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talocaca  +   1023d ago
still not sold...I like to get a game of every genre on my new console...definitely getting Mercenaries though

I mean...its that or CoD:Declassified
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Muerte2494  +   1023d ago
Nvidia demoed Kepler...
running real time ray tracing around this time last year. Given the fact that GG (Guerilla Games) is using this inside their new engines, would have us believe that ps4 is atleast on par with Kepler based chipset.

In the PC world, Devs couldn't take advantage of this because their minimum requirements wouldn't be able to take advantage of this. But now that the Ps4 can support this, you can guarantee will be seeing this in most games in the future. In other words, new consoles allow for PC devs to raise the minimum bar for PC.

This is why i don't get why PC guys are up in arms. PC ,subsequently through ports or being lead platform, get more games supporting more of these features. This is because multiplatform titles. Author notes that their are currently no games on PC taking advantage of this feature.
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Somebody  +   1023d ago
"This is why i don't get why PC guys are up in arms"

"Nvidia demoed Kepler...
running real time ray tracing around this time last year"

That's why, perhaps. PC guys are pretty riled up since there's a lot of tech in their expensive cards but no one's using them. They have to wait for the consoles to catch up before any of the unused features are utilized. Now comes a game that will be one of the first to use one of the tech already available on the PC and it's a console exclusive launch title. At the same time console gamers told PC guys to wait for the ports.

DX11 was laughed off as a joke just a couple of years ago since you can count with your fingers the amount of games that use it.
GDDR5 has become a standard in PC gaming and yet no one cared to bring it to any discussions before.
And any other tech that were demoed when nvidia and AMD were selling their new cards.

Now console guys are chattering about those features like it's the Second Coming while the PC guys stood at the dark corner....muttering they saw those features first.
fr0sty  +   1023d ago
You have to keep something in mind though, Warhawk used raytracing to render the volumetric clouds, and that was a PS3 launch title (that got delayed a bit). Just because you use raytracing on one aspect of your game does not mean your hardware supports real time raytracing of an entire scene. Even our best GPUs don't do a very good job at that at this point. We still have to cut corners and fake things that would be raytraced entirely on a CGI pre-rendered scene.
DeadlyFire  +   1023d ago
PC always takes advantage of this last as its developers usually aim for a wide spread of specs. New consoles are a plus and provide a leap even to PC games. Well the multiplatform ones. There will be substantial change over the next year for PC games. As many will adapt to OpenCL/OpenRL and so on to mix into DirectX/OpenGL. For a more GPGPU like development process. Sounds complex, but its really not to a seasoned developer. Even WiiU could benefit if PC developers adopt to this as they would likely start in the low range of it. Just right for WiiU ports.

Only thing this tech demo does to me is confirm OpenRL or some type of custom OpenRL extensions are supported on PS4.
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jukins  +   1023d ago
PC gamers tend to ignore the aspect of optimization.
cyclindk  +   1023d ago
PC "people" aren't... ignorant people are and they come in the form of XBOX "people" and PS3 "people" and every other sort of "people."

Just ignorance, it's a tough bug to squash.
thechosenone  +   1023d ago
This footage got me pumped for Killzone:Shadow...can't wait! :D

the slide that flashed in the video.
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hiphopisdead  +   1023d ago
Looks awesome. This is great news for Killzone fans.

... not to start a whole pc/console thing... but a few comments:

I understand that PC guys are frustrated. But they shouldn't be frustrated at consoles or console gamers (or gamers that game on pc and console). Some people just don't want to keep up a gaming pc.

Maybe PC gamers (who buy latest pc hardware), should be upset at companies like nvidia
a) who make the hardware so expensive and keeps the market niche
b) doesn't invest in developers to take advantage of their new tech

Maybe PC gamers should be upset at Microsoft
a) who do not provide a game friendly OS
b) who competes with it self (pc gaming on windows) with xbox and releases games exclusive to their xbox os vs. windows os. Why couldn't microsoft's E3 presence mean announcing PC games and support?

Or maybe PC gamers (who buy latest tech hardware) should accept that they are a part of a niche market and be done with all this complaining... so gamers can enjoy talking about games.
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Baka-akaB  +   1023d ago
"That's why, perhaps. PC guys are pretty riled up since there's a lot of tech in their expensive cards but no one's using them. They have to wait for the consoles to catch up "

i'd dispute that notion . It always seemed to me that PC has always been schizophrenic that way ... without the influence of the current era consoles .

I remember a time when consoles developpement wasnt a priority for most pc game publishers and still they were holding back , besides the occasional graphical juggernauts , especially in fps , because of lew entry - mid range pcs .

There will always be low entry pcs and machine , hence pc gaming will always somehow retrain itself a bit and try to remain scalable . For every Quake , Doom 3 , Unreal , Unreal Tournament , Farcry , Crysis , Battlefield , there were always more popular games requiring lesser machines , especially from stars like Blizzard .

i'm sure "waiting for consoles" isnt helping , but the blame game is going a bit far .
thechosenone  +   1023d ago
So Eurogamer were wrong when they said that Shadow Fall doesn't use real-time reflections?
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ginsunuva  +   1023d ago
The definition of ray-tracing is kinda vague. Some tech demos do complete raytracing, which is extremely expensive but looks cool; and games now are starting to use some optimized, semi-ray tracing in which they trace light only from certain places to certain endpoints.
IcyEyes  +   1023d ago
Killzone is my favorite FPS and I'm SURE people that bashing this game just play a little or nothing both MP and single.

Talking about Kz3, the multy is incredible well done and every time I jump in a match I'm still amazed by the incredible quality of the graphics (both art and features). Probably Kz3 have the most advanced graphics on this gen (Ps3 and X360), a solid 30fps and a tons of graphics effect in the scene.

No doubt Kz3 is the most underrated FPS of this gen and I really hope the next Killzone on PS4 will deliver the same experience and will open the eyes to everybody.
DeadlyFire  +   1023d ago
I think personally KILLZONE has undergone an evolution with every title released. I am disappointed a little with MP, but I just like open battlefield like maps or bigger maps. Its the type of game I am into the most. Its still great.

Shadow Fall will definitely be a great title. E3 will amaze all when it lands there.
abzdine  +   1023d ago
I agree with the first sentence :)
Killzone 3 is weak in terms of content compared to the extremely impressive Killzone 2 which had best online best single player of the two.

KZ3 might be better technically but KZ2 overtakes it in terms of fun and multiplayer.
Very few are playing KZ3 right now online and the fact i cannot join a custom game, the terrible spawn system and the very limited unlock system compared to KZ2 killed it for me.

But that MOVE implementation is amazing!
Holeran  +   1023d ago
Killzone 3 is far and away the best looking multiplayer game on console this generation, anyone contending that need to get thier eyes checked. That and the fact that it ran silky smooth at 30fps made it not need 60 fps. Absolutely stellar gameplay.
Zezo  +   1023d ago
@talocaca: you're on my kill-zone bit$%#!!!
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1023d ago
Gosh if ray tracing become the norm on console then prepare for 60fps standard on ps5!
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PLASTICA-MAN  +   1023d ago
It js an old comment, since now SVOGI is not supported on any platform now:

If UE4 doesn't support Dynamic Global Illumination on any platform, how KZ:SF uses voxel reflections and ray-tracibg lightibg with vert few ressources on okd devs kits?

BTW, Killzone 2 already used ray-traced based lighting so it is not lagic that KZ:SF has now the best lighting so far and it will still improve.
user7693958  +   1022d ago
And they, the nobady said "PS4 is not high end" I lol
they say " C3 looks as good as KZSF" a actual current gen port and I lol they can't see the amazing visuals.. for any human is obvious that KZSF looks like a new gen.. way ahead anything in todays pc.

first game using raytracing boom! Pc nazis cry in a lil empty corner..

Ok ok PC games will start having this amazing tech to soon.. be happy

KZSF will be the best launch title ever! It will beat RFOM .. I can tell.
People.. give love to KILLZONE! it deserve it... it just does.. is a game that is not perfect but keep improving and try to please the fans and the media.. amazing gameplay and amazing visuals.. and this one will have a amazing campaign .. they try it with kz3 they hire professional writers and all that.. they always listen to every complain and try to do better.
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madmanden  +   1022d ago
I am sorry to burst your bubble but Crysis 3 actually uses real-time reflections in the pc version :)
user7693958  +   1022d ago
they say no pc game does such a thing ... and know Crysis 3 does? Show me prove.. and you.
I see all pc gamers crying saying this is possible in todays PC but frame rate will suffer big time even on A high end pc, the fact is that no game does it.. I cold talk bs and say well ps3 games can do 4k.. see how stupid I sound?

Oh weit you are talking about reflection lol
Well KIllzone:sf will have raytrace something no pc game has done jet. Many games do reflections but not real time raytrace.

Thanks for hating .. but by your answer you can't have a argument with me.. first learn how to read and be informed.

Real time Raytraycing is been used in KZSF and is the first game doing it.. it's a fact.;)
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Muerte2494  +   1023d ago
Real Time
Ray-tracing being used in Killzone:SF. Given the fact that the was achieved with (at the most)3gb or GDDR5, I'm sure the game will only look better with the 8gb GDDR5.

Now I'm not saying the extra RAM creates better graphics. But this will allow Guerilla Games to push the GPU even further while being able to maintain that 30FPS. So while the naysayers say that Killzone:SF won't look much better than the demo last February. I'd hold out on the predictions until we see final code.

The fact that this is using ray-tracing @1080p, while being only a launch title shows what we're in store for next gen.
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portal_2  +   1023d ago
Somebody actually created a sony defence force website?
gunnerforlife  +   1023d ago
3 GDDR5! When this demo was made guerilla didn't know that ps4 would have 8 gig, they thought it would only have 3 gig ram! But now they can push and start using 8 gig.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   1023d ago
You seem you didn't follow ly news then, sadly for you:
cyclindk  +   1023d ago
My only thought, is it confirmed 1080p?? Last I read, it was going to be 720p 30 fps but I may be thinking of Battlefield 4 at 720p 60 fps...

Anyone remember exactly?

NobleRed  +   1023d ago
Killzone is 1080P and 30 frames.
Sevir  +   1023d ago
The Killzone:Shadow Fall Demo was Confirmed running at 1080p x30fps
Here's the link. For a launch title this is great.
Muerte2494  +   1023d ago
Even then that's just a guess in my opinion. We don't know how much is actually set aside for the OS; probably a 1gb. This is also assuming the Guerilla had the very latest devkit available.

On a side note, people never thought ray-tracing was possible in games 5 years ago. Technology has came a long way since then. People thinking that ray-tracing now isn't possible need to watch Nvidia's Kepler demonstration. Developers can now achieve this, now everyone's focusing on SVOI (Global Illumination).

Ray-tracing = holy grail of real time reflections


SVOI = Holy grail of lighting

still working on this.
shadow2797  +   1022d ago
It was suggested in an interview that the OS actually has a separate pool of memory. So potentially, the devs could have the entire 8 GB. Though, I think they would still be happy with 7 GB.

I'm too lazy to look for it, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Or don't, I don't care. But it was suggested it was done that way to accommodate streaming and sharing while playing without eating at gaming resources.
Cryptcuzz  +   1023d ago
I share the same excitement as you do with the PS4 and its potential capabilities.

Does anyone know whether the 8 GB GDDR5 includes whatever amount the GPU has as well? Or does the GPU has it's own dedicated VRAM that can also tap into the unified 8 GB GDDR5?

I would like to know more about the GPU. Hopefully we would find our more about the PS4 in general soon, as I find myself visiting N4G on a daily basis now and clicking on the PS4 tab at the top for recent news on it.
shadow2797  +   1022d ago
8GB GDDR5 unified for the CPU and GPU to share. There is no separate pool of VRAM.
Cryptcuzz  +   1022d ago
Wow thanks for clarifying thay for me, that is truly something to be excited for.

If that is the case, I am more excited to look forward to finding out about the GPU then before.

That means the GPU can theoretically have access to more RAM (VRAM) then any video card currently out in the market.

So hyped, so looking forward to what the developers can do with the PS4, especially a few years after release when complete dev kits and more advance tools are available to the platform.
mrmancs  +   1023d ago
i remember just a few weeks back a pc owner comment(Cant remember specific name) in these very pages of n4g saying the ps4 has no chance of real time ray tracing , even a high end pc would struggle. Time to eat your words non believers.
madmanden  +   1022d ago
This is not real full-scene ray tracing though.
Salooh  +   1023d ago
Will the game have dynamic weather?.. If so will the sun effect the Reflections too ?. It would be breath taking for real if this really possible..

Even if it didn't have dynamic weather it still looks amazing. I don't think killzone need it unless they want to test it. It's not an open world..
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portal_2  +   1023d ago
Drive Club will have dynamic weather + day/night cycle. It's going to be breath taking (if Evolution pull it off)
TrevorPhillips  +   1023d ago
Look's astonishing! I could only imagine how games would be like when using full power of the PS4 :D
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1023d ago
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Cryptcuzz  +   1023d ago
That is awesome! I was wondering how come no one made any Mark Cerny .gifs considering how important he is now to the PS4.

I look forward to more awesomely funny gifs of Mark Cerny. When he talks, you can tell he is so passionate in what he does. With all those expressive expressions, I can tell there would be some really funny ones to come.
Typical-Guy  +   1023d ago
I believe if there's anyone making use of one system's full power and potential, it's 1st party studios... I believe in every single one of them...

on topic, this game should be PS4's power reflection! \i cannot wait.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1023d ago
Ray tracer in any form is sure to make a game beautiful.
GABRIEL1030  +   1023d ago
First day for me¡ :D
sourav93  +   1023d ago
Careful there scout, I've got my eyes on you. You won't even see me coming xD
GABRIEL1030  +   1023d ago
jejeje...sure..see you in Killzone multiplayer...
gijsbrecht  +   1023d ago
Real interesting stuff. I'm curious how GG is going to take advantage of this real time ray tracing. You could already see some of it in the demo when the Shadow Marshall went down the stairs with the metal wall in the destroyed building.
lovegames718  +   1023d ago
Go Sony! Go!!!!
Sevir  +   1023d ago
Well this is awesome, but Im sure I read that Polyphony Digital was using ray tracing
In limited capacity on Gran Turismo 5. Here's the link.

It's nice to see that Ray Tracing is being fully utilized in game. Deffered Rendering and MSAA were features only used on High end PCs a few years ago and Both Killzone 2 and Saboteur and God of War 3 were able to capitalize on this features extensively on PS3, Ray Tracing was barely possible on PS3 let alone Xbox 360 and One game managed to pull it off though limited. I'm glad Next Gen Games on consoles are using this now...

I haven't heard of any game on the PC since 2010 with all its power utilize Ray Tracing, once again, console devs are pushing the innovation forward with features PCs have had but NEVER use.
john2  +   1023d ago
Crysis 2 & 3 featured the same reflections (ray-traced HDR reflections)
hiphopisdead  +   1023d ago
this game looks awesome. can't wait to play it.
Hydralysk  +   1023d ago
Soooo what does this mean for Killzone's gameplay?

It's pretty looking sure, but is there any reason this needed to be sought after, never mind highlighted, when it's something completely irrelevant to both gameplay and narrative?

It's hard for me to see these features being touted and not be reminded of
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gijsbrecht  +   1023d ago
Well, perhaps they can implement it in such a way that you see the refections of your adversaries in windows and glass facades so it's less easy to sneak up on you. Things like that.
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Rearden  +   1023d ago
It's not ray tracing... Real time ray tracing would require the power of 10 PS4s.
TheKayle1  +   1023d ago
lol being an 3dstudio certified user....pls...stop with this bs!

raytracing is another whole story man...this isnt real time raytracing

this is a real time raytracing ..technique....look how much distant is kz4 from being this lol..

this is being used from loong time ago....hdr reflections
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GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1023d ago
your post do not make sense, please stop crying

and btw folks the clouds in Warhawk are ray-traced..
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john2  +   1023d ago
Well about that regarding Warhawk...

"the clouds are most likely using simple raycasting, ie. rays are not bounced around and traced into the scene, so it is nowhere near as demanding as using raytraced reflections, refractions, or global illumination"
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isarai  +   1023d ago
So now we get these amazing lighting effects but done in real time? FUCK YEAH!!
xtreampro  +   1023d ago
He said it's being ray-traced in lower resolution which what a couple of people on GAF said.

Ray-tracing with a couple of bounces isn't really that impressive and it seems like they only using it for reflections.

Now path-tracing is just mind blowing.
DivineAssault  +   1023d ago
im buying this effin game.. Haters can hate all they want on it but its a day 1 buy along with 2-3 other titles...
ATi_Elite  +   1022d ago
Quake Ray Traced years ago
LOL 20 minutes ago most of you guys had NO clue what Ray Tracing is now your all excited and think this is the FIRST Time Ray Tracing has ever been used.


Several Quake Games were Ray Traced years ago by Intel and Ray Trace master Daniel Pohl. Many PC Games have used the same low level Ray Tracing as seen in kZ:shadow fall

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