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Donnieboi  +   883d ago
Why would Nintendo want to have anything to do with Cliffy? That's like Scorsese (or any other respected film maker) asking Michael Bay to co-direct a movie with him lol. Yeah Cliffy has left a mark in the industry (I suppose), but "Bro-dude" games is not Nintendo's style.
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lizard81288  +   883d ago
Agreed. If Nintendo has one good thing going for them, it is that Brofest games stay off of their consoles/handhelds. The last thing Nintendo needs is a bunch of FPS that have garbage single player modes and are all about online, or chilling with your bros, smoking n00bs online, and calling each other fags over the mic.
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LOL_WUT  +   883d ago
"The last thing Nintendo needs is a bunch of FPS that have garbage single player modes and are all about online"

The way things are going for them i'm sure Nintendo wouldn't hesitate to have those games. ;)
DivineAssault  +   883d ago
Nintendo needs some of those games & a stronger online community to thrive in todays world.. The wii u network is like psn was when it first started out in '06'... Its going to take a while for it to evolve (if it evolves) into something bigger with a multitude of media apps & services that people use 24/7...
UnHoly_One  +   883d ago
"The last thing Nintendo needs is a bunch of FPS that have garbage single player modes and are all about online, or chilling with your bros"

You're right, why would Nintendo want a bunch of games that people actually buy? And then maybe talk their friends into buying? Why would they possibly want a game like that which could increase their user base?

It would make much more sense for them to stick with their current strategy of making a console that is terrible when compared to the competition, then releasing no games for it.
lizard81288  +   883d ago
Because those are the same games, gamers complain about over-saturating the market, those CoD rip offs.
camel_toad  +   883d ago
Lol at a Scorsese + Bay combo. He must puke when he sees Bay movie trailers.
Donnieboi  +   883d ago
^ This. Bubbles for you sir.
xkarxfreddy  +   883d ago
Who really cares what this big headed prick has to say?
dale_denton  +   883d ago
"This generation's ending with a whimper, not a bang it feels like."

is he high? i hope he isn't speaking about the ps3, because they're on a roll and it will end up in a BIG bang.. the last of us? beyond: 2 souls? the list goes on cliffy b.
Donnieboi  +   883d ago
Cliffy seems like the kind of guy who mostly only plays xbox, gears, madden, and COD. So he's probably not even interested in quality games that are not geared towards jocks. PS3 is for the rest of us, y'know--those who like MORE than just that stuff (even though PS3 has games for those kinda people too).
MaxXAttaxX  +   883d ago
I agree. PS3 is going out with a bang.

Cliffy must only play on Xbox as suspected.
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wishingW3L  +   883d ago
because he makes great games. GeoW was one of the franchises that shaped this generation.
NastyLeftHook0  +   883d ago
oculas rift looks sic
L0YD  +   883d ago
Cliffy B talks too much.
Septic  +   883d ago
I think he's a cool guy. For what he has achieved and for his status in the industry, he is remarkably down to Earth. I don't understand the hatred against him. And again, he is spot on in his comments in this article.

And regarding Oculus Rift, I share the exact same sentiments:

"But the best experiences for that product will be made for it. It's the one that excites me the most because I believe in the vision of VR".

So do I. I've said it before and I'll say it again, VR is the holy grail of gaming; where immersion truly reaches its peak.

Oh and this is genius:

""'re on the road with your phone, and you can polish your sword in some sort of mini-game so when you get back online it's that much sharper. That's the way to keep the game always with you, and whoever figures that out will win."

So true and this is the kind of thing I think/hope Destiny will be doing from what Bungie alluded to in their Vidoc.
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Donnieboi  +   883d ago
I see u on Cliffy B articles ALOT. And your usually the only guy defending him (no offence intended). I mean, I have my preferences too, but I'm not on every article where people criticize my favorite gaming dev, or company, or console. So what, do U know the guy or something?
dale_denton  +   883d ago
starchild  +   883d ago
Septic, you and I seem to think incredibly alike. Everything from your comments about Cliff Bliszinski to your view on Oculus Rift, I couldn't agree more.

Don't try to understand the lunatics on this site. Most of them are sheep who hop on bandwaggons and don't do much critical thinking of their own.
Septic  +   883d ago

I have defended him a lot in the past because before I didn't really understand the hatred for him and just didn't even bother commenting but after I read his comments in an article, I thought he was really down to earth and made a lot of sense.

Thing is, people mock him on here and say things they wouldn't dare say in his face. Most things that I type on here are things I souldnt be afraid to say to a person face to face.

Not many people defend him on here and just post immature and generic insults about him; it's hardly constructive. I just think he's a cool guy who has a great gaming track record. Oh and he is from the generation of hardcore gamers that loved hardcore shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament. There's no denying that his wife and him are both avid gamers. Contrary to what many will believe on here, we need more people like him.

@starchild- yeah man; deep down I think most people here will agree with what he says
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specialguest  +   883d ago
What do you expect him to do when being interviewed? Not talk?? That's stupid. You make it seem devs who are often criticized for "talking too much" go out of there way to announce to the world about their thoughts. In most cases, someone was interviewing them.
SilentNegotiator  +   883d ago
The real issue is that he's INTERVIEWED too much, considering that he isn't even doing anything right now, other than trying to cozy up to EA.
ichimaru  +   882d ago
it's an interview -.-
ijust2good   883d ago | Immature | show
torchic  +   883d ago
why do people (journalists) hang on to every last word that comes out of this dude's mouth / is written by this dude's hands?

he made a game filled with overy-juiced men wearing glow-in-the-dark bras for crying out loud.
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Jek_Porkins  +   883d ago
I used to like this guy, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but he pushes developer ideas that only help developers and don't seem to do much for gamer's, he backs digital only, always online, DLC, day one DLC, Micro-Transactions and the list goes on.

He isn't what I'd consider "gamer friendly".
Crazay  +   883d ago
HE's very..."How can I keep my self in the spotlight by speaking out against the majority of gamers" friendly though
KillrateOmega  +   883d ago
This guy again? Ugh...
Crazay  +   883d ago
He\s currently not in the industry and therefore no longer an important figure in my opinion. So sick of this guy.
mochachino  +   883d ago
I try an remember cliffy for Gears 1, not the rest of the series.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   883d ago
This guy is a snob and knows it. Hope he fades away cause anything he touches will bro up.

I laughed when he told Capcom to call him to fix Resident Evil, like he knows wtf to do with that series other than add a chainsaw gun. Resident Evil as is, it's the grandfather of survival horror. (take that Alone In The Dark)

Get off your high horse Cliff.
Tzuno  +   883d ago
What have you become? Reflect dude, reflect.

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