.
Pyrrhus  +   929d ago
Wish I could enjoy Assasins Creed, but the franchise is being milked to hell and just isnt as enticing as it used to be.
CalvinKlein  +   928d ago
prepare for new AC game every 6 months.
Majin-vegeta  +   929d ago f*ck u Ubisoft
Root  +   929d ago
Hmmm sounds like something Capcom has said in the past

Look where that got them
Enemy  +   929d ago
Even more frequently than Assassin's Creed? Lol R.I.P
V9 Ghost  +   929d ago
Ubisoft wants more milk, until they kill the cow
sashimi  +   929d ago
don't they already? -_-
RememberThe357  +   929d ago
Ubisoft has proven that they have a very good production program. I'm a huge fan of Assassins Creed and I've enjoyed all the games I've played in the series barring the last one (that was Desmond's fault). As long as the games are good I'm all for it. Far Cry 3 was fuckin amazing, I'd gladly play more games in the series if this is where they're going.

I'm going to stay away from this whole "milking is bad" bandwagon and just hope that these games turn out good. If you think about it there is nothing in their games that can't be milked (I got a gallon of 1% in my fridge that is just as good as the last gallon). Most game design is just recycled from other games with a new sticker on it. Publishers can't afford to loss money so they do what works and developers try to do the best they can with what they have. If milking get me good games and them money them I'm fine with it; I don't need everything I play to be genre defining or mind blowing, I would have played like 5 games this generation if that was the case.
vickers500  +   929d ago
"(that was Desmond's fault)"

Really? I thought his sequences were actually kind of fun. Connor ruined AC3 for me. Such an awful, whiny character with an annoying personality.
RememberThe357  +   928d ago
Haha that's actually what I meant. Sorry, I was high.
rawshack  +   929d ago
Its ok to have games every year as long as there good .no use releasing game every year if there shit .it will quckly trun of fans .
nypifisel  +   929d ago
You can't create a proper game from the ground up every year. Quality takes time, when you cut time you cut quality I'm afraid. That's why games like MGS, Half Life, TES is so great. They got so much time put into them that they're generally considered 'great', while games like COD can be 'good' and even 'great' for some, those annual games are never universally titled as great!
josephayal  +   929d ago
do wan't
solidjun5  +   929d ago
Far Cry will now be in the Assassins Creed class.
danny818  +   929d ago
I am starting to like ubisoft. I loves fc3 and watch dogs looks incredible. Rayman is an awsome series as well as hitman
nypifisel  +   929d ago
Hitman was made by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix.. Just letting you know.
rawshack  +   927d ago
Im witness to this

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