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e-p-ayeaH  +   1026d ago
God of War needs a break the gameplay barely changed at all these years and don't give me that "if its not broken dont fix it" because that´s not the point im making here.

Santa Monica Studios needs to do something else they have plenty of talent and i want see that talent being invested into something new and refreshing.

Resistance franchise could be interesting to see on PS4 sometime later but same goes for many sony owned ip´s.
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user7693958  +   1026d ago
ask me what IP I want back and not just back but back to what it should be!


this IP deserve the respect and I don't understand the hate that Sony has for it..
mdgalax  +   1026d ago
Oh definitely. Socom 4 got so messed up. It didn't even feel like socom, just some crappy shootemup. I really wish they'd make a REAL socom later on
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Sketchy_Galore  +   1026d ago
All of them. I love just about all of them but I want new fresh ideas and new fresh worlds to explore. As great as the next gen titles already shown look there's already too much of a reliance on old franchises for me. I'm hoping that was just for safety, to pull in existing customers and not scare them away with anything too new.

I would like to see Littlebigplanet revisited but taken to a whole new place. As others have said, 3d level designing is the big thing it seems just has to come to that franchise at some point,
clarkdef  +   1026d ago
I wouldn't want to see any of them go, it would be like a good friend moving away. It will happen, and you gotta think that even if you don't like a game, that doesn't mean everyone doesn't like that game.
supremacy  +   1026d ago

What with they should have asked was...

Which Sony franchise from the psone and ps2 era would you like to see make a return on ps4?

Man there are so many,

The legend of dragoon
Omega boost
Rogue galaxy
Cool boarders
The getaway
Dark cloud
Twisted metal black
Syphon filter

Man the gems
kalkano  +   1026d ago
Every FPS.

Okay, I wouldn't really want that. Not because I'd ever actually want to play an FPS, but because no fanbase should have to go without...You know, like the RPG fans have had to do for most of this generation...
rhap  +   1026d ago
Funny how someone considered Neptunia popular. No, hilarious.
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DivineAssault  +   1026d ago
i dont wanna see uncharted.. Id rather see a last of us sequel
holdmyown83  +   1026d ago
Just no more Reboots
remanutd55  +   1026d ago
Playstation fans will hate me for what im gonna say but i dont want Uncharted on the ps4. Resistance 4 must happen though.
Shotcalm-  +   1026d ago
TronEOL  +   1026d ago
The only games I feel should be (temporarily) shelved for the PS4 are Uncharted, God of War, and Resistance. Maybe even Ratchet and Clank.

Mainly because it'd be nice if all those developers worked on new IP's, to truly push the PS4. Then eventually bring back all those games after the break so they all feel fresh but similar.

I know for a fact I want to see another LBP on PS4 though. They had to hold back with LBP2 to make sure LBP1 content was compatible. So a completely reworked and upgraded engine, more gameplay features, and more create/share features would be amazing.

I definitely want to see another Uncharted, and another God of War-like game. But I wouldn't mind waiting 2 or so years before seeing that. Although Naughty Dog is split into two teams now, so maybe they'll still be able to run Uncharted and create new IP's at the same time.
Y_5150  +   1026d ago
Wanderbook lol!
SonyAddict  +   1026d ago
I don't want to see any sequels from last gen and everything should be new IP, assassins creed,call of duty among many others should die.
jakmckratos  +   1026d ago
None? I hope if aything to see the return of MORE old school releases..Medievil, Heavenly Sword, Jak and Daxter 4
Iltapalanyymi  +   1026d ago
hmm maybe resistance or little big planet.
_FantasmA_  +   1026d ago
I don't want Killzone if its going to only let me carry one weapon and have such slow controls and if its going to be a generic soldier game like that borefest Killzone 2 was. I don't want any more Infamous games like 1 and 2. I don't want Uncharted, its cliched, linear, predictable, unoriginal, and one dimensional (but it does have nice graphics). I want new games! A new shooter to replace Killzone after Shadow Fall, a replacement for Resistance (RIP, tear tear), and new action games to show off the new system. PlayStation should not recycle its games to the point where they are stooping to Macrosofts level.

Oh yeah and bring back Twisted Metal with actual multiplayer and stories for each character instead of the 3 lame ones we got last time (only Sweet Tooths was good).
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Jdoki  +   1026d ago
I think I'd be OK with Uncharted being retired. It had a good trilogy on the PS3, and it would be nice to see ND continue to move on to new IP. I'm kinda surprised that The Last of Us is not a PS4 launch title as it could be the start of a new series - maybe it's just a one off title as a farewell to PS3.

I think Wipeout needs a significant revamp - which might happen with Sony Liverpool (unfortunately) gone. Or maybe we need something new in the future racing genre.

Sly Cooper needs to be let go as the quality has been diminishing - but it needs something in to replace it as a casual, cartoony 3rd person adventure.

I'd like to see God of War be given a holiday until maybe early in year 4 of the console. I feel a GoW overload at the moment.
csreynolds  +   1026d ago
I honestly can't say there are any popular PS3 franchises I don't want to see on the PS4. I wouldn't mind a few others series taking some time out though - yeah, I'm looking at you Call of Duty / Assassin's Creed / Need for Speed...
mdgalax  +   1026d ago
Yeh I'm going with Infamous. Not only did I hate the 2 first ones, but also got nothing out of it but yelling at the tv. I still have no idea why PS is fundingwhoever made it, but they're still popping out sequels like its mating season.
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WickedLester  +   1026d ago
Resistance. Part 3 was awesome but I'm over it.
upallnightgamer  +   1026d ago
Little Big Planet.
manjizz1995  +   1026d ago
I understand the hate that i will receive but, i would hope that cod would either change or be completely be forgotten about.

... also haze
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o-Sunny-o  +   1026d ago
Just add more new IPs and keep the rest under development for an extra year.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1026d ago
Killzone, Yakuza, and the stupid ninja Gaiden should all die PS3 deaths.
metalhead  +   1026d ago
If I ever see another Motorstorm game, I will eat a panda's bamboo and make him very upset.
lovegames718  +   1026d ago
3d LBP would be insane. Uncharted of course is a must. A Demon Souls sequel with bigger worlds and even better customization would be bonkers.

A little off topic because it isnt Sonys but "Wonder Boy" for ps4 would make my day because i love that series.
FITgamer  +   1026d ago
I love them all, so keep 'em coming. Actually if you could NEVER make a PS All Stars game again!
Bobertt  +   1026d ago
I loved Resistance 1 and 2. Resistance was the reason i bought a PS3. The story was great and i liked the gameplay. They really should have made number 3 follow them into the chimera world and had more pure chimera. Number 3 looked great and was fun but story wise it felt more like a side story. They messed up the franchise with number 3. Insomniac said they don't want to make Resistance anymore so they can move onto different games but another developer is allowed to continue the series. Number 3 screwed it up tho, the only other guy who could take Nathan's place was used in this story and the wormhole was closed. Can't continue from number 2 now :(
breakpad  +   1026d ago
God of War by far ..the character (Kratos) is completely irrelevant even for his own game theme (Greek myhtology)..Sony stop raping and milking this game and his theme...
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