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Prcko  +   646d ago | Funny
take all Sony,it's yours
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PR_FROM_OHIO  +   646d ago
LMFAO!!!! good 1
xHeavYx  +   646d ago
I'm a PlayStation guy, for me the console could be horrible, but it won't stop me from getting one
b163o1  +   646d ago
^^^That's a weird thing to say...
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1nsomniac  +   646d ago
A very weird thing to say...

The world stupid fanboys must live in... Really don't know whether it would be a nice place to live or not
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zeeshan  +   646d ago
Maybe, he was referring to the design of the console? Ever think about that?
sengoku  +   646d ago
come one and show us the goods
Saigon  +   646d ago
Sony, seems to always make some funky design to their consoles. I am expecting the same with this console. I guess I am saying, I hope they keep with tradition.

Also, the comment the other Sony exec states, it made me think, what if they allow us to plug our PS3 into our PS4 so we can utilize some of the our files. Its just a thought, don't think they would actually do it.
kreate  +   646d ago
Sounds really interesting. I saw a ps3 plugged into another ps3 before.
Shuyin  +   646d ago

that's ps7.
Merrill  +   646d ago
Kaz definitely approves.
nosferatuzodd  +   646d ago
Zodd the immortal approve
kickerz  +   646d ago
Well I guess buying it would be like throwing your money out the window.....
Haha just kidding guys
Kingthrash360  +   646d ago
lol made my day....but how many did he want to buy?......lil guy was makin it
xtremeimport  +   646d ago
I honestly think Sony should partner with Google.
Even on the vita.

Just imagine the instant improvements that would be made. I love my sony devices more than any other, but Sony is primarily a hardware company (not talking about their first party studios) and they've always been a bit behind when it comes to software. Thats the one edge I think MS has had over them. But, they had a partnership with google on a smart tv and the xperia play, why not bring it to the Ps4 and possibly vita as well?
kreate  +   646d ago
Cuz its expensive and u lose control of ur console when another corporation is controlling the os. U also gotta pay royalty fees, Not to mention google gotta be up for it.

I do agree the idea is really good. Maybe every ps would have the google logo and when I access the psn store, it would say

'Ps store is upgrading to google play'
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Deputydon  +   646d ago
Do you two realize that Google TV was co-developed by Sony, Logitech, and Intel and that it's based off Android and Chrome web Browser both of which are... Free to license. That's why pretty much every phone company out there has android devices and why Google barely makes money off of Android.
mochachino  +   646d ago
The web browser should definitely be Chrome. Wouldn't mind AndoidOS either
nukeitall  +   646d ago
I think partnering with Google isn't really Sony's deal. They always have and likely always will want to control their own eco-system.

The Playstation platform is really the only place they have been able to hold that sort of grip so I doubt that will ever happen.

Sony has to be severely beaten down by MS for them to take such a desperate measure of profit sharing when they are a content holder themselves.

It would be better for Sony to try and buy up a small software company that excels in software or lure over a bunch of MS software designers.
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   645d ago
Prehaps Google TV, considering it was co-developed by Sony.
MakiSaad2  +   646d ago
LMFAO Epic dude hat's off
g2gshow  +   646d ago
maybe he ment to say look horrible hmmmm? google translation lol
xxLuckyStrike  +   646d ago
The George Foreman 4 design complete with drip kit
Divine  +   646d ago
avengers1978  +   645d ago
I don't really care what the console looks like, I care about how it performs and the games.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   645d ago
Why isn't it the same reaction when we give our money to the great Xbox Live. A whole 4 bucks a month to give away, yet people think it's so much money.
violents  +   645d ago
Its not that its a lot of money, its the principle. You purchase something and half the features are locked out until you buy a subscription, sounds like a bait and switch to me, if the subscription was just to access xbox live for multiplayer purposes and such it would seem somewhat justified, but to use the built in wifi at all for netflix and stuff like that just seems wrong to be charged again to use sevices youve already paid someone for, you dont need to be using up space on thier servers to use netflix or an internt browser.
Canas2010  +   645d ago
I don't think it's the cost of XBL. I think it's the principle that we HAVE to pay in order to play or do anything of worth with the system. Free online play would have made that $4 a month pill a lot easier to swallow.
SatanSki  +   645d ago
Yep, thats exactly what fanboys do. They throw they money without any thought. Not my style. Not a style at all
NastyLeftHook0  +   646d ago
we already know this.
Knight_Crawler  +   646d ago
You have the same avatar as my must be a team Jacob fan.

More power to you for actually liking Twilight but I cannot stomach to watch those movies.

OT: I am sure Sony will deliver as they usally design some slick sexy only wish is that they bring back the piano black, I dont give a flying bat about finger prints or dust just give me a shiny black console Sony.
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IK IR Y IP T  +   646d ago
i think it would be nice to go back to that matte grey color ...
ArtificiallyYours  +   646d ago
The_Infected  +   646d ago
Will it be the end of April or in May sometime?
KrisButtar  +   646d ago
An announcement of a possible announcement!?

the article didn't even say if there was going to be an private event before E3. This is as bad as Square Enix coming on the stage at the PS4 event and saying they will have an anouncement for E3
Roper316  +   646d ago
and that SE announcement will be to make sure you tune into the TGS for a announcement
illtornworld  +   646d ago
lmao! you hit the nail with that but you forgot Youll tune into tgs for another announcement to wait til next E3 :-) their cycle continues
Williamson  +   646d ago
Looks like not showing the design of the console on the reveal date was a good thing, better to release more details on ps4 one by one.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   646d ago
A man agrees. Keeps the hype up and keeps overshadowing their competition.
Clover904  +   646d ago
That's what most people thought. Anyone who was butthurt because Sony didn't show the console in Feb was obviously shortsighted. Sony is still killing it with every announcement.
Cryptcuzz  +   646d ago
I cannot wait to see how the PS4 looks and design. Even if it looked like a box made of card board, as long as it would play PS4 games, I will still buy it!
mac_sparrow  +   646d ago
That would be amazing, friends would ask what it is and I'd say "huh? It's just a box."

Stealth console...
Cryptcuzz  +   646d ago
Then after you tell your friends that, an exclamation mark pops up with the sound from that certain awesome tactical espionage game :)

Stealth console indeed.
Lucreto  +   646d ago
I expect they will mention something on 1st May and cause another hype train to depart with a cargo of Kaz gifs.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   646d ago
A man thinks it's Jack Tretton's turn for gifs since he does the E3 presentations. Give him a month leading up to E3 then a CEO can have the spotlight back. A man really likes Jack's E3 hosting as he knows how to work the audience and knows a company's strengths and what to emphasize. He probably refused to do Wonderbook last year which is why House presented it.
dmeador  +   646d ago
What does a woman think?
elmaton98  +   646d ago
Right I wanna know too
Jaqen_Hghar  +   646d ago
A faceless man does not know the answer to this question. A man is not sure if there are any faceless women but that change would be...difficult.
Majin-vegeta  +   646d ago
Shut up and take my money!!!!!!!'
Sarobi  +   646d ago
I can't wait to see what it looks like.
Kingthrash360  +   646d ago
...he said looking In the mirror.
DigitalRaptor  +   646d ago
Whatever it looks like, it's mine.

I'm enjoying the information coming through in bits, rather than all at once. This way, the hype is continually building. E3 should be very revealing.
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MasterCornholio  +   646d ago
And even if they do show it some morons will still claim that all the demos were played on PCs.


Motorola RAZR i
Shacojin  +   646d ago
Is it safe to say people shouldn't concern themselves with buying a 4K resolution HDTV until PS5 arrives in 2020/2021?
Minato-Namikaze  +   646d ago
we'll have 8k Holographic tv's by then.
M-M  +   646d ago
Well, I'll say towards the end of 2014 and into 2015 is when people will start buying them(I think Sony has a TV for 5k? Read it somewhere on here.). It will support 4K Blu-rays, so I don't see why we would wait so long just to buy 4K TVs when it will probably be mainstream way before then.
Shacojin  +   646d ago
Well in terms of the absence of 4K gaming on PS4... yea I saw the price of one not bad... but should I just get it if I only really use 4K for is movies and maybe pictures... I understand there are some elite pc rigs that can run games in 4K resolution but just wondering if I should waste my time on it when PS4 releases.
aquamala  +   646d ago
that's like saying don't buy a 1080p resolution TV until PS4 arrives.
stage88  +   646d ago
Awesome but I couldn't care less if it was shaped like a turd.

It's getting bought Day 1!
Roper316  +   646d ago
I couldn't careless what the actual box looks like all I care about are the games available for it.

Kind like a woman, I would rather have a average looking woman who is a dynamo than a modelesque woman who's a cold fish.

It's all about the ride they take you on not what they look like.
sandman224  +   646d ago
I hope someone gets a picture of it see we can all see :)
Stefanrules7  +   646d ago
I miss my original ps3 , such a beautiful console

Why, why, why did it have to break?

I hate that ugly slim(e) console
Why o why  +   646d ago
Not a fan of the latest slim or super slim. I thought the first slim was nice though. Preferred the finish.

Each to their own I guess. Not everybody loves blonds
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MetalProxy  +   646d ago
The first slim was the ugliest design ever created. Flat and boring! I love the new look of the super slim.
Stefanrules7  +   646d ago
My original broke 2 months after the slim came out so i have that one, sadly
xg  +   646d ago
Sony <3 $$$
josephayal  +   646d ago
Im waiting
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   646d ago
oh good a man thought they were planning on making a terrible looking console just for the heck of it
stuntman_mike  +   646d ago
a cardboard box with wires in it to cut down costs?
Pillsbury1  +   646d ago
I like how they are being forthcoming and open about next gen. Ps4 is going to be amazing for gaming.
xc7x  +   646d ago
i'm liking the multi-reveal Sony are doing with PS4
Agent_hitman  +   646d ago
I hope the PS4 design will be more futuristic or at least be similar to PS2's.

Who knows, PS4 might become PS2 in terms of popularity and sales just like 10 years ago.
Braid  +   646d ago
No offense to my extra-terrestrial friend, but I can't be the only person who thinks that they all look horrible, just like most of the fan-made designs out there.

I think the new design will be simple and compact, without those sharp edges which is believed to look "futuristic" by many people, but the cold fact is that they look as awful as they can get from the aesthetic standpoint. I'd love Sony to take the modernist approach, making the console round and as small as possible in size, without flashy additions that'll make it look like a kid's toy.

The looks of the console doesn't matter that much though, as long as they support it with triple A exclusives, I'm sold.
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CRAIG667  +   646d ago
Who cares what it looks like????? ALL of SONY's consoles to date have been ugly as sin, thankfully it's not looks that make a great console
FlyingFoxy  +   645d ago
Actually Vita is pretty sleek looking.
CRAIG667  +   645d ago
Indeed I stand corrected, but as for the PS1,2 and 3...
Mkai28  +   646d ago
Nice , should be interesting
TheKayle1  +   646d ago
i was thinkin they would be happy to announce a "shitty design"...oh this articles.....
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Iltapalanyymi  +   645d ago
i hope everything leaks.
jXales  +   645d ago
black with some transparent areas would be pretty slick
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