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stuntman_mike  +   952d ago
just what the doctor ordered. looking very good and creepy. is it for next gen?
josephayal  +   952d ago
Best Graphics ive ever seen
wishingW3L  +   951d ago
lol get your eyes checked!
rezzah  +   952d ago
I want to see something both scary and disturbing.

Look forward to future reveals.
Crillvirus81  +   952d ago
Straight garbage why use live action when the game will never look this good I hate when company's do this shit I wanna see real game play and graphics not some fake ass holly wood s...
genius  +   952d ago
great and great this is epic

the gameplay looks like great

thank you Shinji Mikami thank you Bethesda’s thank you all so much

finally a survival horror game

crapcom go to the hell
despair  +   952d ago
too bad, not my kind of game, I get bored of horror style games very quickly. Still lets hope they don't screw it up.
mrmancs  +   952d ago
surely a ps4 exclusive!...? :)
JAM_brz  +   952d ago
Hope the game sells A LOT and teach Capcom a lesson... Mikami is back!
MYSTERIO360  +   952d ago
Is seems a bit cheesy
JohnDread  +   952d ago
Looks very much like "Thir13en Ghosts", if anyone has seen that here.

It looks like the usual splatter horror to me. Hollywood releases those a couple of times every year on film. I kinda was hoping for something more subtle. Oh well, I've never been a fan of this genre anyways, so I let other people enjoy it.
Erdrick  +   951d ago
anyone else get a sort of Asian horror film/ creepy vibe? Combined with gore and violence more popular in western horror movies, this game looks pretty great.
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Unlimax  +   951d ago
Calm before the storm .. I wonder How Capcom reaction after seeing this ~
Tdmd  +   951d ago
Holy freaking shit-fuckin-load of mindfucks, what the hell was that!?
Oliandera  +   951d ago
Where can I throw my money for the Pre-order?
andr3zinho  +   951d ago
That´s okay,i didn´t want to sleep anyway...
MuhammadJA  +   951d ago
Since this is horror, I hope it's FPS. There aren't many horror FPS games.
XXXL  +   951d ago
Survival horror is back! This will shit all over the last few resident evils. This and the last of us will shoot new life into the genre
Iltapalanyymi  +   951d ago
FUCK YEA looks really exciting! cannot wait for more stuff to come from this title :3
ninjagoat  +   951d ago
Resi Evil/ Silent hill.
dafegamer  +   951d ago
f*ck this looks really disturbing and creepy
FunAndGun  +   951d ago
damn, the live action trailer reminded me of that movie 13 ghosts.
Monkeysmarts  +   951d ago
Looks awesome, can't wait to see more!

HOWEVER... anyone else find it odd they announced the Skyrim team was moving on to the next project, which obviously is not this game.

*still holding out hope for Fallout 4*
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ChipChipperson  +   951d ago
Was that Pyram... I mean, Safe Head? Other than that, the trailer sparked my interest. Let's hope a gameplay trailer will come out soon.
jakmckratos  +   951d ago
Looks pretty generic..just like pretty much every Bethesda game. NOW DISAGREE WITH ME YOU PANSIES!!!!!
JAM_brz  +   951d ago
Just because you asked...
spektical  +   951d ago
hopefully this game doesnt go the grotesque way of the saw movie series. theres scary then theres just disgusting (not scary)
Tommymk2  +   951d ago
Shunji mikami is back and survival horror is back!
Crazay  +   951d ago
That was really a decent little trailer but I would have liked to see an in game look.

I felt the influence from HellRaiser, American Horror Story and Silent Hill in there. Here's hoping the game scares half as good as I've been craving out of this kind of title..Everything since Resident Evil 2 has been crap as far as scare/edge of your seat story telling.
Monkeysmarts  +   951d ago
Code Veronica was better than RE2.
Crazay  +   951d ago
Don't get me wrong, Code Veronica was damn good but it didn't scare me
PooEgg  +   951d ago
Could be interesting. This gen has been cursed with so many crappy survival horror games that I have pretty much quit buying them, since they always disappoint me, but it would be great if someone could breath some life into this dying genre.
JAM_brz  +   951d ago
Really? This gen? Tell me one game in this gen that is really a Survival Horror? And don't come at me with Alan Wake
PooEgg  +   951d ago
I think you misread my post, since we seem to be on the same page or perhaps I am mis-understanding you.

You are correct, most 'Survival Horror' games this gen, ie the Silent Hills & Resident Evils, do not feel like true survival horror games, which is why I said they are crap. The games were supposed to fall into the survival horror genre, but they failed, which is my exact problem with them.

As for Alan Wake, I didn't hate that game, but compared to some of the old school survival horror games I feel it falls short.
xtremexx  +   951d ago
those screens scare the shit out of me.
FightFans  +   951d ago
sweet, can't wait
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