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tristanwerbe  +   935d ago
because it's not real in reality its like frostbite 1.6932712
mrbojingles  +   935d ago
Bethesda and Activision call Wii U 'next gen' this week while EA says they didn't like FB2's test results? All while Crytek says Cry Engine 3 runs "beautifully" on the system and that Cry Engine 3 games are in development for Wii U?

Sounds like EA just doesn't care enough to spend the money to adapt FB2/3 to Wii U, doesn't actually sound like it would hard at all. If it can run on 360/PS3 with less eDRAM, less RAM, without processors for audio, etc then why not Wii U? Effort, that's why.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   935d ago
just cause something is doable doesnt mean it should be done. the types of gamers that play wii U are not the same types that play a ton of shooters. EA is smart enough to know they wouldnt make any money with Wii U games, if anything they would lose money.
NYC_Gamer  +   935d ago
EA just doesn't view Wii U as being important
Th3 Chr0nic  +   935d ago
cause it simply isnt. why should they do the work when they already know it will be at a loss. there is no way they will sell enough to make any money from Wii U
Animavicion  +   935d ago
Want to know why?

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Subzero200  +   934d ago
"Frostbite 3 will not be on WiiU"

this is from the people who make one game every year gears of bore, and the thing about this is that these assholes said if they drop a quad core cpu in the wii they would make games for it. Now they have the power, and there is still some dumb ass excuse.....what kind of programers are these people?

"Bethesda and Activision call Wii U 'next gen' this week while EA says they didn't like FB2's test results?"

not to correct you but the wiiu has been out since last year making current just sounds stupid when you describe something that's out now opposed to something that coming out later.
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