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YoungPlex  +   1026d ago
What a shame, shut a great handheld with endless potential!
mshope10  +   1026d ago
thank you gribblegrunger.

this is why nobody should take what people on this site serious at all

If it's your system of choice it can do no wrong and how dare anyone trash talk it.

hypocrites run deep on this site.
Gamer Muzz  +   1026d ago
bought my Vita for remote play with my PS3.
Pure disappointment.
It has sat unplayed for months.
massive potential, poor implementation.
Allowen  +   1026d ago
The Vita had a good price of $250 but it had to come with a internal memory of 4G-16G or more. Same as the PSPGO.
Or bundled with basic memory card with every system and it would have sold a hell more by now.
daclynk  +   1025d ago
hahahaha. see how badly vita is doing. guess all the Sony so called funboys dont support their system. vita sucks it needs good game made for exclusively it to sell im sorry thats the truth. people are so delusional that they dont want to accept that.
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