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Jadedz  +   946d ago
Dat Unity effect
This is how it looks on ipad 2:

I'll causally be looking out for news related to this title.
darthv72  +   945d ago
starting to see a trend here
perhaps its easier for these smaller houses to co-create/port their IP on the wii-u from IOS and android markets.

In doing so, they add in support for the gamepads controls. Whatever the strategy is...this could be a sign of under the radar success not only for these smaller indie companies but ultimately the wii-u.

People who have smart phones could either get a tablet and just play the same game on a bigger screen OR get a wii-u and play a version on an even bigger screen (TV) with traditional controls in addition to any touch based ones.

Now that is something i wouldnt have even suspected.
gamer42  +   945d ago
By jove, I think he's got it!!!
jcnba28  +   945d ago
This is great news, more indie's coming to Nintendo's consoles the better.
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