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TrevorPhillips  +   946d ago
I was expecting the video interview to be in English or at least English subtitled :(

On topic - This game looks promising!

Guys watch this
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sengoku  +   946d ago
definitely buying this game cant wait.
i'm a big fan of survival horror's, it's been sometime now since the release of a good one.
being a new ip definitely helps too and especially having Shinji on the team..
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OmegaSlayer   946d ago | Off topic | show
bayonetta  +   945d ago
Suda image and no english subtitle -____-"
Ser  +   946d ago
I can't...understand what they're saying. :/
Salooh  +   945d ago
Yea. Why approve it?. It's not in english. o.o
Walker  +   946d ago
But that man in the picture is Suda51 :/ !
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Zezo  +   945d ago
epic fail thumbnail!!!
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gano  +   946d ago
go jpn.
take that assholes who screwd silent hill.
MattS  +   946d ago
How the heck did this get approved? The person in the image is Goichi Suda.
abzdine  +   946d ago
i am having high hopes in this game.
and correct that picture it's not mikami
TrevorPhillips  +   946d ago
Admins/mods change the picture they're two different completely people.
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zerocrossing  +   946d ago
OK, probably should have mentioned it wasn't in English...
Agent_hitman  +   945d ago
Glad he left CAPCOM and joined Bethesda.
e-p-ayeaH  +   945d ago
i am so glad that Mikami is doing this.
wenaldy  +   945d ago
Bethesda is publisher.

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