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phinch  +   950d ago
ive not played downpour, or the psp editions, but i almost agree with that order
JsonHenry  +   950d ago
Silent Hill 4 I thought was one of the best. I couldn't bother to finish Downpour. It just didn't hold my interest for some reason.
Kalowest  +   950d ago
I think Book of Memories is an awesome Vita game, but I also understand why SH fans won't like it. I've been on forums reading up on Downpour, from the opinions I gathered, It's not the best or the worst it's in the middle. SH fans say it had potential, but failed to meet expectations. If they made a sequel some of the problems would be fixed.
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   950d ago
Silent Hill: Homecoming, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Silent Hill: Origins better than Silent Hill IV!? What the hell.........

That game has way too much hate for no good reason. The only flaws I could have really pointed with the game was the lock-on mechanic and lack of enemy variety. That being said the enemy design, characters and premise was perfect for what it was. The "Hole World" itself was used as a visual representation of Henry Townshend's reclusive personality and ironically served the only way out even though it still happens with the confines of the room.

- The charge system improved combat over the previous installments with destructible weapons adding a nice touch in creating a more survival aspect.

- Limited inventory was finally added for the same reason as the above.

-Had the best antagonist in the series.
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j-blaze  +   950d ago
agreed, SH4 to me is the second best game in the series, loved almost everything about it
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   950d ago
I didn't like the fact that you had to go through the same worlds a second time. Other than that it was still a great game and had some very cool ideas in it.
wheresmymonkey  +   950d ago
It gets the hate because it isn't really a silent hill game. they just renamed and rjiggered it a little.

I'm not bashing its quality because its still a great game.
Pozzle  +   950d ago
I find it weird how a lot of fans focus on the fact that Silent Hill 4 started off development as a different game. Because it still had enough of that Silent Hill "feel" for it to count as a SH game imo. The overall tone, atmosphere and creepy story still felt Silent Hill-y. I really enjoyed the game.

Homecoming, Downpour and Origins are barely like the original games at all, but fans don't seem to take as much issue with that as they do with SH4.
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vork77  +   950d ago
downpour was ok i still perfer 2 because its a bit more creepy
gigoran  +   950d ago
Ok. So it isn't a poll decided on facts. Just a guys idea of best to worst. Hmmm... Ok.

Then if it is just best by personal tastes, the room is the best. It was unique. A traditional horror story made in the style of Japanese horror movies. I loved it.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   950d ago
Downpour was more like Alice in wonderland than a silent hill game not to mention the story made NO sense.

Silent Hill 1,2,3 and 4 are the only Silent Hill games to me.
The other games are like fan fiction or something.

Silent Hill 4 get's a lot of slack and it does have its flaws (having to redo all the worlds twice) but it was still worthy of the Silent Hill name and I enjoyed it a lot.
I would say Silent Hill 1 was the scariest.
Silent Hill 2 had the best story.
Silent Hill 3 had the best graphics and voice acting.
And Silent Hill 4 had the most interesting new ideas.
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wheresmymonkey  +   950d ago
I pretty much agree with the list order. I'd put shattered memories ahead of Downpour though.

It was just wonderful in all the ways a silent hill should be. tense, tiring, and had a final act that was just mind blowing.

Yeah the chase sequences got a little old but thats the only downside.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   950d ago
While I'm not a fan of the new games because they pale in comparison to the Team Silent masterpieces :D (yes I just said that) I thought shattered memories was decent and waaaaay better than Downpour. My main problem with it was that it just wasn't scary. You knew when you were safe and when there would be creatures so there was no tension towards an encounter. Also the creatures were uninspired and the whole ice theme wasn't scary or disturbing at all.
Still I loved the way you used your torch and the profile thing while not fully realised was a very cool idea and I think should be used again.
It's a good game, just not up to the standards set by the original four in my opinion.
Pozzle  +   950d ago
I'm probably alone in thinking this, but I actually found Downpour to be the worst in the series. It wasn't particularly scary, the gameplay was clunky and awkward, the loading screen and constant lag drove me nuts, and many story elements just made no sense or weren't explained at all (like that weird red light that chases you every time you entered the Otherworld). I think the Western devs tried too hard in making the new SH games complex, and in doing so, they missed some of the most obvious aspects that make a Silent Hill game...well...Silent Hill.

There's a really great review here that outlines a lot of the problems with the game. Though he liked it a lot more than I did....

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SlapHappyJesus  +   950d ago
Personal favorites are Downpour, Silent Hill 4 and then Silent Hill 2.
Baka-akaB  +   950d ago
I pretty much only cared for Silent Hill 3 and 4 . I never was much of a silent hill fans , and i feel those were different yet "silent hilley" enough to pull me in .
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Kte  +   950d ago
Nice, he made the worst at the top and the last 3 are the best. 4 sucked period, if I hurt anyone feelings, too bad. I'm a long time SH fan, and have beaten every game (except BOM). Please tell me how the hell staying in a room you cant leave from is one of the best..... From SH2>>>SH1>>> SH3 that order is the best because all of those actually keep a interesting story. I liked homecoming, but it had a crappy ending. Downpour had more bugs then a Xbox360. Book of memories was mega crap seeing as it was 4 players...SH is about Horror not Multiplayer
NRGuitarist  +   950d ago
He wrote the list from worst to best.

He clearly says that the original three are his favourites and they are at the bottom of the page, which effectively means the top of his list.

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