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zerocrossing  +   926d ago
"Does the Wii U need EA?"

No I don't think so, not so long as the 1st party games are up to scratch. Nintendo still have a few great 3rd party devs that should keep them afloat if things start to go south.
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OmegaSlayer  +   925d ago
Does the EA need the WiiU? No
stragomccloud  +   925d ago
Perhaps not, but by not producing any software, even ports, EA is missing out on a piece of the pie. In this age of balooning dev costs, 3rd parties can't afford to let sore feelings get in the way of profit.
MikeMyers  +   925d ago
No but it certainly doesn't hurt regardless of how many advocate against the company. They still release lots of games and some are pretty big like FIFA. The Dreamcast felt it not having them. They are still one of the biggest publishers out there.
Ashunderfire86  +   925d ago
Yup Nintendo needs EA, cause they are the only one with a football game (Madden), and are leading in many sport games out now and coming soon. They are a lot of sport game fans out there, so Nintendo needs to understand that.
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zerocrossing  +   925d ago
Nope, sports game fans will buy a nextbox or PS4, that is the demographic they fall under and besides most of them are ignorant toward Nintendo and beleive the WiiU is just a kids console.
Ashunderfire86  +   925d ago
# zerocrossing

Understand that the Dreamcast went through this without EA too, and it bite them in the ass later down the line. Nintendo needs EA, after no support from Epic, 4A, and many other developers who turn down the Wii U. I always said that Nintendo should of change the name of the console, because it is having a identity crisis and lacks third party support. Nintendo failed during last years E3 with only Pikmin 3, Zombie U, and Mario Bros to show. All the other games where disappointing and old ports that came out yesteryear. Big Whoop Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition, big whoop Mass Effect 3, and the rest that is downhill.
badz149  +   925d ago
saying that Nintendo doesn't need EA is an arrogance act that will bring demise to the Wii U
much quicker than it should be too! while Activision Blizzard might be making more money than EA, EA still releases more games per year than the others! here, it's about quantity, less so about quality as there are games for everybody - high profile or not! so...with EA being absence, the impact would be huge as the DC has proven before and EA didn't release as many games back then as they are now too. this is not Codemasters, we are talking about, not having EA on-board will not fare well for the Wii U, certainly not when things are like what they are now.
lilbroRx  +   925d ago
EA was considered the leader in the fall of gaming by most gamers in the past because of their insistence on heavy DRM, DLC abuse, quality drops in titles, recycled titles and forced micro-transactions in games. Gamers are now clamoring to support EA for no other reason than the fact that they are working against Nintendo. That is the extreme of fanboyism that has swept the gaming world.

Nobody needs EA.

The fact that people will defend/support a company that has been deemed the worst company in America two years in a row for doing something bad to someone else is just disgusting. This gaming generation has fallen beyond the gutter.

I've been a gamer since the 80s. If this is what has become of gamers, then I will have to become something else. I refuse to associate myself with people who with such atrocious ideologues and desires.
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jcnba28  +   925d ago
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MasterCornholio  +   925d ago
Depends on how badly Wii U owners want to play popular franchises from EA.

But those same franchises will cone out on the PS4 and the 720 which eliminates any reason to get them on the Wii U.

The Wii U doesn't need EA because people will just buy those franchises on superior gaming platforms.

Motorola RAZR i
zerocrossing  +   925d ago
I don't understand this logic...

It's like some people seem to think everyone who bought a Wii U either A: begrudge having done so given the apparent lack of 3rd party support, B: are supporting Nintendo out of some nostalgia induced obligation, or C: because their bloody stupid.

Wii U owners will play the games exclusive to "their" console since that is why they chose the Wii U, I don't think anyone buys a Nintendo console primarily for the 3rd party support anyway.
reef1017  +   925d ago
Wii u needs third party support period! They only have a few first party games that people care about and while those games are in production what else are people playing on there system?
cleft5  +   925d ago
I would rather wait a few months for a great 1st or 2nd party game than get one of the many EA vaporware titles. Also, Nintendo is going to get a lot of indie developer support so there is going to be stuff to hold you over in between releases.
NobodyImportant  +   925d ago
If Nintendo fans were satisfied with the games they had on the Wii, chances are they'll be happy with the games they get on the Wii U.

I can't imagine that if your MOST anticipated game is Battlefield 4 that there's a chance in hell that you'd ever consider buying it on the Wii U.
You'll already own a PS3, 360 or PC so that's an option.
But chances are you'll be buying it on PC, PS4 or Next Xbox.

NOW if your most anticipated game happens to be the next Mario or Zelda, and you're mildly interested in battlefield 4 you can always pick up a used 360 for cheap as it will be the same version that the Wii U would get.

Multi-console gamers buy Nintendo consoles as supplimentary consoles for the Marios and Zeldas and then get the big 3rd party titles on one of the more powerful consoles with decent graphics.
The same will happen this gen.

A Nintendo ONLY owner has completely different gaming requirements than Microsoft or Sony only gamers.
JeepGamer  +   925d ago
I'm starting to think WE don't need EA.
AsheXII  +   925d ago
Does anyone need EA? how many more franchises and developers can they ruin?
Flatbattery  +   925d ago
The way EA are trying their utmost to upset all their customers they may very well need the Wii U.
thaimasker  +   925d ago
Do they "NEED' EA? No. Wii U Needs great 1st party titles.
Picture_Dancer  +   925d ago
So, it would be best if Nintendo abandone console market and start only developing games for other systems. If N fans buy N consoles only for 1st party games, so it would be better if nintendo become only a game developer. Lets hope so.
plmkoh  +   925d ago
EA games now publishes Star Wars titles, so yes, the Wii U needs EA games.
cleft5  +   925d ago
Not really, but it would have been nice to have those titles. However, if EA was just planning on doing what they did with the Wii, then I am glad they aren't supporting the WiiU.

This would be a major blow to any other company, but those 1st party and 2nd party titles from Nintendo makes other publishers irrelevant.
KentBlake  +   925d ago
It'd be nice, but it's not essential right now. Nintendo gamers usually play mostly 1st party titles (although I own a 3DS, I'm definitely not a Nintendo guy - it's my least played console, after the PS3, 360 and Vita - and I probably won't buy a Wii U). Currently, I don't see someone buying a Wii U to play Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

But if we think about the future, third party is important for Nintendo, because most of their fans are old school gamers (I think). They need new fans to keep releasing new consoles, or it won't be easy to compete with the other two, and third party titles could certainly help that. Something like come for FIFA, stay for Zelda, or something like that.
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gedden7  +   925d ago
Nope but like any other 3rd party dev would good to have..
NYC_Gamer  +   925d ago
Wii U owners should want EA support regardless of feelings toward the publisher
The_KELRaTH  +   925d ago
Does the iPhone/iPad need EA - NO, and it's become home to the many independent devs.

If the Wii U gets shunned by the big publishers then all Nintendo has to do is make Wii U dev kits available to all and the Indie and home programmers create the games and utilities.
(like in the days of Atari 8bit/ST, Spectrums, C64/Amiga's etc).
madjedi  +   925d ago
I guess it is popular to hate ea atm.

Funny all these nintendo fans, acting as if ea writing off the wii u is no real problem.

When one of the biggest publishers says, i am not even going to bother with a platform. Exactly what kind of message does that send to take two, bethesda, and even smaller devs, it ain't confidence that is for sure.

Sorry but the indie scene is a poor replacement for big game publishers, they don't usually have either the money or the people to go beyond small downloadable titles. They are additional sources of games not replacements.
lilbroRx  +   925d ago
That is not how Nintendo fans see it at all nor their reasoning. That is simply what you want it to be.

Nintendo fans are just being real. EA has never been big on Nintendo console. EA games have never caused sales spikes on Nintendo consoles. Most gamers on Nintendo consoles don't even buy EA products.

For most of them, EA's existence has never mattered.

Now, all of a sudden, Nintendo fans are supposedly supposed to be feeling sorrow and regret for something they never cared about to begin with, and are just faking that they don't want them?

This statement, "acting as if ea writing off the wii u is no real problem. " It is no act. People who don't like Nintendo care more about EA not supporting the Wii U than Nintendo fans, and they are angry about that. They "want" Nintendo fans to feel resentful. I guarantee you that EA's presence on the consoles makes no difference to me or 99% of the Nintendo gamer base. In the 24 years I have been gaming, I have never bought an EA title that I can recall.

Show me the millions of sells of EA games on past Nintendo consoles that show that Nintendo fans ever cared about EA.

----------------------------- ---

On the other hand, Nitnendo gamers "do like third parties". Specifically "good third partys". EA is not one of them.

They like games from companies like SEGA, Capcom, Ubisoft, Konami, Square, Namco and so on. Those companies still support the Wii U and their games sell.

Those are the companies that Nintendo fans care about. When they stop making games for the Wii U, then Nintendo fans will be unhappy. F*** EA. They earned their title. What they are doing towards Nintendo now just reinforces why I never liked them.
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AKR  +   925d ago
Does it NEED EA?
Technically - No.


Will having the many assets that EA has under their belt be worthwile?

EA may be hated by many - but you still can't deny that these guys are the major content holders, when it comes down to third-party titles. They own a thousand and one studios, which develop some of the most best-selling and well known franchises. Need for Speed, Burnout, EA Sports, Crysis, Mass Effect, Dead Space - are just a few. If the Wii U had EA on it's side, it would be very well taken care of on the third-party side of things. Then hearing that studios like Avalanche and Insomniac aren't making games for the system, really wouldn't matter so much.

At the end of the day ~ according to the rumors about the Origin fiasco, EA is really acting immature, evil and arrogant. I don't know if they'll ever turn the other cheek, but they're really not doing much about changing their image as the "Worst Company in America for the Second Year in a Row."
RuleofOne343  +   925d ago
Like a diabetic needs insulin.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   925d ago
Like lawyers, EA is a necessary evil in the gaming world so yes they do...

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