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Captain Tuttle  +   1021d ago
This gets approved but stories denying the rumor get Failed by mods?
smh N4G
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BitbyDeath  +   1021d ago
Probably cause the negative rumours have legit sources
1. SuperDaE (Hacker) - MS had him arrested
2. Adam Orth (MS Employee) - MS fired
3. Mr Lake (Dev from Workshop Entertainment)
4. David Connolly (managing director Xing Interactive)

Where as the ones denying the rumours are always listed as "Anonymous" or just not listed at all. (Like the one in your link)
stiggs  +   1021d ago
Lets examine YOUR "legit" sources.

1. SuperDaE - A hacker who has been accused of pirating software, breaking NDA and selling a Dev kit on eBay. A liar and a he's real reliable.
2. Adam Orth - A former MS employee who posted vague comments on his personal Twitter account regarding internet accessibility. Did he ever mention used games? No, he didn't.
3. Who?
4. David Connolly - Xing Entertainment: a company that has never released a console game in their history...nor do they plan to.

There is no need to "prove you wrong" as you're not right to begin with.
BitbyDeath  +   1021d ago
Whether you find them "legit" or an "upstanding citizen" is neither here nor there.

The differences are the negative rumours have named people attached as starting the rumour as opposed to the denying rumours whom have nobody which means it could come from anyone even some random poster on N4G.
stiggs  +   1021d ago
So, in order to establish themselves as a credible source individuals only need to provide their name?

BitbyDeath  +   1021d ago
Yes, a name would help to find out if they are just some random guy on the net or someone who is actually in the biz.
BitbyDeath  +   1021d ago
@Disagrees, put up a source and prove me wrong if you can. Further disagrees i'll take as you admitting to not being able to find a legit source.
esemce  +   1021d ago
FFS not this sh1t again, can't we just wait until E3?

I don't this Sony/MS or Nintendo are foolish enough to do this.
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TesMgsFan  +   1021d ago
So maby this is the plan ?? MS wants to suck this gen and make Sony the winner.
Loki86  +   1021d ago
This is all speculation till MS announces something first hand. So don't buy into this kind of stuff until we hear something definite, same with the positive rumors, although they sound more plausible.
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indysurfn  +   1021d ago
"If Microsoft block used games they have officially gone full retard" ROFLMAO!!! That made my day. When I play wallyball tonight I will use that phrase on the next FULL RETARD that dares try's to beat my team.

At the casual market comments he brngs up a good point Microsoft is smart and is going after casual. However they where also very smart when they went after Java, and when they went after android, and Ipod with the zune. So just because they are smart does not mean they don't fail especially when they are out of touch! Look at all the always-on articles and the comments they have for the last 2 months, then look at the rumors for the last two YEARS on the subject. It just keeps popping it's head up. Who is to say Sony does not have the ability to be a box also? Plus people are not used to spending big 300-500 bucks on a cable box that is usually part of the service, not a big upfront cost. Why would none gamers buy that? Samsung has a TON of smart apps in the newest TV's now I'm good!

The only real set back for Sony would be if Microsoft does have EXCLUSIVE mega deals with the ISP's, Dish networks, Comcasts, time warner, cox and other communications companies. But then again, maybe Sony will counter that with installing PS4 in hdtv's it makes!
Cueil  +   1021d ago
again fanboys show their true colors... where is the "Wait for an official announcement" that people were touting when good news came out... I understand most of you take your hypocritical oath seriously, but jebus
xxchicago33xx  +   1021d ago
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Dark5tar1  +   1021d ago
So we heard this rumor already, why do we care? Unless its official, I'm still calling bs on this.
Hercules189  +   1021d ago
look at the people disagreeing with you lol, whats to disagree with, youre either saying that this website has definite proof or youre REALLY wanting msoft to fail
Dark5tar1  +   1021d ago
I'm saying that everyone has heard this rumor several times. The next Xbox and the PS4 were rumored to both block used games. I'm doubting that MS would do that because that would take away a chunk of their audience that's already been swayed by their shift towards casuals.
Trekster_Gamer  +   1021d ago
Sick of rumors. Why are they considered news?

How about we stop whining (article authors) and just wait until MS officially releases the specs and info??
Grimhammer00  +   1021d ago
All around the world while you sleep...a greater evil is carried out against the gaming masses.

This whole no used games - always online is really just defecting xbots from their reality.

They've been paying to play for years!

kingslayer1000  +   1021d ago
xabmol  +   1021d ago
PlayStation. Bit smug, isn't it?

*360 mag crushes PS3*

Welcome aboard!

*Pic on mag is AssCreed*

^That's an add from this website. Funny shit right there. 'Least I got a chuckle. xD
TemplarDante  +   1021d ago
I wont support ANY company that endorses an Anti-Consumer stance.
And you shouldnt either!
Cueil  +   1021d ago
I'm guess you don't use steam then right?
Amigaengine  +   1021d ago
"Honestly, Microsoft, hurry up and tell us either way. We're getting a little sick of this now."

Here is a fantastic idea for all these websites. Stop with the gossip and rumor's, leave that to the real pro's like Michael Pachter :P

These websites would receive zero hits if it was not for the "always on" or "doomed" threads that N4G loves to promote.
BabyTownFrolics  +   1021d ago
Hey look its another negative Xbox rumor being taken as fact on the front page.

Now try posting an article rebutting this and watch it fail, and then watch your account get suspended because when you ask too many questions about the double standard you are marked as spam.
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GraveLord  +   1021d ago
Here's hoping the PS4 is the lead platform for the 8th generation. We can't have a company so out of touch with consumers running things. Speak with your wallets people! Don't buy the next Xbox.
KillrateOmega  +   1021d ago
Overused Comment Options
Option 1) [Insert comment about not liking rumors and wanting facts]

Option 2) [MS iz zeh biggest RETARDZ! XD PS4 ftw!!]

Option 3) [MS wouldn't do this. Insert attempt by user to defend this notion by bringing up sales numbers and percentages; i.e., trying to sound like a business professional]
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hazelamy  +   1021d ago
if true, then it's a no buy from me, simple as that.

but i don't think ms are dumb enough to do something like that.
they're greedy enough, sure, but i'd hope they would have the sense to see how unpopular something like this would be.
Ozmoses  +   1021d ago
It's too hard to speculate. They'll announce soon enough..

But, either way. Definitely getting a PS4.. Sony is looking good!
ninjagoat  +   1021d ago
Still interested in seeing what they show at E3 tbh.
oof46  +   1021d ago
I wonder if my health care plan will cover the dentures I'll need to replace my teeth due to all the gnashing.
CaptainFaisal  +   1021d ago
I still cant imagine that even after all these rumors of the next xbox, their still are people supporting xboxnext and hating on PS4! WHY? PS4 is made for gamers and its open and more user freindly ( Free PSN) unlikr the next xbox, which is a cable box or entertainment device which has gaming built in... So you like always online? cant play second hand games? Get out of the box that microsoft put you jn! Face it Sony has won! The next gen war! Although i still want competition between these two rivals as competition lead to better games and exclusives
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RuleofOne343  +   1021d ago
Cool (RWB babe)
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contradictory  +   1021d ago
if they wouldn't support used games
the main problem for me would be actually getting the games after they are sold out

i don't buy every game at launch

(lol i bought most of the AC series last year -_-')

so say you can't buy used games anymore...
you're fucked. your only hope is to resort into downloading the titles IF they are even on the service

if nextbox is indeed locked to accounts then EVERY game should be accessible from XBL

(this is not actually bad thing. i'd want more games getting digital)

and actually get pricedrop when it makes sense

( i'm not going to pay 69€ for BF3 digital when the physical copy is 40€)

but the question is can i trust that MS does not get too greedy and just decides not to drop the prices?

this and the rumors about always online makes me very worried because if this is going to be reality then nextbox is gonna blow
that's not a good thing because the industry needs competition and i'm not sure where does the Wii U even compete yet
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deno  +   1021d ago
Boy is it going to be a rough generation for xbox. If all this pans out to be true, I will not buy an xbox that the limits my gaming, and I will also go all sony and nintendo.
Minute Man 721  +   1021d ago
If they do it will be the end of Xbox
uuaschbaer  +   1021d ago
"Compatible with second-hand." Well, that's one way to put it.
jaixvx  +   1021d ago
I can't wait until then new xbox is hacked. Then i will get one.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1021d ago
Urusernamesucks  +   1021d ago

you guys are unbelievably dellusional, Lmao
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