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Pxljunk  +   1028d ago
LMFAO, how old this kid!?
Call me ignorant but I doubt the wii U will make the same thing the wii did plus adult expend more than kids this days for video games, well at least that's my point of view.
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THEMIGHTYDOOVDE  +   1028d ago
Nintendo will sell well because the majority of gamers enjoy their IP's.

Sony is in for a hard time because other than the diehards most people already have Netflix and Blu Ray. Not that many will be willing to pay £400+ for an updated PS3.

As for Durango, until MS release some info, there's no way of knowing what it's future holds!
RuleofOne343  +   1027d ago
@Gaming101 love how you berate MS/SONY for stealing or how you bash American companies for doing so let quote you here :

Msoft is fighting Sony for the same pie, because that's what American companies do, they steal from other companies.

But yet after stating that part their you go on to say

rather than innovating and creating a new untapped market like Nintendo and Apple are always doing.

MS/Sony are bad for doing what they do but yet you defend Apple who personally would steal the collar off a priest & tell us they created it . How is it those two are bad but Apple a innovator.
Monkeysmarts  +   1027d ago
SMH... Nintendo fanboys are delusional.
bobacdigital  +   1027d ago
Nintendo has been a step behind on all their consoles minus the GameCube and they have managed to be just fine.. their 1st party title slate is what carries them not their hardware... Also people forget their hardware is going to become cheaper at a faster rate than anything cutting edge microsoft and sony use out the gate...

Nintendo makes money on accessories, merch, and games.... Mario Kart Wii Sold 30m copies lol ... not 1 single ps3 or xbox game is even remotely close... in the top 200 games of all time Nintendo is 70% of that list.. they make QUALITY games.. Yes the Wii U has inferior hardware.. but their games are always top notch and carry them.

People are quick to say NINTENDO cant win because of all the muscle behind ps4 and the xbox... Lets wait until Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy (or another 3d mario), Zelda, and whatever RETRO is making comes out to determine if they are going to fail... This gen all the consoles are truly HD.. graphics arent going to DRIVE this gen.. it will be games and unique OS features..

People are so quick to jump on Nintendo and say oh they cant succeed... Lets wait till after E3 to see what happens.
isarai  +   1027d ago
Horribly biased article, and just a horribly written article in general. PS4 is just a PS3 with some technical upgrades, and that's why Wii U is going to win? seriously? i'm not one of those people that don't count Wii U as current gen just cause it's not modern tech, in fact i like the Wii U and plan on getting one after i get my PS4, but that logic is flawed as fuck. The same could be said about any console that uses a controller, you could day the gamecube is just an NES with some technical upgrades. And the Wii U can be as revolutionary as it wants, but if it doesn't support itself with a steady flow of great games that utilize it's features well than it's going to bomb compared to PS4 (would say 720 as well but seeing as how nothing is confirmed out it, i can't really say anything)

It's not so much how you play the game as it is how many great games there are for you to play. Sure it could sell greatly, but if you as a consumer count a consoles success by it's sales numbers, then you're doing it wrong, in the consumers eyes it should be who offers the best experience, and if the Wii is anything to go buy, you'll get some great games, but very few and far in between.
Monkeysmarts  +   1027d ago
Agree 100% with this. I'll be getting a Wii U eventually, but nothing about it makes me have to have it anytime soon.
solidworm  +   1027d ago
The WiiU is a massive mistake and will cost Ninty dearly.
bobacdigital  +   1027d ago
That massive mistake by Nintendo has sold 5m units since December with 0 games and marketing. They are taking the same road they took with the 3DS.. no one really understood it until they actually played it.... Also 3ds didnt have many titles at launch.. once they launched the titles and gave it a price reduction it sold like hot cakes... the VITA is leaps above the 3ds in terms of tech yet it isnt selling at all compared to the 3ds.... So lets not act like TECH alone will sell console if that was the case the VITA would be crushing the 3DS.

Nintendo basically did a SOFT launch with an average title base... they even LOST and pushed all their titles to the fall... Once Sony and MSFT release their new consoles Nintendo will push the marketing harder on the Wii U and after E3 they will have a roadmap of all the games they are releasing.. Nintendo basically is refining the system software and miiverse right now while they have a head start.. ... Once it hits Holiday 2013 they will have a more refined system with a large games library... If people dont know it exists now they will know come Holiday 2013.. it will be like a relaunch with a more refined console with a huge eshop and games library.. it will do better you just have to wait.

People are quick to say Nintendo is dead EVERY gen yet they always pull something out from no where.
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arbitor365  +   1027d ago
april fools day was a while ago, dude
iR_phantasm  +   1027d ago
Why people post just about anything to get hits on their site.
FreshRevenge  +   1027d ago
I stopped reading after I read that you were convince by a couple of Gamestop employees. Gamestop is a corporated evil and really they don't know nothing about gaming. All they know is how to sell preorders and extra DLC. When a Gamestop employee is asking me if I want God of War on the Xbox 360, than we really have problems. I had my local Gamestop manager not even know that there was no MP in Bioshock Infinite and she tried to sell my friend who had preorder his game from Gamestop, to buy dlc that was intended for SP. Sony has been in the gaming business for a long time. I am positive that they have more to reveal about the PS4 than what they showed in Feb. Microsoft will have their console and Sony will have theirs. It basically preference and exclusives that determine the strength of a console. Sony has more variety. It purely isn't just shooters that they rely on.

Saying that they lost is kinda of presumptious at this point! Yet if it adds .10 cents to your wallet for every click, what do you care, right?
Monkeysmarts  +   1027d ago
Before the PS4 announcement I asked a clerk at GameStop if they had been given any info on when preorders might start.......... the guy told me its not coming out until 2015.

I laughed and just left without even saying another word. After I get The Last of Us from there (have had it paid in full for a while already) I'm not contributing another dime to them unless I can't find a game anywhere else.
AKR  +   1027d ago
Yeah - I know I'm going to be rolled-over for this; but I have to agree with this guy, in some areas.

It's far to early to say who will win this generation, but if it's one thing he's right about - Nintendo has taken a more creative approach, like before. With the Wii U, they developed a cheap(er) console, with more innovation, instead of more powerful tech. But even so; the Wii U may not have a ceiling limit that's close to the PS4 (or 720), but it still has a higher limit than what we saw with the 360 and PS3. Those consoles had some beautiful games grace them, so I could only imagine how great Wii U games will look at least 2 years from now.

Like the author also mentioned - The transition is much, much smaller this time. The tech is closer between the 3 consoles. We're moving from HD-to-HD, here. Photorealistic graphics can't improve a substantial amount, like what we saw when moving from the PS2, XBOX and GC, to 360 & PS3. Yes, the graphics will look better than the 7th-gen, but no where near as big as a difference as the 6th-gen to 7th-gen.

Development costs are rising, making devs - even the big studios - reconsider their plans to create these massively expensive AAA games, with a still sucky economy. They're going to have to innovate, and create something more than a "Realistic-looking game".

As I mentioned, there is no clear-cut winner. The PS4 may be getting some hype right now - but wait until we all hear that price. Yeah, forgot you're going to have to pay real - really, expensive - money to get that, huh? Let's not even add the PS-Vita required functions, games, or controllers. The XBOX 720 may be leaving a bitter taste, but Microsoft could turn the tables. The Wii U is in hibernation mode right now, but E3 may be it's callback to great activity.

Only time will tell . . .
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whamlollypop7  +   1027d ago
Why articles like this are a waste of time.
violents  +   1027d ago
" Nintendo was right, the Wii sold (and is still selling) close to 100 million consoles. The closest competitor? Xbox 360 with 75 million consoles sold."

Um excuse me? Didn't the ps3 just pass the xbox in worldwide sales? And besides the fact, sale don't make it a better console by any means. I guarantee ford sold more focus's last year than lamborgini sold Diablo's but which one is the better car?

"All Sony and Microsoft did was take a PS2, in Sony’s case, or an Xbox, in Microsoft’s case, improve the graphics, the technical abilities, and then sell it to us like it was something completely and totally different"

Isnt that every console every generation really? The way this guy talks about it is like he expects his "next gen" console to suck him off or something.

"What separates the PS3 from the Ps4? Is it radically redesigned? Not really, we’ve yet to see the console and what they have announced isn’t exactly a major change. Does it offer a new way to play games? Nope, it’s the same basic thing as a PS3. Is it a major leap forward in console gaming? No. It’s just a PS3 with a couple technical upgrades. Nothing else."

Do I even need to say whats wrong with this statement?

"Do I think Nintendo will win this new generation of consoles? No I do not but at least Nintendo is trying something new with consoles, again."

So doing what sony was already trying to do with the psp and vita is something new?

This is a lousy article and should never have been approved, opinion or not, get your facts straight before bashing every console on the market and then tell me that the new Nintendo nobody wanted is going to have the highest potential. IF that were the case than it would be so shunned by the third parties. I think if they had called it something other than WiiU it would have done better. Sounds to me like they were trying to coattail off of the wii's success and all those wii buyers would want the latest and greatest version, whereas in real life everyone like the motion control at first but it soon became stale and the gimmick ran its course, now people see the name and remember that dusty little white box in the corner and don't want to waste a few hundred dollars on all that crud again.

The ps4 and Nextbox are appealing to the core gamers with improved performance, and really just refining what this gen lacked. Give the people what they want and leave the gimmicks out.
_LarZen_  +   1027d ago
So since Nintendo is selling so good it has to be the best console? That is like saying Justin Biber is the best artist in 2013 becaus he sells a bunch of records...
Upbeat  +   1027d ago
I cant see why people care about who wins to be honest, the only people that should care should be the company that owns the product.

All that should really matter to the consumer is that it does what they want it to and has a good amount of games from all genres to suit their needs...
all_clear  +   1027d ago
How did you know ?!
dragonious  +   1027d ago
I stopped reading after he forgot that the power glove came before SEGA's motion control device.
Max-Zorin  +   1024d ago
E3 need to hurry up so the rumors and speculation can fade.
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