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Jek_Porkins  +   952d ago
Those are some rough numbers, but the people I know who own one absolutely love them! The reason I haven't bought one was price, I came close to buying the Assassins Creed bundle last Black Friday but backed out last minute on Amazon.

This year is all about two new home consoles for me, so obviously I don't have money to spend on a handheld, so perhaps next year will work out better, especially if there is a price cut by then. Hopefully by that time there will be a bigger selection of games out as well.

The real issue will be how will Sony continue to advertise and support the Vita when they have to launch a new home console this year? They might be spread a bit too thin.
mshope10  +   952d ago
see Sony fans it sucks to see a system you like doing bad.

all you do is get on wii u which is on it 6 month on the market.

so Nintendo fans and Sony fans are going through a similar things and yet all they do is hate on each other for it.

that's what sucks about this site and video games.

we should joke about it to each other but getting serious about it doesn't help anyone.

and I'm guilty of getting into it with people to.
gamer42  +   951d ago
Why are you making sense?
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   952d ago
eh. i have one and I think it's worth buying
jakmckratos  +   952d ago
Yikes...well lack of games coupled with a high buyg point and honestly there's not too many games announced...who wants a console with 5 decent games and a severe lack of a truly awesome title..mine has been collecting dust since October
KrisButtar  +   952d ago
mine was to until I played the SS demo which is the next game I will own on the system making it a 2 game system for me
DomceM  +   952d ago
im one of the few lucky owners
ginsunuva  +   952d ago
It's the stupid naming.
ger2396  +   952d ago
The numbers could be better, a price cut would make a huge difference. It's hard to compete when your priced as much as home consoles. Having said that I've bought 2 for my kids. The hardware is awesome. I hope there is a price cut so I can get one for myself. I play it as much as they do.
SonyPS4  +   952d ago
It needs a real Call of Duty game from a more competent developer than Nihilistic, Monster Hunter, Elder Scrolls (Skyrim on the go would be heaven), Fallout, Final Fantasy, Battlefield, even Minecraft etc. These games sell like hotcakes.

Also a price drop in both the hardware and the memory cards, and include one in the box. The Vita is a great little system as Sony products are usually top-notch quality, however there is a lot of room for improvement.
DJ  +   952d ago
Agreed, they need to sell it with two memory configurations, 16 GB and 32GB priced at $199 and $249.
Galaxy_Legend  +   952d ago
The price of Vita is the only factor effecting it's sales...OTHERWISE it's THE best handheld out there....
DJ  +   952d ago
I own a Vita and the system is perfect. It just needs to be re-marketed with a strong, clear ad campaign. It's more capable than a 3DS or iPhone. It's up to Sony to communicate that.
StrawHatPatriot  +   952d ago
Make the price $49.99

Market it like a iPad/LeapFrogTablet that can do anything - casuals will eat it

regular gamers will be attracted to it as well.
erikthegman  +   952d ago
don't regret my vita purchase at all. coupled with PlayStation plus and some other gems it is an amazing system. I can understand why many wouldn't buy one though its a little intimidating as a piece of kit if you are not a serious gamer. soul sacrifice baby :D
psn id: ErikTheGman
ALLWRONG  +   952d ago
Back to the drawing board Sony
AndreausAhazard  +   952d ago
the psp had to compete against the DS. The vita has to compete with the beast that is the 3ds i hope that sale increase so that more big name games can be released.
MichaelLito79  +   952d ago
I own both the 3DS and Vita. Recently I had this discussion with a friend. He feels the 3DS does not have the games he wants to play. In his words I quote "They have to much mascot and Strategy RPG's". I told him we are on the opposite end of the spectrum. I feel the Vita does not have enough of those must have games. When the Vita was announced they promised so much and have not delivered. Where are the twin stick FPS shooter games? This year the games that really appeal are Soul Sacrifice and Killzone. The distant between the two is to far. I feel both are excellent handhelds. It does not matter which is better then the other. It is all about the games and hands down 3DS is winning in that department.
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joeorc  +   952d ago
"When the Vita was announced they promised so much and have not delivered. Where are the twin stick FPS shooter games? This year the games that really appeal are Soul Sacrifice and Killzone. The distant between the two is to far. I feel both are excellent handhelds. It does not matter which is better then the other. It is all about the games and hands down 3DS is winning in that department."

Q: why do you think that is?

its very simple to see why, because the game's are not done yet! the PSVita has 128 MB of dedicated GPU ram. 512 MB of system ram. you want game's like Gravity Rush, those games take time to make! its not quick development for game's like that, while there is Quick development games many AAA class games require much larger resources and budget's and man power. we are talking about 18 months for games such as those. while quick play games have been added it seem's many are really only wanting these AAA games and to be done quick. And if there is Ports Sony is slammed for that.

the Price for this machine is $249.00 for a reason the hardware level between it and the 3DS is quite large. if people want fast software made for a handheld there is already an option for such handheld gaming, smartphone's and the 3DS. you do not put in 128 MB of dedicated GPU ram to churn out many games that do not push that hardware. the 3DS has 6 MB of dedicated GPU ram, which also why you will not see games like for the 3DS.

its for these platforms:

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Android

even Android and iOS has more than 6 MB of dedicated GPU ram for smartphones.

the 3DS has 6 MB. yet the 3DS has sold over 20 million unit's world wide now, but yet it cannot get Pso2 even with the Poor sales of the PSVita, the PSVita still got the game.
Tzuno  +   952d ago
Wow that is a big failure.
4Sh0w  +   952d ago
Wow, terrible numbers, I see a lot of explanations with some like price being legitimate obviously when something of quality doesn't sells its usually a bad combination of things but honestly I think the biggest reason which many might not want to believe is that theres generally no public interest in the Vita, its not seen as a must have device, handhelds in general don't hold the same value they once did before smartphones, 3DS does well with kids because its main audience aren't those who buy the latest smartphone, its more of a bargain priced "toy" parents buy for their kids.
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ACEMANWISE  +   952d ago
There is no conclusive tie between sales and quality. It's an unfortunate truth I've come to accept. Maybe one day popularity will be removed from gaming. Then we can focus on games once again.
b_one  +   952d ago
so what i won it and im happy.
Soldierone  +   952d ago
Hopefully when PS4 releases, more marketing kicks in. Let alone a price drop for the Vita.

I don't really care as long as sales are decent. If Vita keeps support, ill keep enjoying it. People not buying it are missing out, its their problem not mine.
FlyingFoxy  +   952d ago
Vita is awesome, people only buy 3DS more because its cheaper, you only need to look at Wii sales to see that.

Not denying 3DS hasn't got good games though.
stuntman_mike  +   952d ago
Put the ridiculous price of the memory cards down and actually advertise the ps vita and people might know it exists and buy it.

the one thing I've heard the most when mentioning the vita to people is they didn't even know it was out. they really need to change that perception of it and get it out there, it's an excellent handheld system held back by Sony's inability to advertise anything. I just hope it changes now they got rid of the last advertisement company.
Galaxy_Legend  +   952d ago
At this time around..the ps3 dosent need a price drop...but vita sure does. .
MultiConsoleGamer  +   952d ago
Invalid comparison. Cherry picking sales data to make a sensational headline.

More doom and gloom.... Yawn
Shacojin  +   952d ago
Few things that may help..

#1. Price Drop Vita
#2. Huge Price Drop on Memory Cards *Shame on you Sony*
#3. Bring high profile games like GTA/ Gran Turismo/ Fall Out/ A GOOD Call of Duty
#4. Advertise it like crazy along side the PS4.. hell create a bundle with it
dorron  +   951d ago
Completely agree. One more thing to say, fire their actual marketing company and get the one who makes Apple's marketing. Most efective marketing in the world!
Novistador  +   952d ago
Everyone can admit Sony dropped the ball on this, poor marketing, lackluster library (its picking up but it took them well into its first year to boost sales), cross play feature has been neglected, Sony did well spec wise, but that doesn't guarantee sales. The vita is not a bad system by any means, it just is not getting the support that it needs.
4logpc  +   952d ago
My problem with the Vita, besides the high price of memory cards, is that all of the games I see for it are mini versions of PS3 games. That just isn't what I want from a handheld.

Id easily buy a 3DS over a vita just because I personally feel like their development is with portable in mind for most games, where Vita games feel like console ports.
MonopolyRSV  +   952d ago
PS3/PS4 are the main attraction. Some people like to have something to play games on while they are on traveling etc but for the most part people are playing at home.

I keep saying this, but instead of creating standalone games, create multiplayer PS3/PS4 games that have some features that can only be controlled via the Vita either locally or online. For example, a game like MAG or Starhawk where the console players play the first person shooter aspect while the Vita players control helicopters or remote view areas of the map and coordinate with the team.

I admit it's kind of difficult to envision but I think integrated multiplayer games that utilize both systems at the same time is a better direction to focus the Vita instead of making it about stand alone games. Developers won't have to worry about taking risks developing games for Vita, they could make different parts of the same game on both systems simultaneously.
Williamson  +   952d ago
Ive become less of a console gamer and more of a handheld and its all because the vita.
creized1  +   951d ago
I have a PSVita and it is the best handheld i have ever owned, i aint gonna lie.
PS4+Vita bundle would be great for everyone out there.

At E3 sony should announce the PS4 ( it..) and announce a price drop for the VITA then bundle it.
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