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iGAM3R-VIII  +   958d ago
And so they will
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abzdine  +   958d ago
and i'm expecting PS4 this year..
sinncross  +   958d ago
As long as they show off tons of software support at E3 and keep that up, then sure.
Maddens Raiders  +   958d ago
It's been a long, long -
time since Sony has shown this kind of swagger around a console or product, that I can remember. They must've really fortified their bridges with developers of all stripes behind the scenes. If you're a fan of their products this can't help but make you feel good about what's coming down the pike, as it nearly feels like the old days before Kutaragi-san departed. With all that said, PS4 day one.

Samsung Galaxy SIII
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Majin-vegeta  +   958d ago
ApolloTheBoss  +   958d ago
Damn right they are.
MonkeyNinja  +   958d ago
"'...innovative second-screen features.'"

Am I missing something?

Edit: Finished reading article, was talking about Vita/PS3 connectivity.
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smashcrashbash  +   958d ago
I don't see it getting a positive response at all. Don't get me wrong.I am certain it will be an awesome console and I am excited for it and it's games but if all it takes is PSN being a little late to rile PlayStation owners up I am sure the PS4 will get just as many attacks against it as the PS3 did. Not because it necessarily deserves it but because of the number of people ready to see it fail.
LOGICWINS  +   958d ago
"Not because it necessarily deserves it but because of the number of people ready to see it fail"

Can't that be applied to any console? There is no console on the planet that doesn't have haters.
JetP0619  +   957d ago
He says because of the number of people ready to see it fail. The way i see it from that comment, he's one of those people that want the ps4 fail while sugarcoating the first of his sentences to make it seem like he's actually neutral about the case lol.
Axe99  +   958d ago
Disagree here - I think it will get a mixed reception, like most pieces of hardware. Gamers and Playstation fanboys will be all over it, PC, Nintendo and Xbox fanboys will be in hard denial. Same story as pretty much every console released to date, just swap the various fanboy groups around ;).
grayfoxx881  +   958d ago
Your comment makes no sense to me. Care to elaborate on it? It seems like developers think it's going to be easy to work with, some are thrilled with the specs of the console. Sony's catering to indie developers. How is this not positive?

You make it sound like PSN is frequently attacked. From my understanding it was hacked last year by a group that has also attacked government websites, and then Sony took PSN down for a month.

Who in their right mind would want to see any console fail?
sway_z  +   958d ago
My Girlfriend said she will buy me a PS4 for xmas day if we're still together (sneaky feeling she may dump me on Xmas Eve).

Seriously though, I really hope both MS and Sony's hardware totally rock! 'Cos the competition never hurts consumers :)
wishingW3L  +   958d ago
in the case of MS buying timed exclusivity of games and DLC it does hurt the consumer.
Why o why  +   958d ago
A strategy that relies on that just papers over the cracks imo but those who reap those perks cant complain. Nobody said competition had to be clean; I'm just glad my console of choice 'does for self' more as I get more choice in the long run.
JoySticksFTW  +   957d ago
@ sway_z
Dude, been there. Try this.

Tell your girl you're getting her an amazing gift for Christmas. And you can't tell her what it is but it's a surprise. Maybe even throw hints at some extravagant gift like ask her if she has a passport or if she's gonna be free for a few weeks around holidays.

Oh, and make sure to "accidentally" leave some travel brochures to her dream vacation spot lying around.

Now this could go one of three ways...

1) If she really was planning to dump you but she has some semblance of a conscious, she'll dump you sooner before you get in too deep. It'll suck, but this is for the best. No wondering if she loves u anymore, and you'll have plenty of time to raise money for your own ps4 and preorder that sh!t before it's too late.

2) If your girl is planning to dump you and is trifling, she's not going to blow her opportunity to go to France or Aruba or where ever she wants to go. She'll get you that ps4; a small price to pay for a few weeks vacation... paid for by her sucker boyfriend, she'll think. But guess what? There's no trip, ho!

Now, ideally you insisted on getting your gift first so you could just snatch that ps4 and run (not before opening the box and verifying though). But if she's insisting for her gift first, you may need to have forged tickets as back-up (not that I condone such a thing). Now break up with her but tell her she can keep the tickets. By the time she and her new man realize they're fake, she'll be getting rushed by airport security, while you're home playing inFamous. Just make sure you print those tickets from someone else's computer (preferably hers) and don't give exchange gifts in front of witnesses for maximum deniability.

3) She wasn't going to dump you because she really loves you and was gonna get you a ps4 anyways. Hmm, unexpected. Now steel yourself and ask yourself this... If you tell her you lost the tickets so there's no more trip, will she take the ps4 back? If so, follow through with scenario 2. Know that you're a bastard as you play the new KZ. If she's so sweet to say no worries, she's just happy to see you enjoy your new ps4, you still win. Play your damn new console now, all the while wondering if the treachery was worth it. But know that there's a special place in hell for jerks like you.

Good Luck!
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ironmonkey  +   958d ago
Things have been done right this time. Sony being the humble side and very generous to people. Of course you will in the hearts of us all. Ps4 is a dream come true.
wishingW3L  +   958d ago
not everything is right, the system lacks BC with not only PS3 games but with digital content too including PS1 and PS2 games. At launch many people will be pissed when they realize they can't play any of the digital content they bought off the PSN.
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PirateThom  +   958d ago
Except, Sony were very forthcoming with that info.

Backwards compatibility is an extra not a requirement.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   958d ago
and it would have cost them a lot extra to put that feature in and last time a man checked consumers don't like hardware being $100 or $150 more expensive and having more overheating problems and being bigger because an extra chipset was needed. A man could see a large add-on for this but he understands not having it in now that he's seen how different the architecture is.
mochachino  +   958d ago
I much prefer the money that would be spent on BC being spent on more power for next-gen games.

I don't understand why people rather sacrifice next-gen advantages to play last-gen games on consoles they already have.
Persistantthug  +   958d ago
@wishingW3L,........Actually, we don't know if the PS3 will play PS1 disks based games or not.
When Sony officials have talked about Backwards compatibility for the PS4, the context has always been PS3 B/C, so Sony officials have been addressing PS3 B/C.

We still have no official word on PS1 or PS2 B/C.

Hopefully we get it soon, though.
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MysticStrummer  +   957d ago
The first PS3's had BC, but it was too expensive so people waited. What's right for you isn't always right for the next person. I bought one of those early PS3s and never used it's BC. The previous generation, I bought a PS2 and never used it's BC either. Not everyone cares about BC. Your last statement may or may not be true. If they bought games off PSN, then obviously they're online. If they're online, they may be able to stream those old titles through Gaikai. I said "may" because that hasn't been confirmed, but it is possible.
Blacklash93  +   958d ago
I'd certainly hope they are.
josephayal  +   958d ago
I will be buying the PS4 day one
Jaqen_Hghar  +   958d ago
a man agrees
user7693958  +   958d ago
wenaldy  +   957d ago
JoySticksFTW  +   957d ago
colonel179  +   958d ago
There's a lot of hype surrounding the PS4 and everything so far has been very positive. That being said, it still can go either way. When the PS Vita was announced it also had a lot of positive hype, even when they announced the price at E3. The reality so far is not as good.

They are different devices and hopefully Sony can get back costumers that had lost to the Xbox. Most importantly, hopefully they can gain developer support as they used to have. It will never be the same, because there is more competition and publishers have become much more greedy, but at least this generation there shouldn't be any nasty move. Like bad ports, saying it will be exclusive then don't, etc.
jagstar44  +   958d ago
so ready for ps4, the sooner it comes the better
mochachino  +   958d ago
I'll reserve judgment until both companies fully reveal but right now PS4 is my console of choice, I'll take more power over Kinect and TV functioning anyday. PS4 will have good established exclusive franchises and more importantly multiplats should look/run better on it.

Also, the controller looks perfect.
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Studio-YaMi  +   957d ago
Can't agree more,I'm hoping the best for MS,but as of what's been shown and confirmed by Sony for now .. my vote goes for the PS4,I'm gonna get both systems anyways,already have a Wii U too,just hope MS doesn't stick to Kinect like they did with the Xbox in it's late life cycle.
It doesn't have full backwards compatibility and they took out the classic start & select to tack on a casual "share" button with a gimmicky touchscreen. As long as Microsoft keeps their controller the same aside from making the d-pad better and has backwards compatibility then I'll buy the next Xbox over a PS4 next-gen.
Studio-YaMi  +   957d ago
MysticStrummer  +   957d ago
You go right ahead with that. : )

*pats Dante on the head*
saint_seya  +   957d ago
Good for you, thats the good thing, theres is options for everyone.
Ill go for ps4 because i love the games sony have, but everyone has their reasons to buy one console or another, and its fine with me.
As long someone doesnt start to bash the other just for envy or stupid fanboy reasons, i think is fair to want more one than the other.

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