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AkatsukiPain  +   938d ago
It will prolly be brought in an update. Was hoping it would come with the xbox8. May 21 is near. Or maybe May 10. Just a guess.

Shinra Tensei
MilkMan  +   938d ago
You got that right. If I wanted a projector, I have access to the latest and greatest right here at my job. Come up with something else man. It pretty pathetic.
C4BL3  +   938d ago
Typical M$. Ohh look what it can do. "can I haz?" No it won't be out for years. But when it does it will for sure not work correctly. Tired of them I am.
Z501  +   938d ago
Shoulda just showed this at E3 and 'pulled a MILO'
S74  +   938d ago
Will probably be introduced halfway though generation like Kinect
Urusernamesucks  +   938d ago
Hopefully not
kungfuian  +   938d ago | Well said
I said it before and I'll say it again. This tech is absolutely pointless!

Follow me here because from a logical perspective it just doesn't make sense. Why have an expensive tv with a great image plus a projector with crappy visuals surrounding it when you can just get a projector and have a huge beautiful projected image and no tv? If you want a wall of immersion why not just use a regular projector on a blank wall and/or hang a white sheet up over your stuff! 

Even if you argue that the peripheral vision images on a huge wall really don't need to be as detailed, I could simulate that in software with a projector and an increasingly less detailed outside image (one with a much smoother transition than the abrupt high res to tv frame to projected image we have here). 

In fact, why not just do that now on you tv. Every game from now on can have really nice detailed images in the center of your tv screen and a black boarder of less detailed bullshit around it. Let me tell you why, because gamers wouldn't go for it. We want high res images on the entire screen. Why sacrifice any part of the visual field to crappy low res images.

By this logic a full wall projector is a way better solution. I'll say it again, this tech just doesn't add up!

I don't care how long you've been drinking Microsoft's cool aide, this space ship is made of tin foil and bubble gum and isn't going to fly.
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mcstorm  +   938d ago
Thx for your comment but I like the look of this technology and it should be interesting to see where it ends up.
SatanSki  +   938d ago
I think the adventage of this technology will be its low price. Offcourse i could be wron hehe
kungfuian  +   938d ago
how in the hell is a tv plus projector cheaper than a projector, lol.

Microsoft now officially undoing math in 3, 2, 3 , um...What (said in dumb voice).
SatanSki  +   935d ago
Most people already have tvs, dont they?
Urusernamesucks  +   938d ago
See the actual vid that reviews how it works and not the trailer, AND TELL ME IF A PROJECTOR CAN DO THAT.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF   937d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
humbleopinion  +   937d ago
Have you ever tried running an 1080P projector on a full 10ft wall? The resolution is just too low for the size, and the picture is just not focused enough. Not to mention your FOV is impacted because you are sitting too close.

With a TV+Projector combo you win both worlds: A mauch sharper image on the center screen (lower size means higher DPI), with amazing effects processed separately on the bigger projection screen. And since your eyes are centered on the higher DPI screen in the center, you don't notice how the bigger image is and not as sharp because of how your eyes are focused. You're basically getting the best of both worlds.
strigoi814  +   938d ago
I think i saw this thing as a partnership with a TV company like samsung, LG or etc in the future..coz this thing has nothing to do to the next xbox specs
Agent_hitman  +   938d ago
You want that kind of tech badly?. There's a solution for that my friends, just buy a PC projector and use it..

That illumiroom is very similar to projector's tech..
RuleofOne343  +   938d ago
Am so looking forward to this when ready & made available .
josephayal  +   938d ago
im ready
PooEgg  +   938d ago
Maybe I'm old fashion, but the only things I want in a next gen console are improved performance, reliability, and a good library of exclusive and third party games, oh and backwards compatibility would be nice, but not a deal breaker.
Jek_Porkins  +   938d ago
I think this will be ready when those augmented reality glasses are going to be ready for the next Xbox, probably around 2015 or so, just like the leaked documents stated. I love the idea, and if it could come in at $150 or less, I'd be interested.

I love to feel immersed into games, and this looks like it could take it further than ever.
BitbyDeath  +   938d ago
I thought they didn't comment on rumours and things about the next xbox til the reveal?
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