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Root  +   952d ago
Do that and you've finally put the nail in Fables coffin

It was bad enough Fable 2 and Fable 3 felt like it forced co-op friendly buddy buddy crap onto you.
Totally agree! I love the story and enviroment that comes with the Fable games but with Fable The Journey i just gave up and skipped the entire game. Just make a game like Fable and leave out all the other crap, no online, no coop, no kinect just a single player with controller only and ill buy it
Root  +   952d ago
So felt like they thought

"Hey we've added so much co-op stuff, do you think we should waste our time on adding more content we promised, other stuff which the player can do"

"Naaaah, they'll be fine with co-op"

They could add onto so much with the property stuff for example....make it more of an open world and let us create our own village and transform it into an empire over time.

Even the magic in the game felt like it was being dumbed down. In Fable 3 all of a sudden you needed a magical gauntlet to use magic....come on. Least in Fable you had a variety of magic to choose from
Yi-Long  +   951d ago
Go ahead....
... who cares anymore!?

Fable 1: Great. (Especially The Lost Chapters)
Fable 2: Meh, Ok.
Fable 3: Hmmmmmmmmmm~~~~~~....
Fable the Journey: You have GOT to be kidding me!!!

Oh, and I left out the XBLA game, cause nobody wants to be reminded of that anyway.
KentBlake  +   952d ago
Exactly what I was going to write.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   951d ago
The co op part was a cool feat in Fable. I just don't want Fable to be come F2P. It needs to be a AAA 60$ game with MMO features.
contradictory  +   951d ago
so Fable is now officially dead?
Yi-Long  +   951d ago
It was already dead....
... with The Journey and that crappy XBLA game.

Fable has SUCH amazing POTENTIAL, but after the great first game, it really just went downhill from there. Sadly.
Dasteru  +   951d ago
Fable II is quite good also if you give it a chance (Not as good as the first but still good)

Fable III took a swan dive and Journey is shit on a disk.
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Evil_Ryu  +   951d ago
I dont know what you guys are talking about but the nail was already put in with fable 3.
pandehz  +   951d ago
This is one more nail, just to make sure
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DARK WITNESS  +   951d ago
No, just no... they can't possibly add any more nails. All the nails went in with fable 3.

Fable the Journey was sticking the coffin in the ground and throwing dirt on top of it.

Fable is dead and buried, fable 4 is just the priest saying a last prayer..

Fable is so dead it could not even make a comeback as a zombie at this point.
claud3  +   951d ago
this is the feat of fable and the company... Bye bye
Jek_Porkins  +   951d ago
First I'll say that this isn't even a rumor, it is one person trying to take someone words and put them into a context that fits with a rumor he is trying to start.

A lot of people love Fable and I'm a huge fan, Lionhead was actually hiring people to work on a MMORPG, which might be set in the Fable universe, or it might be a totally new IP.

Not sure why they would release a Fable game as free to play when they sell like 5 million copies each, it would be counterproductive. I'm looking forward to seeing the facts on the next Xbox, the facts on games for the next Xbox, and the bit of crow eating a lot of people are going to have to do :)
WiiStation_360  +   951d ago
They pretty much killed it after Fable: TLC, the new games lost their "fable'y" feel to it.
Neko_Mega  +   951d ago
Yeah, free to play. After you pay for Xbox Live right? Anyways, the Fable games have gone downhill. I for one love the first one the most.
MilkMan  +   951d ago
R.I.P Fable
We hardly knew you.
claud3  +   951d ago
Fable 1 and 2 were great games... But after that it went like saint's row

kma2k  +   951d ago
Well since Kinect Fable did so well in advancing the series & improving sales it sounds like a good idea to go even further away from what made it so popular in the begging.

Seriously isnt this discussed in board room meetings, the guy who says the above line is he shushed or fired or what?
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ichimaru  +   951d ago
i'd try a fable mmo especially if its free. then again I know thats not everyone's cup
Tzuno  +   951d ago
Money Money more Money!!!! Moneyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

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