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Jadedz  +   912d ago
I don't understand
Capcom doesn't make the zombie title people want, though Ubisoft does, and a decent populous of reviewers/gamers blast it.

Not everything's is perfect, though when you're comparing this title to Capcom's offerings; it's like night and day.
Linko64  +   912d ago
Welcome to modern day video game players!
Yodagamer  +   911d ago
That's because while reviewers will cry about resident evil not being resident evil and then they'll complain about games that incorporate things that make good survival horror games for the reasons that make them survival horror.
herbs  +   912d ago
I honestly wish Ubisoft would have used there resources to port over FarCry 3 for Wii U instead of making this low budget ok game.
guitarded77  +   911d ago
Not me... I played Far Cry 3 elsewhere, and I got to play Zombie U too. If they had taken the resources to port FC3, I would have only got to experience one game... and I enjoyed both.
grassyknoll  +   911d ago
Every game does have to be a massive blockbuster. The midbudget games are normally the classics: ZombiU, Bayonetta, Dark Souls etc
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   911d ago
Zombie U was a very underated game and deserved better reviews. Yes the combat was repetitive but it was what R.E. used to be. True Survival horror! I'd love a sequel with improved combat and open world gameplay.
Neko_Mega  +   911d ago
My only problem with this game was no support for any controller for single player (just gamepad only).

Other then that, this game was pretty awesome. It was the only title that alot of my friends enjoy on the Wii U.
Jek_Porkins  +   911d ago
I love the game, needs more weapon variety, sort of like Dead Rising let you use anything as a weapon, and a better story.
Typical-Guy  +   911d ago
I still haven't finished the game but it really is a survival game, you hear that RESIDENT EVIL!
Drainage  +   911d ago
best game on the wii u so far for me. too bad people would rather listen to garbage reviews and it got bad no sequel
Kevlar009  +   911d ago
Too many reviewers blasted it for "repetitive, dull gameplay". It suffered from being too realistic for its own good, I reckon it takes more than a few shots from a Cricket bat to kill a real person, less a zombie. Yes they could've expanded on melee combat, but when it's one man versus hordes of Zombies that tries to be as realistic as you could expect, it leads itself to its own corner.

When you consider it was a realistic survival sim (really it was a simulator of sorts), it did it's job well while still giving you your standard, post-apocalypse fare. Not to say it deserved 10's or 9's, but it really was the Zombie survival game you've always thought of.
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grassyknoll  +   911d ago
Zombiu is one of the best of last year, with some of the most intelligent puzzles ever placed in a game. A combination of old Resident Evil games with Demon Souls: What's not to like? I'm hopefully for a sequel.
Whymii  +   911d ago
Some of the criticisms of Zombiu are valid, such as the combat being repetitive and clunky. However, I think the main problem with the game was that it wasn't clear what it wanted to be and that was reflected in the decisions the developer made.

If it was a true simulation then it makes sense that zombies need to be hit several times to kill them. But then, if it was a simulating a real world then other melee weapons should be available for the player to find and utilise. I have plenty of garden tools that could be used to decapitate or remove limbs to incapacitate my zombi neighbours. Different weapons could be used with different tactics. The way it played was more like an old 80s 2D scrolling beat-em up that had limited weapons and strategies for the player to utilise.

I really enjoyed the game, but as a simulation it fails and as zombi beat-em up it fails as well. To put it in simple terms, it's no Day Z or Left 4 Dead. Pity.
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