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TrendyGamers  +   954d ago
Interesting. It would be a great way to end 2013 for the PS3.
doctorstrange  +   954d ago
Ten years, baby.
darthv72  +   954d ago
"a great way to end 2013 for the PS3".....OR
a great way to start off the PS4. Yeah i know they have said it would be for the PS3 but can you imagine a system selling title as big as GT6 right there from the start for the PS4....

The timing would be about right. No doubt after 5 was being finished up that sony would have presented early dev kits for the PS4 for them to transition their assets over to.

wishful thinking or overly optimistic?
NastyLeftHook0  +   954d ago
im in tears of joy. ok..ok.. i know, it just had to be said
Crazyglues  +   954d ago
All I can say is it's about time... I can't wait for this thing...

I mean seriously these long development times are killing me.. -and I know it's because they are trying to make a really quality game... -but for some reason it still feels longer then it should be..

GT5 came out November 24, 2010 so I thought for sure we would see 6 Nov 2012 but it looks like Nov 28 2013 will be the date... -a whole year later-

just wondering why so long.. seems strange, -it's not going to be using a new engine?

Maybe it's because work for the game just started late?

-but why would that be the case when people love this game, it always sells well... surely if any game deserves the next one being worked on as soon as the current one comes out it's this game...

-but anyway, still excited to see it, can't wait - I will indeed be getting this DAY-ONE - Really excited right now... Today Just Became Too Awesome for words..

E3 hurry up and get here... LoL

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Commandar_Shepard  +   954d ago
Please don't kill me but I hope this game isn't on PS3. GT has always been a system seller. It doesn't need to take advantage of a bigger user base, it's powerful enough to create a new one since it's an incentive for the millions of GT fans to jump to PS4.

Imagine: 1080p, 60fps, hopefully 800+ Premium Cars. :D
Crazyglues  +   954d ago

@ Commandar_Shepard

why would I kill you.. LMAO...

nah, but all jokes aside I agree with you, it would be awesome indeed...

-but sadly it was decided that GT6 is going to be on PS3, I guess this was decided to give Drive Club a chance to shine and then GT7 will be on PS4 later if were lucky..

But I'm with you, I would love to see it on PS4.. OMG it would looks so amazing.. -those guys always push the system - so that would indeed be a site to see..

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yewles1  +   954d ago
GT has always had two per console, odd number demonstrated the engine, even maxed it out. If you really think just putting it on a new console is gonna' automatically have so many premiums considering how much work they put into them, then I urge you to look up their dev history...
MonkeyNinja  +   954d ago
@ Commandar_Shepard

Wouldn't be surprised if they released it on both PS3 and PS4. Remember back in PS1/N64/early PS2 days? There were quite a few titles on PS1/N64 and PS2 (don't remember which ones though). One can hope.
50Terabytespersec  +   954d ago
This would be icing on the cake and create some serious brand loyalty!!
GT6 would be the greatest going away gift ever ! This game has always epitomized the next Gen in terms of HD graphics and incredible textures and 3d Models.
I give absolute devotion to SONY NOW AND FOREVER IF THIS IS TRUE! I JUST BOUGHT THE XPERIA ZL and all I can say is WOW!!!!! 1080p and light as a feather feels so rugged so fast so amazing! SONY is back!
ShabbaRanks  +   954d ago

Related image(s)
alexcosborn  +   954d ago
Wouldya look at that?
dbjj12088  +   954d ago
Whoops! Wow that would be a KILLER E3 reveal. Hope Newegg didn't just blow it.
Wedge19  +   954d ago
...And in turn PSLS for reporting it ;) Though it is still up on Newegg, so it's not like it was a mistake that was caught and quickly taken down.
IRetrouk  +   954d ago
If this turns out to be true i will scream like a little girl.
TrendyGamers  +   954d ago
For all we know you are a little girl, so unless you aren't, that wouldn't be too out of the ordinary.
IRetrouk  +   954d ago
We may never know
Gamer-40  +   954d ago
Next-gen Forza 5 vs Ps3 Gran Turismo 6?
I hope, GT6 coming ps4.
despair  +   954d ago
Forza 5 vs Drive Club probably, though a GT6 launch title for PS4 (with simultaneous PS3 release) would be excellent and a system seller.
Cam977  +   954d ago
What an incredible year.
ftwrthtx  +   954d ago
I wonder if it will grace the PS4 as well then.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   954d ago
My only concern is the Ps4. No, doubt GT6 will send the Ps3 out on a bang and probably give the system a late-life boost, the way Sing Star gave the Ps2. I think if GT6 is on Ps3 than they should either;
1-Release it on the Ps3 midway way through 2014, after the Ps4 launch window.
2-Release before the launch window of the Ps4.
coolmast3r  +   954d ago
It would be a stupid idea to release GT6 on PS3. GT2 was way better than GT1 in terms of graphics, physics and so on. The same thing was with GT3, GT4 and GT5 - every next Gran Turismo game looked way better than the previous one. And now this. Come on, we already have THREE Gran Turismo games released for PS3! THREE!
In addition to what was said, GT5 had already used 80% of PS3's compute power. In this situation maximum that we can expect from GT6 on PS3 is a slightly better lighting/textures and a couple of new cars/tracks. I mean SLIGHTLY better which means 10 to 15% better. Which destroys the tradition of Polyphony Digital to shock gaming world with visuals/physics simulation.
And the last but not least argument for GT6 being released on PS4 - Gran Turismo is the absolute best system seller for Sony. They can't ignore that.
I agree, GT6 can be released for both PS3 and PS4 but I think it's time to move on into the fascinatig world of the Next Generation.
T3mpr1x  +   954d ago
A new full Gran Turismo within 3 years of the last one? I don't believe it. Watch this turn into GT 6 Prologue.
Salooh  +   954d ago
I think i saw an article long time ago. Kaz said in it that gt6 won't take 5 years. It makes more sense if it's released after 3 years which is gonna happen in november . GT5 only took that long because they were making the Engine of the game. But since they finished it and already finished gt5 they only need to add more cars and put magic touch in them. Gameplay is already realistic. So Add more content and upgrade the graphics/visuales. You know what i mean ..
pete007  +   954d ago
jelydonut  +   954d ago
Or they could just cross-compile it, as i'm sure it is 99% C code. May just hafta rewrite any assembly level code. Definitely not a full rewrite.
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DarkZane  +   954d ago
We're in April and a game they haven't even announced yet is supposed to release in November? Not likely at all, especially since it took them forever to release GT5.
TrendyGamers  +   954d ago
The next Call of Duty hasn't been announced and that comes out in November.
stage88  +   954d ago
Make this a PS4 launch title and Sony will wipe the floor with the competition.
level 360  +   954d ago
Am speculating if that article really is true but if it were I just think it would be a bad marketing strategy to introduce GT6 on the last leg of PS3 when the easiest solution is to simply bring out a couple more GT5 related DLC car/track packages..

..and put all the effort, the fresh talent and ideas to concentrate GT6 for PS4.
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trancefreak  +   954d ago
Was commenting on something and that avatar oh my Kaboom plow in my face nice choice.
COBRA93PR  +   953d ago

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