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Legion  +   743d ago
"...and what a cool thing that somebody in his garage made as a mod that is going to go viral tomorrow."

Sorry... but if you don't have money you aren't putting it on Sony. Sony only caters to big time indie. They are a joke to any garage development that truly is garage.

XBL Arcade has a lot of hoops to jump through... but at least they have the opportunity for true GARAGE development through their Indie titling!
GREW50ME  +   743d ago
^^^ This^^^
urwifeminder  +   743d ago
Someones gone multiplat way to kiss ass cliffy.
Monstar  +   743d ago
People really love this guy.
GREW50ME   743d ago | Trolling | show
MikeyDucati1  +   743d ago
Lol someone disagreed with my comment that Cliffy has been vocal lately. LOL, like, how do you disagree with that? Chuckles...
4lc4pon3  +   743d ago
I think cliffy has valid points. he is NOT the first dev to complain about Microsoft's shitty ways of handling things or Microsoft's lack of answering or contacting devs back.

He gets alot of crap because he is very vocal but IMO this is a huge step for him. I am glad hes speaking against M$ I think alot of devs start doing this maybe it will show M$ that times have changed and you cant treat people this way if you want a successful console.
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