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palaeomerus  +   1020d ago
"The audacity of Trion and their full-priced pay-to-win MMO, coupled with the feeling that the game only serves as a half-assed safety net in the event that the show fails, makes me want to give this game a flat-out zero."

Ah good. The reviewer told me ahead of time that I could not trust his opinion to be anything but silly unfounded poser bile. Now I don't need to read the crap review.
VersaVulture89  +   1020d ago
I actually really like the game. It's not perfect, but its a fun game that gets better later on. I've never played an MMO before Defiance, but a lot of people tell me that with updates, a lot of MMO games get better.

I don't think Trion set out to make a perfect game. They set out to make a fun game and that's exactly what they did. Is it perfect? No. Is it entertaining? Definitely. It's a great experiment for consoles and for TV fans and I think it succeeded.
antz1104  +   1020d ago
I'm really enjoying this game, great title in terms of fun factor for a console MMO.

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