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ShugaCane  +   1013d ago
I don't remember people complaining so much about the first Bioshock being violent. And damn, it was. Violence is part of the Bioshock universe, it's actually one of the main themes developped in the games. It's part of Rapture as much as it's part of Columbia, as if it was a character itself. Actually, the violence is more relevant in Bioshock than in any other game.
DMAgony  +   1012d ago
I actually completely agree with you that violence was implicitly part of Bioshock. But I feel that while the original one was so good in part because of the violence and how it was perpetuated, in Bioshock Infinite it wasn't as necessary for the plot. Just because the first game had it, doesn't mean the subsequent sequels need it as well.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1013d ago
Read the article before you comment, please. He makes some good points. Too much violence CAN get in the way of the plot sometimes. An example in my opinion would be Infamous 2, when playing Evil Cole. **Spoilers for those who haven't played it yet** When you first go into Flood Town, after beating the Behemoth, Laroche talks to you about the suffering the citizens had to go through after the hurricane. When people lost their homes and loved ones and Laroche telling you he lost his wife. Then Cole makes an extremely awkward comment after that:

"First the Flood, then Bertrand's Militia, and now these ice freaks. It's about time these people caught a break."

Words cannot even begin to describe how much WAT I felt after that line. A few minutes ago he was a merciless homicidal maniac, killing innocent citizens in the street, sucking the life out of them via Bio Leech, creating hundreds of windows and widowers, and now he suddenly feels sorry for them? Another example was during the ending, when you had to kill Zeke. Zeke didn't have any problems with you murdering innocent people until AFTER the game. When he realizes he's about to die suddenly it's a problem. Cole was just out of character during these moments, even back in Infamous 1, he didn't really feel like a evil guy until the story called for it. I'm saying I don't want violence in my games. I'm just saying: If they're gonna kill senselessly, let the consequences of their actions be pulled into the plot as well. Not just when it's convenient.
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DMAgony  +   1012d ago
I never got to play Infamous (no PS3 for me) but yeah, that is absolutely what I'm talking about. I think it's just something that most gamers don't spend a lot of thought on. I mean, seriously, if you in real life kill one person you are a murderer. Some of the games I've played I would say my body count puts me on par with genocide.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1012d ago
Agreed, thanks for the read. It's really something devs need to think about.
joab777  +   1012d ago
Honestly, what is the alternative in a fantasy setting playing as a character in a video game? Just less blood, stunning victims or cutting back the number of altercations altogether? Less violence in a game that is popular because of its fps nature may have consequences too. Booker is/was a violent man who has had his mind warped and put in a really bad situation in which he has but 1 goal. And there are many obstacles in front of him. The irony is that he was sent there to change the big picture...which he does...which in turn makes everything better...which in turn means that no one actuallu ever gets hurt in the first place. To be honest, Bioshock Infiniye when all said and done is one of the least violent games ever made.
FRAKISTAN  +   1012d ago
There is no violence in games, do people not see movies any more?
BABY-JEDI  +   1012d ago
If you watch the Walking Dead, your probably saying to yourself there is not enough violence in video games.
grailly  +   1011d ago
a friend of mine thought the walking dead season 3 was a comedy show after watching the first episode, there was was so much useless killing and gore that he just laughed his ass off. Yes, violence can hurt other medias to.
Stoppokingme  +   1012d ago
Violence is in the eye of the beholder.

In my eyes Mario is violent: He's a dangerous sociopath who kills the local populace, destroys the infrastructure, and monopolizes the gold reserves, all to save one girl.
DeadIIIRed  +   1012d ago
Not to mention that in the Super Mario Bros manual it states that the Koopas turned most of the Mushroom Kingdom's populace into blocks.

The same blocks that Mario has been destroying for over 20 years...
zerocrossing  +   1012d ago
I don't understand this problem with violence in games, movies are full of sex and violence yet nobody complains, what's up with that?.
coolbeans  +   1012d ago
No, there are people that raise complaints about those often. Just the other day on the radio, a stat was given about...3 out of X number of new shows aired on major networks focus on serial killers and that person spoke on the increase in violence across that entertainment medium.
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zerocrossing  +   1012d ago
People be complainin bout everything it seems... :/

I can understand the concern when such shows cause an increase in violence in the real world but I don't think that's the case, people just find certain kinds of violence entertaining and the ability to experience/witness such violence while being completely out of harms way just just seems to appeal to most people, it's likely we are just wired that way.
coolbeans  +   1012d ago
Yeah, across all forms of media there are people raising complaints about X, Y, and Z. And certainly never been limited to games. I think the popularity of the issue is only doubling-down is...simply because violent games depicting blood are more popular as well.

As for being wired that way, I don't find that to be the case but closer to something of 'growing into it' IF we're talking solely about rampant amounts of violence (not violent in nature). Heck, a book I recently read (Wedding of the Waters) depicts a historical person involved with the Erie Canal being shaken to his very core after seeing Hamlet for the first time.
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sonicsidewinder  +   1012d ago
Bit of the old 'Ultra-Violence".
ReubenPatrick  +   1011d ago
Violence in movies, violence in sports, violence in TV, violence in books and literature and violence in the news... Why separate the violence from video games? Why put so much focus on it while there are more real world issues going on? :(
braydox21  +   1007d ago
Good article it was quite interesting and you made your points well made. not all games require violence and not every game usses violence in a way where it directly affects the main story. its too bad you don't have a ps3 because i would reconmend BEYOND TWO SOULS David Cage has mentioned in interviews that violence in games is not taken seriously. this game looks to see a full on emotional and super strong story. hopefully you'll be able to play it too.

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