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dedicatedtogamers  +   959d ago | Well said
Saying "Don't count the WiiU out because everyone counted the Wii out and look what happened!" is a groundless argument.

First, prior to launch, hardly anyone counted the WiiU out. According to Nintendo, the console was packed with eager 3rd-party devs waiting to put their games on it. The holiday sales were incredibly strong (likely because no one wanted to be left out if the system was sold out for 18 months straight like the Wii was).

The "WiiU is doomed" forecasting only began en masse within the last three months. Why? What has happened in the last three months? Nothing. Literally, nothing. Nothing has been going on with the WiiU. Nintendo has been either a) silent, or b) begging us to "be patient" like they always do. The WiiU's sales are dismally low with no next-gen consoles competing with it, and it is launching in a worse global climate compared to 2006 when the Wii launched. The Wii launched prior to the tablet boom, while the WiiU is two years late. Additionally, the WiiU's "revolutionary" tablet actually works against it. Since the tablet is inferior to a lot of tablets already on the market (and it will only grow more inferior as time goes on), people don't think "Wow! A Wii with a high-tech tablet! I want!". Instead, they think "Ugh, a Wii with an outdated tablet that has fewer functions than my Kindle HD"
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showtimefolks  +   959d ago | Well said
wii was once in a lifetime kind of a sensation, don't expect that with wii-u. for nintendo to even compete this gen they need 3rd party and guess what just like always 3rd party publishers are not interested

and wii-u isn't even next gen, its stuck between last gen and this gen. the R&D that went into the gamepad should have gone towards making the actual specs of the system.

i think its a 2 horse race between sony and ms.

also take notes MS this is what you get when you target casuals and they move on to mobile gaming.

say whatever you will but sony has proved that targeting the core mainly could be really successful

nintendo was counting on the casuals from wii to move onto wii-u and that didn't happen because most don't even know wii-u is the successor to wii they just think its a ad on
snipermk0  +   959d ago
what a shoddy piece of writing. A high-school diploma should be a prerequisite before posting an article like this, which is responsible for the genocide of a million brain cells.
Gaming101  +   959d ago
Wow, some people just don't get it. Nintendo is not competing with Sont and Msoft. They finally did something smart - instead of fighting Sony over the same pie, they created their own pie, a whole new untapped market of gamers, and they created the fastest selling console in videogame history.

Msoft is fighting Sony for the same pie, because that's what American companies do, they steal from other company's rather than innovating and creating a new untapped market like Nintendo and Apple are always doing. Nintendo doesn't have to steal a single hardcore gamer away from Sony or Msoft to be successful, they just have to sell their new console to anyone who bought a Wii, and they'll duplicate the license to print money that was the original Wii.

Whether Nintendo can duplicate their success remains to be seen, however it isn't going well so far, at least not as well as Nintendo hoped, so they're going to need to do something to pull hardcore gamers into the Wii U with superb software. I don't think anyone is banking on Nintendo stealing away the hardcore fringe from Sony and Msoft, as the Wii U hardly puts out games that can compete with the cream of the crop from the PS3 and 360, much less what is coming down the pipeline for next gen. Whatever you do, don't buy Nintendo stock! It's going to plummet!
showtimefolks  +   959d ago

do you think its so easy to sell wii-u to those who bought wii? those are casuals they moved on to other casual gaming. that's where nintendo is back tracking last gen they were all about casuals now they all about core but they are actually just stuck in the middle

oh yeh Nintendo has been targeting some other audience that's why they are targeting the same core fanbase. serious some of you nintendo fans are so delusional its not even funny

the sensation that was wii can't be match again, and the only reason wii sold was because of Gimmick. Now people can buy actual ipad than a system with low res gamepad

where is the 3rd party support? these are all the games not coming too wiiu this year, nintendo systems are good for one thing and that's nintendo 1st-2nd party games and that's not my opinion that's a proven FACT

as long as nintendo fans keep thinking nothing is wrong with wii-u than its your loss.

bioshock came out for wiiu?
tomb raider came out for wiiu?
GTA 5 coming to wiiu?
Defiance on wiiu?
dead island riptide?
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen?
metro last night?
remember me?
grid 2?
saints row 4?
dead pool?
south park stick of truth?
rainbow six patriots?
killer is dead?
lost planet 3?
castlevania lords of shadow 2?
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_-EDMIX-_  +   959d ago
@Showtime- I just got to agree with the man.

Though I really hate Kinect, I got to hand it to MS, they unlike Nintendo devoted a whole lot of teams to making JUST casual games. The IP's MS has made on Kinect 1 will make people want Kinect 2.0.

What IP did Nintendo make to make anyone want them in the causal respect besides that gimmick that is Wii Sports? By letting 3rd parties make Nintendo's REAL motion ips, they pretty much put there future in 3rd party hands. ie games like Zach and Wiki, No More Hero's, Resident Evil light gun games, Red Steel, EA Fit etc. Now what happens when Sony goes back to Motion and MS starts doing motion?

Well it just means those third parties will just port those games and they did for most of them, even that crappy Dead Space game got a port. By Nintendo not making there own unqie new ips JUST for the Wii's controls, they pretty much just "let em in" and it was just as easy to "get out" when those ips where on other systems.

What reason do I have to own a Wii U when the most unique games taht where causal and used motion didn't even come from Nintendo? Don't even give me that crap like Mario Kart, Galaxy, Smash Bros or Animal Crossing needed those controls, hell those controls where tacked on JUST as bad as Sony's Sixaxis controls.

Those people are now moving towards Ipad games, Kinect etc. Again, though I hate Kinect and have zero plans to own a 720 (unless some really beast Mech games comes out or something LOL) I still think MS has done a pretty damn good job with the casual market. Making those IP's will have those Kinect owners not looking forward to ANY ONE ELSE other then what MS is doing. What to give a hoot about the next EA Fit? Don't need a wii for that, its on every system. Thats where Nintendo went wrong. The Wii U is already on a path to fail next gen.

Where are those Wii owners now? Probably out playing Facebook games or Ipad games etc. Yes Nintendo turned them into gamers...too bad they couldn't keep them on Nintendo systems with exclusive ips.

"When I buy a console, I want a reason to buy it" Last I remember, 3rd parties are leaving Wii U behind just like they did the Wii. Unless "less" games is one of those reasons, I suggest you look to own more then just a single console next gen.

If Wii U isn't even getting current gen games, what makes you think aoyone is going to even waste the damn time to even make crap on Wii U? So they won't konw but will later? LOL!

Did wii get Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, RE5/6, Battlefield etc? So.....with a system selling LESS then Wii...its somehow going to get those games? Too funny. This is Wii vs Current gen systems all over again.

Wii vs PS3/360/PC IS Wii U vs PS4/720/PC. Last time I remember....Wii didn't fair out too well with that outcome.
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showtimefolks  +   959d ago

look man i agree MS has screwed itself over by going all kinect but guess what one thing that MS has that nintendo is struggling with is xblive.

IMO as a gamer for 24 years nintendo and sony are the only ones who actually support core gaming in general while MS has done the same 3-4 IP's over and over again(i hope that changes next gen)

last time it was wii motion,wii resort,wii sports but this time there isn't such a thing, but if you mean to tell me Nintendo has done right than you and others are out of your mind. There is a reason Vita outsold the wii-u in japan few months back

yes we know 1st party games are coming but most of those won't be here this year so nintendo is hoping people will buy the wii-u to play games in future when they can buy a ps3 and xbox 360 and have a huge Library of games day one

this is how sony and MS will finsih off wii-u and remeber when this happens in near future:

1.release newer systems with much better specs and a lot of 3rd party supprt

2.drop the price of their systems to $149-or even $99 than its over with. Nintendo has had a open season on so called next gen but haven't done much damage

IMO nintendo is no longer a big player in home console, their systems will sell but won't be able to compete with ps or xbox brand

i am out of bubbles, i guess we all have our opinions, my only thought is this

nintendo learned nothing from sony or ms when launching their system, no software support, a bad online offering compare to psn and xblive

i meant did they not see or kjeep track or last gen and learn from the mistakes both sony and ms made to make a great system?

good night
MikeMyers  +   958d ago
Well we are already seeing people on N4G write off 2 of the 3 systems and I expect most of the backlash to this article will be centered around one of them. It's probably the same people who said the same thing last/current generation.
Mykky  +   958d ago
To speculate about who will win the console war is utterly ridiculous right now.

Why would casuals buy a console that has no games they want? Wii U has yet to release the next Mario Kart, Main Mario, Zelda, Metroid, countless other Mario titles, X and a more just exclusive to Nintendo. I'm sure things will look drastically different in 1-2 years time.

I think though is that Sony will be dominating the hardcore market for a long time. Still I'm sure Nintendo will sell the most consoles just based on the wide variety their games appeals to.
lex-1020  +   958d ago
@gaming 101

Apple is an American Company.
1upgamer99  +   959d ago
LOL, sorry dude, go back to past positive Wii U articles on N4G and MOST counted Wii U out 8 months ago. They said that "the Wii U was not even as powerful as PS360. Even when the launch was better than other current gen sales figures the articles spelled doom from week one. Look at em for yourself. I was on here defending Wii U.

Also you are wrong about the Wii U having a "High-Tech Tablet" It is not a tablet...its a GAMEPAD.
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Mr_Writer85  +   959d ago
I also don't get how the PS4 is just an upgrade but the WiiU isn't?

I mean so it has a gamepad so what? Off TV play, yeah that would be cool but the PSP and Vita say hi, and it can't be done with all games so its not like it even improves on that.

Plus look at games made this gen, no other games have been like Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain, Journey, Gears of War etc.

The stuff inside the PS4 will allow them to create new experiences, rather then just a tacked on gimmick with a gamepad.

I mean they are already trying to use the gamepad to cash in on the Skylander craze with a Pokemon version, how does that change a thing.

Also Nintendo fanboy still think everyone who bought the Wii will buy the WiiU when its clearly not the case.
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specialagent4532  +   959d ago
Well last I checked the gamepad work in conjunction with the console. Meaning the gamepad purpose was to play the games and maneuver the system menu. The wii u gamepad renders the circuit board useless. With the gamepad the gamer is able to play games, buy games, use tv services like Netflix or Amazon instant video, buy games send messages to wii u buddies, use the mii plaza, etc etc no tv an with console hook on it required. Is not that a tablet chained to a console
delboy  +   959d ago
Everyone who bought the Wii for Mario, Zelda Mario Kart will buy the WiiU.
They all waiting for the games to be released.
WiiU will be more than OK after the big N games are released, end of story.
Mario Kart on Wii sold over 30 millions, let's see how many of them will buy the WiiU for the next installment.
I don't think that the soccer mom's who bought the Wii for Wii Fit also bought Mario Kart or Mario Galaxy.
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Eyeco  +   958d ago
Look at how Mario Kart was marketed, I remember in the UK they barely showed any gameplay, It was just a family sitting on a couch, getting overly exited, it appealed mainly to casuals.

The question is are those casuals gonna buy a Wii-U ?

Related video
oof46  +   959d ago
@gaming101: Nintendo created their own market. True. They created a user base that bought a Wii, Wii Fit and maybe a Mario game or two...and that's it. While console sales are important, there's an even more important stat: attach rate.
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SheenuTheLegend  +   959d ago
Why He Already lost the thinking of "How To write a Article"
Jaqen_Hghar  +   958d ago
Anyone who was around for WiiU announcement and hype train and is now paying attention to PS4's hype can see that people are infinitely more excited for PS4 than WiiU. A man plans on getting WiiU once it's $200 and has a good list of local MP games like Mario Kart and SSB along with his platforming masterpieces like Mario 3d and a new Zelda (gamepad could be used well here), but PS4 he will get at launch and get all the cross gen games on it for the improved framerate and draw distances and such. A man is planning on $500 so he can only be pleasantly surprised.
avengers1978  +   958d ago
Both Xbox and playstation will out sell wii u. Even if they all sell less then last gen. Nintendo and there just wait crap is stupid. When most of your 3rd party support is ports of ps360 games that the wii couldn't handle, then you really don't have 3rd party support. And when Xbox and playstation come out with there new systems devs are going to be utilizing that tech and wii u will be left out just like wii was. The casual market is gone or moved on, it's the core gamers that all 3 companies must focus on to be successful.
UnHoly_One  +   958d ago
"prior to launch, hardly anyone counted the WiiU out"

Myself and almost every gamer I know counted the Wii U out as soon as they announced it.

Right off they bat they lost me by announcing a console that was seven years behind the curve in terms of power, with a giant controller designed to take your eyes off the $1,000 HDTV you should be looking at while playing.

Everything about the Wii U is a joke. I don't know how anyone is supposed to take the Wii U seriously when there are new consoles coming out in 6-8 months that are actually an upgrade over what we've been playing for the last 7 years.
nosferatuzodd  +   958d ago
dedicatedtogamers said
Saying "Don't count the WiiU out because everyone counted the Wii out and look what happened!" is a groundless argument.

Don't worry about this guy dedicated
He's just trolling
To count out the 3 best companies in gaming history is not just crazy,
Its Ludicrous you can never count Sony are Nintendo or Microsoft out no way
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Godz Kastro  +   958d ago
I do agree with you... But I still want to give it at least a full year under its belt and an E3 full of software as they have got their harware out.

I have it, well my nephew and I have it. I brought it for him but we share everything. I was excited for it and might have felt some of the "need to get it before sold out mentality". But We have had some good times on it but it hasnt been touched until late with Lego City.

Nintendo cant keep living the "dont count them out yet" lifestyle forever. With all the money they made on wii they couldve dumped into a monster system and online features. All of us craving for new tech and better graphics would've been all over it but they didn't they have a challenge ahead of them.

If I knew what I know now i "might" have not picked it up.
aceitman  +   959d ago
What a joke the wii u is not the jump many gamers where looking for , while the ps4 and maybe the next Xbox will be. I say maybe on next Xbox cause we have not heard about it from ms. The ps4 seems to be getting a lot of hype right now looking to do what gamers want next gen , this will be like ps3 Xbox to wii all over again but the wii u will not have the strong casual audience it had with the wii.
rodiabloalmeida  +   959d ago
"Why gaming journalism have already lost credibility for so much BS talking". Now thats a headline. I think I'll even submit an article with this title. Maybe it will get aproved.
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buzzjman  +   959d ago
I think a more appropriate article title to write about is "BS people say to try to make themselves sound funny in comment sections."
DragonKnight  +   959d ago
An even better article would be "Butthurt authors responding like a child to criticism."
Blank  +   959d ago
How unprofessional of you. It matches the quality of your no name site you got debubbled for immature. Keep in mind this "article" is piss poor expect some flack with WTF on quality and NO on liking your website.
socks  +   958d ago
Go back to school to learn how to write, infant. My brain hurts.
joel_c17  +   959d ago
One of the stupidest things ive read all day. Please stop approving this type of BS.
MuhammadJA  +   959d ago
And then when your article gets approved and you become well known, you'll become full of yourself and start writing like the other journalists.
lex-1020  +   958d ago
I'd approve it.
The_Infected  +   959d ago
Below is from the article. After I ready that part I laughed and quit reading the garbage.

"I watched the PS4 event and found I wasn’t at all impressed by it. The one and only thing that got my attention was the new inFamous game. That’s it, nothing else. I watched Sony spend the whole time trying to convince me to buy a slightly upgraded PS3 that they rebranded as a “Brand New Console.”

Yea it's a slightly upgraded PS3..../s
buzzjman  +   959d ago
Prove otherwise
DragonKnight  +   959d ago
Do you want the technical specs to destroy your arrogance, or a more sarcastic response calling out your naive Nintendo fanboyism and why you couldn't be more wrong if you actively and wholeheartedly tried to be?
solidjun5  +   959d ago
I'm assuming you wrote this drivel.

"prove otherwise." Yet it would appear you can prove Sony and Microsoft have lost the next generation.

ziggurcat  +   959d ago
@ dragonknight:

specs, just to make him cry.
miyamoto  +   959d ago
Just a tip,bro:

Knew someone had to capitalize on the article "How the PS3 Won This Generation".

Its so predictable but at least try to be credible, sensible, intelligent and give a good counter point, argument, and proof while doing it.
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sherimae2413  +   959d ago
tsk tsk tsk -_-
specialagent4532  +   959d ago
Well the online aspect is what sets it apart, it just blows the PS3 online out of the water. Able to play a game while it downloads that's new is not even possible on the PC. Instantly record your favorite or worst moments and share them with your online buddies by pressing the share button that is impressive. It's doable on PC but the gamer has to go through hoops to accomplish this feature. Your friend or brother take over your controller digitally to help you out of whatever you are stucked in a game. Is pretty new. The rest is just like the PS3 only upgrade it. The key here is what exclusives this system will bring. I mean the PS3 delivered some of the best and original ips
ever whether it was little big planet, echo chrome, the last guy, folklore, etc...........
Ezz2013  +   959d ago

you are one of the many reasons why we should not trust the gaming media anymore
they run by Fanboys who always have hidden agenda

man, i wish we have more professional media that know what it's doing
you love nintendo that's awesome
support them
but don't bash Sony and Microsoft just because you don't like them

also how ps4 is slightly upgraded PS3 ?!
do you even know what you just wrote ?!
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StockpileTom  +   958d ago

Hold on now... it is completely possible to stream a game while it is downloading on the PC I have played a few games that have taken advantage of it. That being said it is impressive that the PS4 will do that for ALL games.

The following is a rant and probably doesn't have anything to do with your comment:

I'm not a PC gaming advocate either, I am behind consoles 100%. The advantages of standardized hardware make them great for gaming. People seem to discount the importance of RAM only because PC games don't have a high requirement for it. I but I guarantee that if EVERYONE had high RAM games could be so much better and consoles allow that. Hell I already had to tone down the game I am making due to a lack of RAM and it is 2D! Yes, it is probably poorly optimized but imagine what more skilled people could do.
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MarkusMcNugen  +   958d ago
Have you ever heard of World of Warcraft? Plenty of PC games have allowed playing while downloading for years.

Also, have you not heard of FRAPs? I can run software in the background of the game and with a keyboard shortcut start instantly recording video that can be easily uploaded to ANY sharing site in the world.

"People seem to discount the importance of RAM only because PC games don't have a high requirement for it. I but I guarantee that if EVERYONE had high RAM games could be so much better and consoles allow that. Hell I already had to tone down the game I am making due to a lack of RAM and it is 2D! Yes, it is probably poorly optimized but imagine what more skilled people could do."

What are you talking about? If you game on high resolution monitors you most definitely have to have a high amount of GDDR5 ram on your graphics card. Anything 1080p or higher requires at least 1GB of GDDR5 due to high textures. Any standard computer from the last 4 years comes with at least 4GBs of DDR3 RAM.

Im not entirely sure what you are referring to when it comes to high amounts of RAM. PCs generally have System RAM (DDR) and/or Video RAM (GDDR5). Like you said, if you had to town done the game your making due to RAM, and its 2D, then it is extremely poorly coded.
_QQ_  +   959d ago
You see a bunch of RAM and get way too excited. The ps4 isn't even a 600$ pc and with all that optimization that people like to jabber on about it is maybe a 700$ pc. It isn't some technical staple. the spec boost won't help. My guess is that the 200million market for consoles will go back down to 160million untill 40million people realize that they need a wiiu to play Mariokart and WiiFit or Wiisports2. Then the wiiu will win, because untill then consoles will be tied in sales.

@below me, i honestly don't know how to counter such an intelligent and well thought out arguement, you must have taken the most advanced Debate courses at Harvard.
#4.2 (Edited 959d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
Cupid_Viper_3  +   959d ago
@ Lopez_Josue

"You see a bunch of RAM and get way too excited. The ps4 isn't even a 600$ pc and with all that optimization that people like to jabber on about it is maybe a 700$ pc"

Da Fuq!?

Quit while you're ahead buds.
duplissi  +   959d ago
you act if this hasn't been the case with every other gaming generation....

new consoles are almost always comparable to mid range gaming pcs when they come out- this is nothing new.

let the fanboys get their panties all up in a bunch and have a circle jerk about it.... last I checked a mid range pc today beats the pants out of a 2006 mid range pc, this is going to be a huge upgrade for console gamers so let them enjoy their excitement.

one more thing, you never stopped to wonder that it just might be pretty impressive to cram 600-700 dollars worth of components into a system that is rumored to cost 400?
MarkusMcNugen  +   958d ago

duplissi has a good point. All consoles have been mid-range PCs when they came out. The difference that you love to neglect is the OS and being able to push the most out of standardize hardware.

"My guess is that the 200million market for consoles will go back down to 160million untill 40million people realize that they need a wiiu to play Mariokart and WiiFit or Wiisports2."

I dont know what evidence if any you have to support the WiiU winning due to a few Nintendo games. That is rather naive. Look at Nintendos track record. Sure, they make their money back, but they havent had a success like the Wii since the Super Nintendo days.


"one more thing, you never stopped to wonder that it just might be pretty impressive to cram 600-700 dollars worth of components into a system that is rumored to cost 400?"

Thats because it isnt impressive. Most consoles launch with the parent company taking a loss on the hardware. Not to mention they have corporate deals coupled with bulk buying of the components. Its not difficult to imagine a console selling for $400 when the PC equivalent would be $700.
Max-Zorin  +   959d ago
The gamers that respect other gamers opinions and preferences already won the war. The people that do the opposite already lost.
dboyc310  +   959d ago
If that was the case it will be boring coming to these type of sites. I Come here to get entertained and see FIGHTS lol that being said though Nintendo is screwed and the more ppl deny it the harder it will smack them in the face when it comes true. Just want e3 to come to see what excuses they make after.
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Majin-vegeta  +   959d ago
Sorry what's that??I can't hear you over all the games Sony is releasing.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   958d ago
A man pictures Vegeta screaming this comment lol
grimmweisse  +   959d ago
Somebody just needs more clicks for their site, nothing to see here!

Claiming the MS have already lost without even announcing a damn thing. Currently just rumours flying around. I am usually quick to shoot down MS, but only when I see the facts. This author is pulling things out his ass and making assumptions.

As for the PS4, it's more developer friendly, and Sony forging better relationships with devs as well, also pretty good specs, which I see developers doing wonders with it. I think they're on the right track.

I look forward to tomorrows, "why MS and Sony have already lost next-gen gaming" article!
buzzjman  +   959d ago
If its just looking for more site clicks, then it's working. The article was trying to point out that MS and Sony simply are upgrading graphics and tech, they aren't going to far to try to wow us.

Also, the article isn't meant to sound like Nintendo is amazing, the Wii U is better than anything else or anything. If that's how it got took then my apologizes.
dboyc310  +   959d ago
What more do you want if they're already upgrading graphics and specs? That's the reason Nintendo is failing right now because they think that way. Next gen isn't about who creates the best gimmick.
brave27heart  +   959d ago
PS4 has introduced mew features on its gamepad, a light bar which can be used for motion control but can also be used on other ways. Glowing orange when you're firing a weapon to simulate muzzle flash? Pulsing red in time with rumble to simulate s heartbeat when your health is low? Also the touch pad opens up new possibilities. The share button is a cool feature too.

We havent seen what MS has got so we cant speculate (we could, but we shouldnt).

Wii U has been out for a while and consumers arent on board with it yet. It hasnt taken off like the wii did, it doesnt have that buzz, gamers arent looking at it never mind none gamers. The wii's motion controls were fresh and new, the Wii U is a tablet controller, and a lot of people have tablets, it isnt fresh or exciting and the software support isnt there.

Wii U is another gamecube. It'll sell, but im guessing only half the lifetimes sales of the Wii.
_-EDMIX-_  +   959d ago
@dboyc310 and @Brave27heart- agreed! Why on earth should it be upon Sony or MS to tell developers how they might want to develop games? Its best to make beast hardware and let those developers make those type of games. Last I checked BOTH have motion, last I check MS is the only one of the 3 that even has a stable of teams JUST to make Kinect games.

Where is Nintendo's ace teams that are devoted to making JUST casual games?

Also, what trust as a gamer do I have that Nintendo will even support there own damn system's features? The only Wii game that EVEN NEEDED those controls that was published by Nintendo was Skyward Sword and I got to say that not only did that game suck, it didn't even need the Wii's original needed Wii Motion plus. So we waited about 6 years for just 1 game that at the end of the day actually needed a different controller then the one the whole damn system was made for?

Whos to say we won't end up waiting that long again, to get just a single game that uses those screens by Nintendo JUST to say "did you get our new gamepad plus to play that one game thats coming out in 6 years?"

I know, I know...the possiblies. If no one is giving a hoot about using all those features Nintendo seems so damn egar to be telling everyone about....why on earth isn't NINTENOD THEMSELVES just making those IP's? Never mind the whole "if some developer" or "it would be cool if" or my favorite "it could be use well with game A" type crap. Would, could should doesn't get games sold or made buddy. Can does. Its nice the Wii U has a does the damn Ipad, so does everyone's smartphones "cough" Smartglass "cough". I'm sorry but if its such a damn cool feature let Nintendo as a publisher use it to its fullest.

Can't wait for the next Nintendo system, I hear Oculus Rift is doing wonders. (calling it) But if true, why want the gimped one when we can get the PS4 or 720 ones along with the next gen, next gen ones. LOL
DragonKnight  +   959d ago
The Wii U changed nothing. It's a repackaged Wii. You think that a gamepad is the game changer that ensures that MS and Sony have already lost? Let me hit you with some basic facts.

The Wii's strongest market was the casual audience. These people don't know anything other than fads. The Wii's success is owed primarily to 2 things. The first is it's incredibly low starting cost. $250 in a bad economy is just begging for people to buy it up. The second is the celebrity endorsement that feeds the sheep mentality of the casual buyer. Frickin' Oprah gave Wii's away. When Oprah endorses something, it generally succeeds, and she wasn't the only one. To prove that the Wii owes its success to these things, simply look at the 3rd party support and which games were most successful on the platform.

This same audience are the kinds of people that have an interest only in what's the biggest, newest thing. And they have to feel that it's completely different. The Wii U is NOT different from the Wii. It's a repackaged Wii with a DS gimmick and to the casual audience it's not different enough to justify paying more than they paid for their Wii when their Wii still works. That's the mentality of the casual market and why they are so fickle. Nintendo would have had to come out of the gate hard to show the casual audience that the Wii U is something totally different, and it's not. The casuals aren't buying it because they feel no need or desire to, the core aren't buying it because they know better. All that's left are the Nintendo die hards and even they haven't flocked to it in droves yet because of the continued absence of the core 1st party titles that should have already been out.

Nintendo weren't prepared this time. They've asked their fanbase to be content with remakes and begged them to wait for more and no one sees anything worthwhile coming up at least until E3. To say that Sony and MS have already lost to Nintendo in the shape Nintendo is in right now is quite foolish. Especially when you consider that MS haven't even acknowledged that they even have a new console coming out.
#8 (Edited 959d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
_QQ_  +   959d ago
1 remake compared to sony's 10 or so.You say Nintendo wasn't prepared? They have an entire year where they are competing with any new consoles, They are saving almost all their big first party to release around the same time the new consoles release, if Mario 3D and Mariokart was a launch game how would they compete with ps4/720 during holiday 2013. by then nintendo will already be up a few million, i say they know what they are doing. don't doubt nintendo's software game.
#8.1 (Edited 959d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
brave27heart  +   959d ago
Surely the better strategy is to have solid games coming out every couple of months during that first year lead so that you get more consumers buying your console not saving up for the next offering from your competitors?

Saying "We could release these games but we're going to wait and hope another Mario game can distract people from a new Playstation or Xbox when they launch" is risky and badly thought out.

Nintendo pushed for this early release knowing a years headstart can make a real didference (look at 360) but they failed to get the software on board. Wheres Mario Kart? Pikmin 3? Zelda?
DragonKnight  +   958d ago
"1 remake compared to sony's 10 or so."

What does that have to do anything? Insecurity? Anyway, with Sony's remakes people actually wanted and/or asked for them. No one wanted Nintendo's and Nintendo simply did it because they have nothing else to offer at the moment.

"They have an entire year where they are competing with any new consoles."

And look at what they're doing with it. Nothing. They can make so much money during this time and they weren't ready to do so.

"They are saving almost all their big first party to release around the same time the new consoles release, if Mario 3D and Mariokart was a launch game how would they compete with ps4/720 during holiday 2013."

Which would be the stupidest thing they could ever do. Gee, I wonder what people would want more. Anticipated new consoles, or Nintendo's next rehashes? The smartest thing Nintendo can do is release their heavy hitters when people are starving for Wii U games, not when their attention is on the next Xbox or the PS4.
supremacy  +   958d ago
So...Nintendo is going to wait for Sony and MS to introduce new machines and also drop the price on their current ones with games like GTAV,GT6 and so forth coming out for those machines?

Then you got a new article about drop support for nintendo's platform like every two weeks. Rayman legens was supposed to be an exclusive and look at how thats turned out.

Nintendo cant look to compete with the next gen stuff when it barely has half of the games thats come out this year thus far.

where is bioshock infinite,crysis3, mgs rising, tomb raider and so forth. The last of us, beyond two souls, do those sound like remakes to you? in fact when was the last time Nintendo invested in a new ip? Sony alone has put out gravity rush, soul sacrifice,tearaway, puppeteer, and ps4 is even launching with knack, drive club and only god knows what else.

Also keep in mind that if Sony/MS do go with that whole subsidize plan, then you could see them launching their system at very competitive prices.

This article seems to sugest Sony/MS are only offering graphical upgrades, yet we sit here and dont know all the details.

But based on what i saw at the Sony conference in feb, all i will say is the ps4 is an entirely different platform to that of the ps3. The network features alone is good enough reason why to invest in it. The convinience of downloding something in the background while you played it at the same time is something only possible through better specs.

To your credit, i can see Nintendo dropping the price on the wiiu with the introduction of two must have games like they did with the 3ds. But thats just it, this isnt the handheld market where a company like MS has no stake in or spend marketing dollars in.

MS alone will make the media forget the wiiu even exist, just wait and see the crazy marketing blitz lol its going to be crazy.
contradictory  +   959d ago
well said
lex-1020  +   958d ago
It's so sad Buzzjman used his last bubble already. I would love to see his reply to this.
humb_lumi  +   959d ago
Terrible article.
glennco  +   959d ago
You are completely crazy and have no idea what you are talking about.

I was hoping for an actual insightful article.
MarkusMcNugen  +   958d ago
You and me both friend.
culpepper516  +   959d ago
The Wii U will never sell. people liked the original Wii controller because you could swing it and a cartoon would swing a golf club on your television. it appealed to older people and young kids, which is why it sold so well. both of those demographics would have a difficult time playing a game with a screen on the controller. If the rumors on the 720 are true, I think they'll have a difficult time selling as well. Most people I know purchase video game consoles to play games, not to have it interfere with regular television programming. Microsoft would have to strike dozens of deals and innovate out the @$$ to even make it somewhat enjoyable
kirbyu  +   959d ago
Oh really, it'll never sell. You don't think SSB4, Zelda, and Mario Kart, and all the other exclusives won't make people want one?
brave27heart  +   959d ago
Some people, but not enough. You think casuals care about SSB or Zelda? And what other exclusives exactly? How long before those 3rd party exclusives become multiplatform like Rayman?

Wii U isnt at the price point the Wii was either. Its still too expensive to be a viable "second console". Down the line it may pick up sales but for the next 12 months or so its going to be a struggle.
kirbyu  +   959d ago
I wasn't thinking about the casuals actually. I feel stupid.
millzy102  +   958d ago
Mario kart Wii sold 30 million now if only half of them buy a Wii u for Mario kart u (which is plausible) that's 15 million units and you can't count out Mario kart that game was responsible for a massive increasevin 3ds sales people want it, with smash bros and 3d Mario and zelda, them 3 could easily make up 10 million units so were on about 25, and these are games that are coming out in the next 2 years. plus other sales on top, I havn't even got to metroid or star fox as they have not been announced but if they get released that will add sales. when the games come it will sell. the 3ds had exactly the same problem, the name too simalar to its predecessor. no note worthy launch titles and high price point, look at it now nintendo turned it around so they can do the same with Wii u.
Sevir  +   959d ago
These editorials make me laugh, every day there's a new piece or opinion
Stating which new console won or lost an imaginary war!... How many times are we gonna say it. All these New Gen consoles will coexist... These so called journalist who write these pieces should simply relax and stop being sales analysts and just play games...
Williamson  +   959d ago
Articles like this give me a nice laugh, also the authors comments here sound really unprofessional and just plain childish.
danitanzo  +   959d ago
There is no losing or winning... can't we all just play the games on the consoles of our choice? I like my wii u, but I still appreciate what the ps4 will bring to gaming. I don't know about the next xbox though...
contradictory  +   959d ago
the "radical design choices"
is what always made me shy away from Nintendo after the gamecube

i know wii won in the sales department
but that's because it was targetïng the casual audience
nintendo basically just told it's hardcore audience
to gtfo

they fixed that with the Wii U
and at the same time said gtfo to casual gamers..
all in all nintendo just said gtfo to everyone

so who is wii u aimed at?
the hell if i know...
but i'll eventually get one so ask me later.
Bathyj  +   959d ago
Sorry, not to sound like a jerk, but if I was a Wii supporter, I wouldnt be accusing other console makers of incremental upgrades, not when the WiiU is only a slightly better Wii with a tablet, which itself was only a slightly better Gamecube with a Nunchuck.

Wii's success was because of price, and because at that point no one had tried motion gaming and decided they wanted to.

At this point in time, everyone has tried motion gaming, and decided it sucks. Sorry, I shouldnt say everyone, I just meant gamers.

They were able to get a lot of non gamers to buy it and that worked for them, but the point is, I dont think they can hit lightning in a bottle twice.

Nintendo are just relegating themselves to poor 3rd party support, again. If you're happy to just play Nintendo games, then this is the machine for you, obviously. If you want more than just Nintendo games, it could still be a fine secondary machine, I but I dont see why anyone would have it as their first.
_QQ_  +   959d ago
The wiiu is a huge upgrade to the wii...
sherimae2413  +   959d ago
and a slight upgrade to ps360......
and i think that is the problem and also software drought in these past few months......

nintendo should be aggressive in this time since they are ahead of competition! guess what do they think that 3rd party will fill the gap for no 1st party games, well they are wrong since all the good 3rd party games are skipping the wii u.....
rick1woller  +   959d ago
You have said enough!. New 360 and PS3 games are all the same, another shooter in a different skin, snooze fest. At least nintendo games do useful things like making you use your brain and have fun.
MarkusMcNugen  +   958d ago
Right... because I dont use my brain or have fun playing non Nintendo games...

Sadly you are just plain wrong. New games are not just reskinned shooters. Plenty of new games have a different style of play. Your ignorance is just astounding.

Here I got one for you. Nintendo games are all the same, another rehash of an old game in a different skin, snooze fest.

Give me something original and I might consider Nintendos consoles. So far all I can see are Nintendo rehashing the same franchises it has since the NES/SNES days. Dont get me wrong, they are great games, but the same thing over and over becomes stale after so long.
zeeman  +   959d ago
What's a Wii U?! Sounds like an an ambulance siren.
rick1woller  +   959d ago
toilet. dont listen to this bloke!
zeeman  +   958d ago
I think the toilet heard u
DivineAssault  +   959d ago
OMG, do people not understand that nintendo got LUCKY with the wii.. It was nothing more than luck that people never seen gameplay like that & it became a fad.. My own mother bought one.. Those casual gamers who bought the wii have moved on to tablets.. Sorry but most people who have a tablet, see no point what so ever in wii u.. Wii also launched with a much anticipated gamecube game LOZ Twilight princess which made the core crowds buy a wii just to play it with the new controls.. Smart play but was luck how wii sports caught on so much.. I know many people who didnt even buy a single game for the thing.. They ONLY played wii sports..

So yeah, i DO count out the wii u.. I dont think it will catch on at all & might not sell beyond the gamecube.. Not enough modern features for todays world.. It doesnt even play DVDs or Blue rays, has a complicated chat feature, doesnt have accomplishments, & most importantly, DOESNT HAVE GAMES! It will get 1st party games in due time but 3rd party is moving on to nx gen which wont be possible on wii u unless dumbed down just like wii ports were from current gen systems
kirbyu  +   959d ago
I still don't see why accomplishments are an absolute necessity. I understand why people like them, but why is it the end of the world if one console doesn't have them? Just play a console that does. And all this applies to DVD/Blu-Ray playing too. And...ok, so it won't get 3rd party games. If it has 1st party ones, what's the problem?

I seriously feel like I'm the only person on this site who at all likes Nintendo.
Zer0bros  +   959d ago
Why are you Nintendo fanboys so deep in the sand with your heads? It's obvious that those so called "un-needed" features are what make up the beef of a modern gaming console
#18.1.1 (Edited 959d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report
babis1974  +   959d ago
yes they lost and in the 21/12/2012 was the end of the world!!!!ooops! i'm still here and alive!
specialagent4532  +   959d ago
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! What the gamepad which is a rip off the ios air play feature. Selling old games at $60.00 I. e deux ex human revolution, need for Speed most wanted. More Mario Zelda metroid and pokemon. I don't know more and more third party game developers are pulling out from working with the wii u. This generation Nintendo really needs a new ip along with new franchises that are original or improvement to current ideas Sorry but if new super Mario brothers u proved was that people are getting tired of Mario. Every single Mario game and some of its spin offs were retail successes. Nintendo is trying to hard to be Sony relying on brand and starting this generation with a barebones online service along with a barren store. System updates frequently meaning a person buys a wii u needs to install a 5gb update first, then the spring update along with an upcoming summer update. Plus slow servers like the PS3 during launch. Copying Microsoft yes Microsoft by relying on third party game developers which is not working. Besides the Mario game no Nintendo develop title to speak off. Selling the wii u in pieces having to buy an external hard drive along with a broadband adapter, sd cards, etc. Also the whole premium and core system. Where is the innovation were are the games that break the status quo. Nowhere and Nintendo fans can't answer a tablet wannabe that's the innovation. Might as well buy a real tablet no.
kagamer79  +   959d ago
I always thought ppl were too hard on nintendo. Seems out of all the consoles its the one ppl love to hate. Id like to think think ppl arent blindly hating nintendo but are tired of them not delivering certain expectations. I say theres two sides to every story. The ppl who love nintendo usually love them because they grew up playing their console and when they had kids introduced them as well to nintendo. The ppl who hate nintendo have their own reasons why. Maybe its because nintendo kinda fell behind when playstation first hit the scene. They had a console with good games and you could even watch dvd movies or play cd's on it. Then there came blu ray with ps3 and microsoft really opened up online features and gameplay. Last gen u had systems with blu ray-great graphics- online gameplay-movie rental etc. Then there was nintendo with weak graphics and no dvd or cd playability or online features to match the other. Im not bashing nintendo I'm just saying maybe the ppl who hate nintendo now didn't always hate them. Maybe they felt like nintendo let em down by not not offering any of the competitions premiere features. Change isn't always good id rather use a controller to game than motion controlls anyday. That's just me I'm an old school gamer. My point is maybe ppl dont hate nintendo blindly they just feel like nintendos let them down too many times. My personal opinion is if nintendo would have said forget the 150 dollar tablet and put all the money they spent on the tablet in the hardware they could of had a real contender with very capable graphics. So id like to think that nintendo haters dnt hate because its nintendo. There just like alot of other gamers who dnt care about new ways to play‘ they care about a great new system with new experiences new tech and most importantly new bigger and better games. Because at the end of the day wether you fly sonys flag' nintendos' or xbox's we're all pretty much the same. Because we're all here discussing games because we all love them. No matter which console you choose that's something we all have in common.
edonus   959d ago | Spam
kupomogli  +   959d ago
The Wii U is a consolized DS without the games. The gamepad is nothing more than a second screen that in 99.9% of games is going to show a map, menu, or maybe just a picture depending on the game. Then there are the few games like Feel the Magic, Contra 4, etc that do it well. The very few 0.1% of games released to the DS.

I like the DS and 3DS, but it's only because of the games on them. I'll eventually like the Wii U, but people can't argue that the Wii U is a revolutionary piece of hardware, because it's not. We've already been there, done that with the DS and as revolutionary as it's supposed to be, it's only revolutionary on a few games, most of which were released close to launch, like Feel the Magic, but there are others like Contra 4, etc.
#23 (Edited 959d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Shnazzyone  +   959d ago
I'm not angry about anything written in this article... but the writer needs a proof reader.
mii-gamer  +   959d ago
Im a huge nintendo fan, even i think this article is stupid.
If history tells us anything, is that the gaming industry is unpredictable. The Wii U, PS4 and 720 all have a good chance to be the winner. Declaring the Wii U winner without knowing what microsoft is offering or how much the ps4 will cost is mind boggling. Furthermore, i think the author could have changed the title.
DonFreezer  +   959d ago
Why do I think that if the article stated only Microsoft everyone would agree to their deaths and bash Microsoft.
Dfooster  +   959d ago
I don't even need to read beyond the headline to state that this article is talking total and utter tripe. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn't a gamer or living in the real world.
g-nome  +   959d ago
The Wii U was named wrong , timed wrong and specced wrong.
rick1woller   959d ago | Trolling | show
khowat  +   959d ago
Then who is going to win, I assume you don't mean the wii u.
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