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madjedi  +   769d ago
Why would a casual/mainstream gamers buy a ps4 or 720 via subscription model. I don't see the appeal when a ps3 or 360 is cheaper and offers many useful features and has a large library of games.

I think the only people that even care about the next gens, atm are people ready to upgrade immediately or at most 2 yrs after release. Excluding people in the industry.

I don't see anyone but the hardcore(1st or 2nd yr adopters of this gen) gamers biting on the ps4/720 in the first 1 yr or 2, after they hit 300-350 many of the average gamers(3rd yr) will hop over.

System generations have always had staggered tiers of adopters, i don't see them making more units than they need to cover both hardcore adopters and subscription users.

If all these rumors are bullshit, then why hasn't ms issued a press release, stating explicitly why they are false.

The rumors are just bad rumors, add leaked documents, the adam ortho fiasco and ms not denying it, all it does is give the impression that the rumors aren't without some substance.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   769d ago
this was debunked as fake a week ago, WHY do people chose to believe these lies from sony fanboy journalists? week after week another negative xbox articles YET again from a sony fanboy journalist comes out and people are like omG XBOX IS TEH DOOMED!!!! yet when a respectable source from microsoft themselves tells unbiased journalists the truth and reports it back to us its debunked, stop believing these lies, god you peole are so thick headed, i swear i could tell you theirs gold under a bridge and yall would jump it!!

wake up! microsoft runs a buisness, they didn't come in first place this gen to just ruin it next gen, hellooooooo, I think they've known a long time ago this would be a bad idea. They would never do this. Just wait for the reveal, obviously microsoft is tweaking some stuff, give them time, have patience, your all in for a huge surprise, just wait, they know what their doing, I rather them take their time to perfect and go beyond than to rush it and reveal it early, no reason to reveal so soon, let them take their time.
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Strongmad  +   769d ago
I wish you would get over the used games issue, CD keys and no used has been the case with PC's for eternity and its not a big deal. Everyone is so cheap, give you money to developers not gameshops, buying new games stop being butthurt whiners. Profitable games means more and better games in the future not studio shut down after shutdown.

Get a fraking job and support the industry.

The irony is you want cheaper gaming get a PC. Console choice should be about games I will probably go xbox again but have not ruled PS4 out yet.
insomniacgamer  +   769d ago
People that argue along your lines make me laugh because you are arguing that consumers should have less options and pay more...and more...and more. I look at Infinity Ward, Blizzard, EA, and I sure in hell do not see them suffering. More like not using lube with cut content to generate dlc, fail servers, and atrocious customer service.

Also, last I checked the baseline is $60 USD for a title that can easily top $100 with micro-transactions and day 1 dlc. Not sure how that is cheap but must be nice to be a big roller...
Strongmad  +   769d ago
Consumers have choice, noone forces you to buy everything or anything. DLC is optional and I agree there are certain publishers that take the piss with some of the day 1 DLC and blatant cash-ins, that kind of thing angers me too but that isnt really what im arguing here.

When you buy a game most of the money will go to the publisher, some to the retailer and some to the developer. When you buy a game used none of that cash is seen by the developer. Buy saving a few quid you are shortchanging the developer and risking future game development.

I spend a portion of my income on gaming, PCs, consoles games, kickstarter.. etc. I've been a gamer for a long time and I am trying to enourage people to think past I have to pay more this sucks and support the developers instead. No used games is a part of this.

Give you money to worth games and projects not just wanting everyhthing for as little as possible.

Be a gamer not a consumer.
Master of Unlocking  +   769d ago
Next Xbox Will Not Be Compatible With Second Hand'
NowGamer: Managing director of publisher Xing Interactive adds for the next Xbox 'you’ll have to go through Microsoft to do anything'
XFlop confirmed. :)
mmj  +   769d ago
Looking around at the world we really are at a turning point in history, there are those who want to take control and limit the rights of people and those who believe in the opposite, I know which side I support so Microsoft can **** off.
isyourhouseonfire  +   769d ago
This is excellent news. The more we can force gamers to buy new then the more the industry will grow. As gamers, this is what we need. A+ MS!
Tzuno  +   769d ago
Fight back people after all we hold the money. As much as i love the video-games as a avid gamer i can say i would not spend a cent on something like that.
JimmyDanger  +   769d ago
4 weeks until May 21st, four more weeks of these bullcrack articles.
Kidmyst  +   769d ago
E3 needs to be here soon to clarify all these rumours. But I really wonder what percentage of gamers who will by the PS4 and 720 are really informed and did research, VS those who get informed by word of mouth of friends, talking to employees at game stores, and not really getting the facts themselves.
True_Samurai  +   766d ago
Been an only Xbox gamer since 2000 ready to add the this generation to the family :-)
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