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prettyboy12  +   1027d ago
from the beach you a bit insecure.lets just hope they dont release another faulty console to the market
GetSnooked  +   1026d ago
After losing so much money, who wouldn't learn from that mistake?
Haules  +   1027d ago
WickedLobster, it´s about time you did a upgrade from VHS to at least DVD quality! You obviously are still living in the past... in case you didn´t notice : Bungie is doing that mega-supa-New-FPs-IP-which-ain t-new IP called Destiny and their promises is to make content for the next 10 year for it... i doubt you will see any Halo on the next Box...
arbitor365  +   1026d ago
microsoft loves to show off COD games and bethesda games and pretend they are exclusives. they do it at every E3 conference. so im sure we will see the new cod and maybe the new fallout game.
Scenarist  +   1026d ago
I hate to say it around here.. but I love me some COD. .for better or worse every year.... still fun

however.. .if microsoft does anything exclusive with COD next gen .. I swear to god I wont buy it..

Im mad right now cuz i logged in earlier this week thinking I can play my new dlc that I paid for just like those xbox gamers.... same price and everything... .so why the fuck do they get it first? or get to play it before me ?

BTW any COD PC gamers here ? if I told you my name you would lol because you will know you have seen me. (and probably pwnd by me too)
Monkeysmarts  +   1026d ago
Microsoft has been paying to have timed exclusive COD DLC on 360 for years now, your anger should have subsided by now. I honestly don't see why that would change for next gen either if they have the XBL subscriptions to justify it.

And btw... you're a PC gamer and you play COD? WTF? Play something better like everyone else does.
Scenarist  +   1026d ago
hahaha I sure as hell dont own this MONSTER of a rig for COD... so yea. DONT assume things WTF?

The timed exclusives on 360 for previous years has not effected me, this little window of exclusiveness has.

what makes you think i dont play better games ? or should I say different.

Id sure as hell pwn you in battfield 3 (or any other BF for that matter) or starcraft 2 (just a couple of my favorites) I play all genres .. .AAA and non AAA alike.

Btw Im not a follower I play what I want (just so happens ive been playing COD since COD1 and love it) (hate it too sometimes) .. what do you play ?

And yes Im a HARDCORE PC gamer.. and Ive been around for as long as the longest has been !

while you... you probably just hate COD because everyone else does.. HAHAHAHAH .. . get some balls dude and find who you would like to be without worrying about what anyone thinks of you!!! you will thank me later!!!! because right now you fall into the category called "everyone else" U cant even be identified by anything unique..

now i done typed all that and my little script has finished compiling :D... ill go test that.. and see what kind of stupid reply you come up ...with .,.. IF any
Monkeysmarts  +   1026d ago
Wow buddy, relax. You don't know one thing about me and you're gonna sit behind your little computer and talk all big because I said play something better than COD. I collect disability for my time in service in the military, multiple years of which were spent overseas in combat so pansies like you can sit there on the internet and feel superior to everyone.

I play Borderlands 2, Ni No Kuni, Assassin's Creed, NCAA Football, Bioshock, Far Cry 3, and many other games in my spare time. What difference does it make? I played COD for years but stopped with BO2 because it's just boring now. Most of my friends only play COD so I'm actually missing out on playing with people I care about and have played with for years because I'm bored of the game. I made my own decision there lol.... clown.

Congrats on your monster rig, hardcore status, longevity, and love of COD. I'm happy for you.
Scenarist  +   1023d ago
you commented on my post with assumptions
like you know ME .. the reason I had to explain how MS previous years of having that exclusiveness did not affect me

"play something better than COD?"
you assume that i dont have the option to play something better than cod? why ?

who is everyone else and why do they matter to me ?

its impossible for you to know the games I play so I just felt that you jumped off the edge there.

"talk big behind a desk" remember you replied to my post ...

"military disability" "pansies like you"
again assuming that Ive never been in the service

do you see where im getting at
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   1026d ago
N4g, where being a cod fan is as dangerous as being a fan of Microsoft. I cant wait to see what both consoles are gonna look like and what games they're going to bring to the table.
Monkeysmarts  +   1026d ago
Wait, what...? Xbox 720 will have games? I thought they wanted me to watch tv on it.
GetSnooked  +   1026d ago
Sorry but you must have fooled yourself somewhere along the road. There have been plenty of rumor-articles daily about "always online gaming" stuff. I don't see how you could of missed ALL of them but see all the cable-tv ones.
Monkeysmarts  +   1026d ago
It's a joke. If the system looks good I'm probably going to get one. Sheesh.
GetSnooked  +   1025d ago
You do realise it's difficult to distinguish sarcasm from statement in text, right?
violents  +   1026d ago
Why is this on the ps3 page, when I try to submit a story.with improper tags I get ripped up by the moderators and it fails to pass.

It has tags for ps3, ps4, and pc when its purely an xbox article.
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