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H4all  +   862d ago
wow... many good collection is coming to vita...
Xaphy  +   862d ago
and so little time to play everything
Knushwood Butt  +   862d ago
Yeah, I played through all 3 on PS3, and would happily play through again on Vita; if I had the time...
NukaCola  +   862d ago
Been rocking Guacamelee. I didn't realize how amazing cross save is. Jumping from Console to Handheld is flawless and fast. PS4/Vita owners are in for an epic adventure.
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sherimae2413  +   862d ago
i suspect ratchet and clank collections will be the next ^_^
just keep the games rolling sony
i going to enjoy this collections while waiting for the heavy hitters ^_^
jek7  +   862d ago
wow i beautiful gamer! how i wish my gf is a gamer like you
sherimae2413  +   862d ago
well my bf is the one who brought me into the addicting world of video games ^_^
and im a gamer ever since, and that was 13 years ago
the first console that i played is the playstation
sometimes he let me borrows it ^_^
why dont you the same to your gf, who knows she may like it much more than you ^_^
remanutd55  +   862d ago
Very good sony, now bring all Collections and even psn games to the vita and as many first party games as possible.

This needs to happen at E3:
Psvita price drop
Memory cards price drop and a 64 gb one announcement.
God of War vita
Motorstorm Vita
Gran Turismo vita
Resistance vita (developed by Insomniac or Sony Bend)
Gravity Rush 2
inFAMOUS vita
New IPs( at least 3,4 new IPs)
ability to play all ps4 games
new apps
new services
This is very important: A game similar to Warhawk!!!! heck they could bring Warhawk to the vita, that would be totally awesome
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NastyLeftHook0  +   862d ago
lol all ps4 games? unlikely.
GribbleGrunger  +   862d ago
All PS4 game WILL be playable on the Vita. Haven't you been following the news?

Just to keep you up to speed and allow you to apologise the poster above you:

Just one quick google did the trick

@Prophet-gamer: that doesn't make any difference, remanutd55 was correct which is all I was pointing out. Of course all you need is a hotspot or internet access to be able to play your PS4 content on the Vita from anywhere in the world.
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Prophet-Gamer  +   862d ago
PS4 games will be on Vita through remote play but you won't be able to carry them around with you and I think you're only going to be able to stream if you are on your own network (unless I'm mistaken).
Salooh  +   862d ago
Sooooo much potential. Hope ps4 change the fate of vita T_T . I can't wait !!!
sherimae2413  +   862d ago
i think gravity rush 2 will be announce at tgs oni-chan

ign predicted that a god of war and infamous for vita will be reveal at e3 (i hope it become true^_^)
about the other games you mention, well maybe we can see them at gamescom

maybe a new ac and cod will also be reveal, besides there are already rumors about it

but i agree with you with the price drop of vita and its memory cards ^_^

and also 1-3 new ips from sony
maybe destiny of spirits is one of them, besides sony trademarked it as a "computer game software for handheld gaming devices"
andrewer  +   862d ago
Now a ICO & Shadow of the Colossus for Vita and I'll kiss you Sony :D
NukaCola  +   862d ago
Agree. But this game collection works with remote play
andrewer  +   862d ago
Well, for those who have a PS3...I don't have one, so yeah, still hoping for it :)
Cam977  +   862d ago
Then ICO, Hitman, Tomb Raider and then allow PS2 game to work on it! I'd cry if all of that happened. GRAND THEFT AUTO, Hitman, Ico, R&C, all on the go? Gaming nirvana. I long for the day in which I can fully experience PS2 games on the go, the Vita can do this.
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Skarlett   862d ago | Spam
imXify  +   862d ago
Oh damn. Good thing I haven't bought the new Sly game yet. I'll play the collection first ! :D
danny818  +   862d ago
Your missing out man. I'm on episode 3 on the new one and its a sick game
Y_5150  +   862d ago
I don't mind platting those games again! :)

Sly Cooper HD collection is my favorite HD collection amongst them all.
enkeixpress  +   862d ago
Pre-ordering it as soon as I'm able to.. same goes for Jak & Daxter Collection :)

Love my PS Vita <3
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L6RD7BLU3  +   862d ago
Whoo, it's time to get those 3 platinums once again
skyrimer  +   862d ago
amazing news, keep classic ps2 games coming
Kingthrash360  +   862d ago
gta next? gow? ..... limitless is zoe collection??
boybato  +   861d ago
zone of the enders which konami mentioned they'll be porting for the Vita..
Kingthrash360  +   861d ago
yeah I know but.....oh I see where I messed up...(wtf) I ment WHERE the fuuuuu is zoe. they mentioned it and even showed a screen of it but no release date....jak and dax already has one and we barley heard about it a month or so ago (with the same article as sly). im just worried about it....come to think of it id perfer to play all of ps2 over again on the vita....especially if they are remakes to the level of how they did FFX. I kinda dont need the ones for ps3 (largely because of the no trophie support)
strigoi814  +   862d ago
Ratchet and clank collection please
Toman85  +   862d ago
Played this for many hours on PS2, PS3 and now we can play it on our Vita.
Hope this is true, 3 new platinums for me!
GenHero  +   861d ago
i really want KH remix to come to the vita, please square make it happen!

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