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Jagsrock  +   951d ago
whoa Deja vu! I could have sworn I saw this headline last week...oh wait I did. Seriously they're not going anywhere. If you want to play their games you're gonna have to play it on their hardware like it or not.
AKR  +   951d ago
Stop making consoles? Say wha? It's because Nintendo STARTED making home consoles, we have so many "common" features in the systems today. Things like motion controls, force feedback, the D-Pad, shoulder buttons - That all started with Nintendo.

Add to that, when they released the DS, 3DS, Wii and Wii U - It shows how they're not only trying to innovate with their games, but it also shows how they're trying to innovate with their systems, looking more into the fun-factor than power-factor, and it's been working.

Nintendo has nothing to worry about as far as home systems go. The Wii U is off to a slow start, but it's not like any systems before it didn't have any growing pains like this.
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