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Mosquito  +   866d ago
The last teaser had Mikami and survival horror written all over it.
LOL_WUT  +   866d ago
Nah, give me Wolfenstein Bethesda!
camel_toad  +   866d ago
Naw I think it's gonna be a Fresh Prince of Belair MMO.
thorstein  +   866d ago
I get to be Carlton
Kal853  +   866d ago
ES 6 pleeeeease!!
kalkano  +   866d ago
That's what I'd want, more than anything else, but it hasn't been NEARLY long enough. They would have had to start it while Skyrim was still in development. And, I'm sure that didn't happen. I'd say it'll be at LEAST 4 more years before ES6 is released.
JohnDread  +   866d ago
It's Project Zwei. IGN revealed that much already.
Munky  +   866d ago
Biohazard8860  +   866d ago
Project ZWEI ;)

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