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pimpschitz  +   996d ago
Wow. This might be the first and only MMO that I would be interested in playing.
Abriael  +   996d ago
Fantastic video. It really feels like an Elder Scrolls game now :D
Well, it already looks better than Skyrim so that's a plus. Of course it's hard for any Elder Scrolls game to be worse than Skyrim to begin with.
ZitterZap  +   995d ago
Is this on the same engine as Skyrim? Modding potential???
RedSoakedSponge  +   994d ago
you wont be able to mod an mmo...... obviously.
ZitterZap  +   993d ago
Of course not modding it gameplay wise but creating custom looking items/armor etc is not out of scope even changing the colors on stuff.

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