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kirbyu  +   938d ago
I didn't expect most of these to be on here. I hope this type doesn't get added.
BlackWolf  +   938d ago
I think there's enough types. Adding another one could be good, but changing previously established pokemon to fill the a new type would be confusing... IMO.
Sammy112  +   937d ago
Ya too bad the type balance is totally messed up.. Fairy type can hopefully balance it out a little
ABizzel1  +   937d ago
Agreed, right now Dragon, Steel, Fighting, and Water type completely dominate the metagame.

If Fairy types come in and resist those (at least Dragon, Steel, and Fighting), and bring a much needed weakness to Dragons and Steel then I'm all for it. A weakness to Poison and possibly Bug will make both types more viable as they are the worst in the game IMO (Bug can be good with a second typing).

While they're at it they need to change stealth rock to a ground attack and let flying and levitators be immune to it, losing 25% and worst 50% of your HP for simply switching in completely ruins several potentially viable MON's if they aren't flat out powerhouses (Volcarona) or don't have a means around it (Regenerator Ho-Oh).
ABizzel1  +   937d ago
How would it be confusing. There was no confusion when the Steel and Dark types were introduced, and Magneton became steel.

A new type is definitely needed to balance out the current metagame, because right now it's all about Dragons, Steel, Fighting, and Water.

The fairy type could resist Dragon, Steel, and Fighting attacks, and be super effective against Dragon and Steel helping to knock them down a notch. On top of that it could be weak against Bug and Poison to aid those two type so they can get some competitive play (excluding Scizor, Volcarona, and Hearacross).
Slowbrosef  +   937d ago
When was it confirmed this was happening?

Anyways switch Fairy with "Light" Type and I'm Okay With it

Super Effective against Dark, Ghost and Bug
Resistant Against Ghost, Fire and Ground
Not Very Effective Against against Grass, Ice and Steel
Weak Against Dark, Steel and Poison

* It gives Dark/Ghosts something to fear
* It Doesn't pile on to Grass and Ice's long list of weaknesses
* It Gives Poison/Steel/Dark another Super Effective (needed)
* Only Adds 1 Weakness to Ghost and Dark which already don't have much it gives Bugs 4 weaknesses but that's still less than Ice and Grass, It also checks Volcarona
* Resists Overpowered Ground types.

Feel free to ask what my reasoning is.
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kirbyu  +   937d ago
Why does everyone want Light type? I don't know why, but it sounds stupid.
Slowbrosef  +   937d ago
The idea was if they were adding a new type (fairy) I'd rather have light type cause it does not restrict it to all of those pixie pokemon.
Root  +   937d ago
He has a point

Fairy sounds pretty bad but at least with Light it has a counter, which is known as the Dark type. Least then it would be a logical decision

Is this fairy bullcrap actually happening?
Blastoise  +   937d ago
Very well thought out!

I'd be cool with a new Light type. But I'd also be fine if they didn't add any new types too
ABizzel1  +   936d ago

I think Fairy is what they'll stick with, simply because I don't think too many Pokemon outside of the Fairy-looking ones would pick up the Light type to begin with outside of Ampharos (who could also be fairy), a new Ho-oh / Lugia Form (but again no reason to change Fairy to Light), maybe a Lucario Evolution, and finally the Zekrom + Reshiram + Kyurem fusion.

But even then Fairy is usually used to represent "Light & Angel type beings" since many Japanese franchises tend to shy away from Angel & demons when it comes to American versions.

As far as weakness and resistance I think something more like this is a MUST:

Offensive: Fairy type attacking

Weakness: Dragon, Fighting, Ghost, Steel
Resistance: Normal, Poison, Dark
Immunity: Fairy

Defensive: Fairy type getting attacked

Weakness: Poison, Bug
Resistance: Fighting, Dragon, Dark, Steel
Immunity: -----

Dragon, Fighting, and Steel types rule the current metagame by far (with Water types being up there as well), and having a new type introduced to balance them out will make the entire metagame closer to being fair.

Being weak to Poison (NEVER USED) and Bug types will force player to carry those moves, or better yet use those type to have a counter to Fairy types who would completely change the metagame for the better by balancing things out more.

Dark is simply for Light and Dark balancing each other out. Ghost types have too immunities (easily 3 with levitate), 2 resistances, and only two weaknesses so they need something to check them. Finally Normal types have nothing to their name besides diversity, so another resistance could help a bit.
Relientk77  +   937d ago
I agree with basically all those except Vulpix and Ninetales
ABizzel1  +   937d ago
Agreed for the most part.

Togekiss Family: Yes. Lose Normal typing.
Celebi: Yes, but it's too late unless they give a form change (like Shaymin) or drop the Psychic Type, or maybe change all the 100-600 BST legendaries now that I think about it. (Mew: Psychic / Fairy, Celebi: Grass / Fairy, Jarachi: Steel / Fairy, Manaphy: Water / Fairy, Victini: Fire / Fairy)

Ninetales: No. A Psychic or Ghost evolution = Yes. Save the Fairy for Finikin.

Mr. Mime: Questionable, and the reasoning for Mime sould apply to Jynx.
Luvdisc: Questionable, but desperately needs and evolution.
Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprite: Questionable, but I'd rather see it on.....

Possible Others.

Cressilia: instead of Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprite to get her back in OU (4x resist Fight, and 2x Resist Dragon = OU, and the sprites do well in UU & RU).
Arceus: Need a new Plate or Form.
Mewtwo: New form looks Fairy-like, and if it happens to Mew, then it's a must.
Mushrana: Looks Fairy-like, and the dream theme.
Audino: Looks Fiary-Like, and needs something to help it.
Zoroark: Just for the Unique type combination.
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CourierSix  +   937d ago
I agree with Root. Its a good point.
tigertron  +   936d ago
Fairy type? they should just stick to the normal type.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   936d ago
Adding a new type is unneeded, and comparing the Fairy type to the introduction of the Steel and Dark types (which were types that were both needed AND made a lot of sense because Psychics didn't have any conceivable checks at all in Gen 1) isn't sound.

The type chart is fine the way it is, though it does require some minor tweaks (giving the ICE type a defensive buff while nerfing the STL type defensively (only slightly)); the real problem is that Gamefreak has designated certain types (particularly PSN, GRSS, BUG, and ROCK) where the majority of the Pokemon are underwhelming in both stats and movepool (GRSS types especially).

IMO, the type that Gamefreak "hates" the most is the PSN type. Mediocre defensively and horrid offensively, there really is no place in the metagame for PSN type moves save for Toxic and Toxic Spikes. At least GRASS types have the ability to hit the ever popular WATER, GROUND, and ROCK types.

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