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brbobcat  +   706d ago
Makes sense.. CoD and Minecraft keep Xbox LIVE afloat
Septic  +   706d ago
What an ignorant comment.
Bobby Kotex  +   706d ago
The truth hurts?
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   706d ago
I agree its a pretty stupid comment. You would have to be pretty shallow to think 2 games keep Xbox Live popular.

@Bobby any sources of that comment being true? Any facts at all? I wanna see "Cod and Mincraft keep the entire Xbox Live community afloat."

Exactly, troll along else where.
sengoku  +   706d ago
it's very possible COD could have another special deal with M$,
they could be on stage at the X720 reveal, but i don't think so.

people want to see new IP's
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Reverent  +   706d ago
I wouldn't really say ignorant.. I mean, I can see that the guy was trying to get a cheap hit at Microsoft, but even so, CoD and Minecraft, while they don't at all account for XBL's survival, they do bring in a TON of money to Microsoft.

Realistically, some sort of CoD event at the X720 reveal would make sense (even if we are suffering from serious fatigue of that milked-to-death franchise).
brbobcat  +   706d ago
Week in and week out, what are the most played Xbox LIVE games? CoD and Minecraft. It's not ignorant if the stats they present to us prove those are the two most popular games played on there.
I hope they reveal a new Steel Battalion and fable for kinect 2.

They will most likely show Ryse from crytek to try and get the core gamers happy for kinect 2.

I hope kinect 2 comes with 720.

If they focus on kinect now imagine if every one owns one!

Will be interesting and funny.
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Septic  +   706d ago
Just because they are the most played games you think the whole service is reliant on them for its survival?

Just have the decent to admit it was a fanboy comment.
Washington-Capitals  +   706d ago
What an ignorant comment. If there was any factual thing out there its that call of duty keeps PSN alive. There are ZERO good online shooters on the PS3 besides BF3 and thats better on PC. This is a FACT. Not to mention Call of Duty plays 100x better on the xbox (not that this is sony's/ps3s fault).

XBL > PSN for online games. That is a FACT even if its not Sony's fault that XBL is better, the games ALL play better on the 360.
g2gshow  +   705d ago
lol ahhhh man @ spectic he got you mad lol
GraveLord  +   706d ago
COD keeps PSN afloat as well......

Anyway I wouldn't be surprised to see COD marketed as an Xbox 720 exclusive with timed DLC or exclusive content. I just hope Sony gets BF4 content on PS4. Most people seem to be moving on to that game this year.
IK IR Y IP T  +   706d ago
Ea has already stated they have made exclusive deals with microsoft this time . They didnt state a title but i will put money on it that will be the first time we see bf4 multiplayer is at a xbox event
ger2396  +   705d ago
It'd free to play on psn, so how does it keep it afloat?
brave27heart  +   705d ago
I thought the EA deal was rumour nor confirmed fact. No...wait, my mistake. I forgot this was N4G and the two are the same.

I think we'll see a tech demo for cod, they're unlikely to launch the next gen version until next year I think. Bigger fan base on current gen. Id like a next gen cod this year, although I dont have much faith in the MW brand anymore.
Knight_Crawler  +   706d ago
I think MS is not going to give Activison as much love next gen as they did this gen.

It was confirmed that MS and EA have entered into some sort of partnership agreemnet and I have a feeling that it has to do with Battefield.

Time will tell but I honestly dont think COD will have the same selling power next gen as they did this gen and MS knows this.

I do expect to see Bethesdas Studio, EPIC, Konami, EA and Remedy at MS E3 confrence.
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MikeMyers  +   705d ago
I hope Microsoft does more internally. These partnerships only seem to lead to timed exclusive deals and DLC. Sure they help in the short term but Microsoft really needs to invest more into their own ip's and not just concentrate on those that are popular or Kinect titles.
UnholyLight  +   705d ago

They are investing in their own ip's. Just wait, you'll see. It's the only logical explanation to why there wasn't much the last 3 years. They were holding out for the next system.
MikeMyers  +   705d ago
Hope so, and crossing my fingers most of them are not Kinect games.
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andrewsqual  +   706d ago
The next COD is being revealed the first week in May so unless the Next Xbox is unveiled at that time, then no, no it isn't. The trailer will debut 3 weeks later
3-4-5  +   706d ago
2 games would have to have over 500,000 people each just to carry live....they don't
user7693958  +   705d ago
m$ is going to show COD channel, 24/7 COD related brainwashing adds, gameplay, tournaments, you name it!

well seriously EA is going big with M$ and they will show exclusive content for BF4 with kinect stuff and show the new IP Respawn(creators of cod) has been working with exclusive content and better with kinect.

I got a feeling PS3 will have exclusive COD content this time around and COD will actually become a good game at least the first 2 COD (no counting the one from this year unless they use a next gen engines for it) will and the rest will be more of the same.. unless M$ is taking all the cream for them self and also have COD time exclusive content all for them self
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liquidhalos  +   705d ago
Is there a forum somewhere where they have competitions to see who can make the most childish flamebait comments on N4g?
NastyLeftHook0  +   706d ago
call of duty hands free kinect edition
lifesanrpg  +   706d ago
This made me chuckle. Better with Kinect!
glennco  +   705d ago
It says it on the box, it must be true?
Riggans42  +   706d ago
that... that just sounds awful...
Jaqen_Hghar  +   706d ago
after Steel Battalion and Fable a man wouldn't be surprised.
Reverent  +   706d ago
Ah, a dance off which includes all of the popular, 2-dimensional CoD characters, like Price, Soap, Ghost, etc.

How embarrassing.
FITgamer  +   705d ago
Then you could yell "Cujo sick balls!" when you get your attack dog killstreak.
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Trunkz Jr  +   706d ago
Who cares.
Roper316  +   706d ago
oh boy Call of Doo Doo Kinect style coming up.
GiggMan  +   706d ago
You know Microsoft is going to showcase the new Call of Duty. They do it every year. Should be interesting, I would love to see a new engine and get a glimpse of what they have planned for the next gen...
Wizziokid  +   706d ago
I'd be really surprised if this wasn't one of Microsoft's big things at E3. they know the fanbase COD has and showing it with their next console can only help them in the presentation.

I'm not a fan of COD but this would be a smart move
BattleTorn  +   706d ago
I agree. I haven't been a COD player since W@W pretty much.

That said, if they actually come out with a new-engine, and a good looking game. There's nothing saying that Call of Duty couldn't be a stellar launch title for both ps4/720.

Part of me wants to believe Activison has been milking the franchise just so they can have that much more of a improvement-gap for next-gen. But another side says - hey looks at what they've been doing
josephayal  +   706d ago
Xbox 720
Xbox 720? Good News, yes we need cod annually, call of duty really is a good franchise and all of the games (and dlc's) so far have been pretty good
fsfsxii  +   706d ago
Super Uber Troll.
Dante_007  +   706d ago
Like theeeeeee, That WHY THEY PAID MILLION'S TO ACTIVISION SO THEY GET IT everything first Lame Of duty no Inovation to the gaming industry one out every year nothing new to see here just showing the same Game With different maps and guns
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GamerElite  +   706d ago
COD can suck my @#$%
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Riderz1337  +   706d ago
Should we even care? Why would Microsoft even do that? It's not like anyone is gonna say "Oh my god the next Call of Duty is coming out wow Microsoft keep the surprises coming!" If they're going to reveal a brand new console, don't start it off by showing me a Call of Duty game because quite frankly I just don't give a shit.
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davethedj  +   706d ago
man stop hating on that game lol its still the best selling game ever!!! it just need a new engine new ideas and that will be easy to do on next gen cons!!!
Roper316  +   706d ago
and we all knows that sales = quality
ceedubya9  +   706d ago
Sales may have dropped a bit overall, but it is still the most popular franchise across all consoles. After so many releases each year that are purchased in the multimillion range,the quality can't be THAT bad. I still enjoy the series myself, but I can understand others becoming tired of the formula.
AzaziL  +   706d ago
Gangnam Style was the most watched song on Youtube history, does that make it the greatest song of all time?

Avatar was the highest grossing movie of all time at the box office, does that make it the greatest movie ever made?

Those points on a new engine, new ideas, that's what people have been complaining about since MW2's release and that 3 years and 3 releases ago (BO, MW3, BO:2). Even if they were to finally change the engine and implement new ideas for a next gen release, what is to say they won't repeat history with every subsequent release afterwards.

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if they just took the PC game with the highest quality settings and call it a new engine for next gen consoles.
matrixman92  +   706d ago
i would bet that the first gameplay for the next cod and GTA5 will be at an xbox event
stage88  +   706d ago
Oh Microsoft...
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Shacojin  +   706d ago
WickedLester  +   706d ago
I absolutely believe that MS is going to parade the most popular/mainstream franchises in front of everyone at their unveiling. I'd say you can bank on seeing glimpses of the following for the next Xbox...

Call of Duty
Gears of War
prettyboy12  +   706d ago
like its goin to help them
from the beach  +   706d ago
Like they need any help.
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Roper316  +   706d ago
maybe just maybe MS should show non kinect games that will only be available on the nextbox/720. If alls they have to show is multiplat games / Kinect games where is the reason to buy your system? I am not looking for a hands free settop box I am looking for a gaming consoles that may or may not do other things.
hennessey86  +   706d ago
The disagree fairs strike again
Who knows what Microsoft will show, I'm looking forward to watching the unveil though.
Sharky5  +   706d ago
my sources say, Respawn's next project...and the next COD will show at Microsoft's presentation
FrigidDARKNESS  +   706d ago
Nope, MS will be showing off BF4 instead of COD. And will announce the partnership with EA.
Sharky5  +   706d ago
Like i said...Respawn is EA....their next project will cause jaws to drop.....thats all i can say
e-p-ayeaH  +   706d ago
putting to much faith into a developer isn't a good thing let me tell ya.
AzaziL  +   703d ago
If they can create a game so good that it was re-released four times, I have faith in them.

For those not in the know, Respawn was responsible for CoD, they were the core staff of IW that got screwed after MW2. Need proof, look at what's happened to the series since.
TheKayle1  +   706d ago
they will show..infiltrator demo....bf4 and announce a partnership with EA

..then all ps fanboys can come back to press the "share button" happy......
WickedLester  +   706d ago
You do realize that singling out fanboys of a specific platform makes you sound like the biggest fanboy of them all right?
DigitalRaptor  +   706d ago
He is a fanboy though. It's not about what his words make him sound like. Not even the worse PS fanboys spout the bitter imbalanced nonsense that he does.
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mrmancs  +   706d ago
i think any xbox fan holding hope that the new xbox is going to challenge or more to the point , impress more than the ps4, which quite frankly hasn't even shown hardly anything what it can do yet or what is coming, are going to be highly upset.
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Jek_Porkins  +   706d ago
Just so you know, there are just as big of Microsoft fans as there are Sony fans in the world, some just prefer the Microsoft brand and their games.

The specs will be pretty similar, a lot of things will be pretty similar, but if Microsoft has a console that is priced good, looks good and is backwards compatible out of the box, that will impress a lot of people right away. Once they dismiss DRM, and announce it'll play used games, a lot of people are going to want one.

Who knows, Microsoft might even actually show their console at their console reveal? That sounds crazy, but it might just work!
GamerzElite  +   706d ago
Might be good decision.
Jek_Porkins  +   706d ago
Call Of Duty is the most popular game out there right now, so it would make sense, but we have all heard the rumors about Microsoft and EA, so perhaps we'll just need to wait and see?

I do think Microsoft realizes that a lot of people bought COD on the Xbox 360 because that version got maps first, so it would behoove them to keep that up, maybe they will get timed maps on both COD and Battlefield? They do have a lot of money, I wouldn't mind seeing what a next gen COD looks like at the Microsoft event.

I'm more or less waiting to see what first party games they'll have, especially considering the amount of studios they have and the fact that 90% of those studios haven't put out a game in 3+ years now. I know people think they've released a ton of first party Kinect titles, which simply isn't the case, the last first party Kinect title was Fable The Journey, but Lionhead is a huge developer and were already working on something for the next Xbox as well, so it'll be interesting.
RuleofOne343  +   706d ago
To think otherwise would be dumb.
jjb1981  +   706d ago
Microsoft gently cradles COD in its arms like its own, softly whispering "shhhhhhh... It's going to be ok"
NobleTeam360  +   705d ago
Lol funniest comment so far
jjb1981  +   704d ago
I'm an Xbox live user and always have been but it feels like COD is engraved into the Xbox dashboard forever. I'm also a PSN user. Microsoft rides on the success of activision or they wouldn't have that exclusive 30 day lead on COD dlc. It's a wise decision by Microsoft. I'm a gamer not a fanboy. I'm glad you appreciate the rhetoric of my comment.
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