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Magnus  +   1026d ago
If FFVS13 is not announced I'll have at least get to enjoy on great Final Fantasy on my PS3 and that is FFX.
contradictory  +   1026d ago
it looks cool and all but if it doesn't happen then whatever

i'm not looking too much forward into it
instead i'd just want the next FF game
and this time without the sucking part
Tei777  +   1026d ago
As awesome as versus XIII looked I wouldn't mind too much as long as the new FF they show looks good. E3's not the last hope for it though, TGS is still a fairly big
jakmckratos  +   1025d ago
square enix has proved themselves as an incompetent company as of late. They have this game AND Kingdom Hearts 3...both of which would absolutely energize their fanbase...but they're so ridiculously stupid they cant figure out a way to make this happen and they start laying off people
BigDollarZoe954  +   1025d ago
Wada is gone got a new boss i would think this game might see some more light now i had thoughts Wada didn't know what to do at times
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