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e-p-ayeaH  +   895d ago
Oh this E3 will be fun to watch if this is true.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   895d ago
the memes...It'll be 599 us dollars times 1000!
(so 599,000 us dollars I guess if a user took that sentence literally)
Urusernamesucks  +   895d ago
You guys realy cant wait for june, cant ya?
Jagsrock  +   895d ago
LMAO at the rumor bar saying "hopefully". Oh N4g you slay me.
Gondee  +   895d ago
AO1JMM  +   895d ago
Just another rumor. I'll wait for MS to officially announce such things.
level 360  +   895d ago
Since the release of the XBox360 I just think.. actually believe that Microsoft has suddenly become too monopolizing in their ways. Albeit getting too greedy for sure, you can simply tell by how they deal in their own marketplace against Sony's PS Store.

It's really noticable that Microsoft charges their customer more than Sony's.
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JimmyDanger  +   895d ago
Wow, the guy from "Xing Interactive" has heard from "sources close to Microsoft".

Xing - who package minigames, and who I'd never heard of before. Once again, I'd defend the rights of Indies to self promote through whatever means, but this is a bit ridiculous .

Would I believe this guy over the Worldwide Head of Gamestop/EB?

4lc4pon3  +   895d ago
i cant wait to watch E3. So I can Point and laugh at all you Xboxers
AO1JMM  +   895d ago
kamakaz3md  +   895d ago
i read the first few sentences of this article and stopped. If you have any common sense at all, and know you tech. the xbox (720) is not going to be an always online product. Any idiot would know that. Ive been an analyst for several years. Agree or disagree idc, M$ would be letting down thousands of people who dont even have internet or a stable connection.
4lc4pon3  +   895d ago
here is my analysis "If you have any common sense at all, and know you tech."

gamer7804  +   895d ago
These stories are great, it lets companies know how consumers will react to certain strategies, even if MS at one point was thinking of blocking used or rented games, i'm positive, and "sources close to" me tell me that they are no longer looking to block second-hand games.
oOMICHAELOo  +   895d ago
lol are people not tired of going through the revolving doors that are rumors? one minute the system is backwards compatible the next minute it's not. One minute it's always online the next minute it's not. One minute it's always online the next it's not... PEOPLE WAKE THE FUCK UP & SHUT THE FUCK UP! THEY ARE JUST RUMORS! Most of you are Sony cock suckers & wouldn't buy it either way.
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IanVanCheese  +   895d ago
Also who the fudge are Xing Interactive and why on earth would they, a tiny pc developer whose hits have included Xing Chess, know what the hell MS is planning to do.

This just in, cashier at Tesco says Nintendo's next console will be made of asparagus.
AlphaJunk  +   895d ago
Soooo I can't play with my second - How am I supposed aim and fire!!??
Evil_Ryu  +   895d ago
Who are these guys never heard of em... Xinga Games? Oh wait these are the same guys who never made a console game ever.
Plagasx  +   895d ago
PS4 it is then.
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Dms2012  +   895d ago
Why in the hell are the rumor votes leaning towards "hopefully"?
baodeus  +   895d ago
This is something that I don't get if we can agree on a couple of things:

1. It is true that everyone is just looking out for their own interest/gain?

2. What is the reason why developers/publisher implement DRM or online passes?

3. Is the used game market profitable for any developers?

So based on those 3 reasons, why would any developer (in their right mind) speak out against eliminating the used game market when it isn't profitable and also harm their business?
SDF Repellent  +   895d ago
Xing, I am going to form a small company tomorrow and proclaim that the Nextbox won't have this and that features...surely, N4g fanboys will fall for it no matter what because it is a negative MS news regardless of the source. It is the same old, same old. smh
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urwifeminder  +   895d ago
I will be onboard as long as its not a sony ill play anything.
Max-Zorin  +   895d ago
I didn't think this site would become extremely obsessed with the same rumor.
DOOMZ  +   895d ago
Its an OPINION people...
palaeomerus  +   895d ago
Nowgamer is trash.
ShiranaiJittai  +   895d ago
Ok so I have lurked this site since it pretty much started but rarely ever post. Seems to be some problem with it saving my login information or something. That is neither here nor there though.

I can tell you with certainty that Xing Interactive is not privy to this type of information. I work in the industry in various facets, and have contacts within the major developers. The difference is I don't state something as a fact without doing the proper research. This article is a joke. Has anyone here even heard of Xing Interactive? The writer of this article obviously did not research the company before determining whether this was credible or not. True they list it as a rumor but they seem pretty convinced that it is factual.

Here is the Xing Interactive Site. http://www.xinginteractive....

Here are the games they have made

The Mystery of the Flying Dutchman
Sushi Bar Express
Pizza Deliciozo
Old McDonald Had A Farm
Xing Sudoku
Xing Mahjongg
Xing Chess
Maze Man Mania 3D
Jewel Shooter

So do any of you truly believe that a company with so little say or knowledge as to what Microsoft/Nintendo/Sony plans are would ever have this information in any way shape or form? Not to knock the company it just seems like they make PC Casual games for the most part. Doesn't look like any of their games have released on anything excluding PC.

So before writing an article? Do your research on your "source"
chris0409  +   895d ago
So we're believing Xing now are we? -_-
DJO479  +   895d ago
I don't buy it. These rumors are getting out of hand.
TheSaint  +   895d ago
This is the problem I have, we need to wait and see which rumours are true.

IF these rumours are true then it's a definite no sale for me.
OSIRUSSS  +   895d ago
I guess the new rumor is I will be pre ordering the PS4! That meter is way past hopefully.
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CourierSix  +   895d ago
Well if half the rumours about the next Xbox are true i'm defintly going the way of PS4...
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