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H4all  +   826d ago
many people buy this..
many complain about online play..
they just apologize..
i just want they do something about online play..
SavageKuma  +   826d ago
Well that is quite disappointing.
DivineAssault  +   826d ago
no online play??? why?
godofboobees  +   825d ago
Ad hoc party. Easy fix
matgrowcott  +   825d ago
I've been told it doesn't work.
Kevlar009  +   825d ago
The_bloodedge  +   825d ago
It doesn't really bother me that it hasn't got online tbh I just won't a Guilty Gear game on the UK psn store! So friging stupid! Usa get psn version and vita version yet UK get none...
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BlaqMagiq24  +   825d ago
That... is actually kind of a shocker. They port it for Vita yet it can't do online play? Cmon Arc System Works. Sounds kinda lazy to me. And this coming from someone who enjoys their games.
princejb134  +   825d ago
No online= no purchase

Like it makes sense for a 2d fighter to have online in this current generation
I can't just keep playing the computer AI over and over
BuffMordecai  +   825d ago
They better have an update that includes an online mode, this is beyond retarded.

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