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Prcko  +   838d ago
i doubt,but you never know :)
irepbtown  +   838d ago
I really hope we get some new info... I'm dying here!
Hydrolex  +   838d ago
I just want it for PC...
Hanif-876  +   838d ago
I just hope that it comes to the PS4. The more platforms the better.. its practically the only game left why i'm hanging on to my current generation consoles.
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ShabbaRanks  +   837d ago
Yup same here GTA5 and the TheLastOfUs are the only games I really want... I got this feeling that GTA5 will come to PS4, but probably not at the same time as on PS3.

Now will I wait for the better version and maybe die of anticipation or just give in and play it on PS3 lol
animegamingnerd  +   837d ago
this is why i am going to get the PS4 and maybe the 720 until like a year cause of there is more games on current gen consoles that i am more looking forward to
Nafon  +   835d ago
too bad PS4 doesnt have backwards compatibility.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   838d ago
September feels like its years away...
FarCryLover182  +   838d ago
I wish 2k would give me a time machine so I can go get GTA and come back to the present with GTA in hand.
Jumper09  +   838d ago
A conference call is not going to reveal infos about a game
BattleReach  +   838d ago
Trailer next week, more info next,month.
GamerToons  +   838d ago
No it wont.
maxcon  +   838d ago
They won't reveal details like that. They'll reconfirm PS3/360 as the only platforms, and hopefully they won't delay it again.
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   837d ago
Good, hope we see more on the TBS X-COM it was so awesome...

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