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TopDudeMan  +   1011d ago
Apparently they're manually going to have to roll back all the people who did it by accident, too. And make a decision about whether said people meant it or not. I mean, I can understand if someone did the dupe once and didn't mean it, but what I don't get is how someone can explain to blizzard why they did it repeatedly.

I watched a big live streamer get banned for doing it last night. And he was such an idiot about it too, drawing attention to it so everyone in his stream could do it, too.
Letros  +   1011d ago
Sounds about right, this game has been FUBAR for months now
mydyingparadiselost  +   1011d ago
More like since its release
Dark_Overlord  +   1011d ago
God damn liars, when a user has a problem its

"Sorry there's nothing we can do blah blah you've lost your money blah blah"

as soon as blizzard sees a method that causes them to lose out, oh look something can be done.
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JeepGamer  +   1011d ago
To be fair, and I'm not fan of blizzard.

They don't have time to investigate every claim made by players and judge in a fair fashion. In WoW, it might be a tiny bit different thanks to the subscription fee but they're not going to hire the dozens of 24/7 employees it would take to reasonably do what you're asking for all players.

This is a very specific thing that affects almost all players, even those who didn't do the exploit even by accident. They can correct the problem on a large scale all at once.
Dark_Overlord  +   1011d ago
"They don't have time to investigate every claim made by players and judge in a fair fashion."

Its nothing to do with that :)

Blizzard stated many times that they cannot do anything to sort problems with the RMA (check Blizzards own forum threads for proof), now all of a sudden they can when it benefits them? A lot of people have been conned out of real money by the RMA.

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sovietsoldier  +   1011d ago
i had not used my account since a month it came out and got a email telling me i was cheating and hacking and they were going to ban me. wtf! yeah im really hacking it up at level 11 or whatever im at. blizzard is as bad as ea.
INMATEofARKHAM  +   1011d ago
That's likely an phishing attempt and not even really from Blizzard at all. (They're trying to get you to click in that link and supply your real username/password on their fake server.)
sovietsoldier  +   1011d ago
no it was from blizzard!
papashango  +   1011d ago
no dude blizzard scam emails look so real now it's scary.

It probably has something to do with WoW accounts being the premier target for these people.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1011d ago
This happen to me last year. It was from blizzard though. Said i was botting when i didnt log on for months. I was like did yall even check the ip address they apologize and unbanned. They must had a security leak because the password i use i didnt use for nothing else and was complicated.

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