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raztad  +   889d ago
Interested. Insomnia knows how to do a fun game.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   884d ago
Yeah, just not this one.
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DevilishSix  +   889d ago
This maybe a great game, but it well sell poorly. I see no buzz or hype and nothing about the game is attention grabbing for me. I have many Insominac games but this one appears to be a pass.
Captain Qwark 9  +   889d ago
def has no hype but to be fair it looked like shit until recently and thats coming from an insomniac fan clearly. that said, i will try this demo and if its good, im sold
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Dlacy13g  +   889d ago
I can honestly say this demo more than any other in recent past is pretty important for this games success. I mean so many gamers have commented on how generic and bland it looks. For this to be a big success they have to be able to change some of those opinions with this demo.
Swiftfox  +   889d ago
I agree, they do need a great demo of this game. However, there is so much riding on Insomniac creating the correct demo.

The last good demo I've experienced was Soul Sacrifice for the PSVita. It was the entire first chapter of the game; allowed me to toy, play, and customize aspects, and it cut off at the right moment with story and abilities leaving me hungry for more. It was a great demo.

In order for this demo to sway those on the fence, it can't just be the first level of the game- Ten minutes of gameplay, 7 minutes of tutorial, 90% of the customization blocked out, and ending after a simple boss fight.

To really hit this one on the head, Insomniac needs to include the co-op feature, a good solid hour of gameplay, and the ability for players to really play with customization—anything less would mean more disinterest.
TbreakingP  +   889d ago
Wish they would have brought it to PC
Jek_Porkins  +   889d ago
I'm gonna play the hell out of that demo, hopefully it's a fun game and I'll want to buy it after I try it.
jetlian  +   888d ago
Same here and I think the resident evil demo is coming next week! I like tps over fps. It looks pretty good actually.

Finally not all 4 players just palette swaps
hesido  +   889d ago
People have not bought GoW and GeoW, those were high profile, tried and tested formulas. I'd be surprised if this does well enough to cover the development costs and Insomniac can recover if there's any financial repercussions.

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