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quantumofmalice  +   1034d ago
Its sad that some countries havent given women the equality they deserve by not allowing them to be choked out by a man in a bat costume.
just-joe  +   1034d ago
Why is this even an issue?
Gaming_Guru  +   1034d ago
So the US is ok having Batman choked with a rope than to have Wonder Woman choked with a hand, I find that kind of funny.
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DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   1034d ago
Who gives a damn... and why would anyone give a damn. ..
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brave27heart  +   1034d ago
Wow. Its a bit sad that we have an image of a man choking a woman and the two biggest arguements are that Batman couldnt choke wonder woman and that we're making a fuss over nothing.

The sad truth is people see something portrayed in the media, whether its a video game cover, magazine cover, tv advert and see it as being okay. Skinny women being shown in beauty magazines gives the impression that this is what beauty is and what you should be aiming for. Seeing a man choke a woman as part of an entertainment advertising puts out the wrong message. Instead given how prevelant domestic violence is we should be viewing any and all examples in a negative way.

Most people are adjusted enough to see it as just an image, but the sad truth is there are people who will look at that image and somewhere subconciously associate abuse of women as okay in certain circumstances. The same sort of people who listen to rap songs about being a "player" and thinks that it must be okay to treat women as commodities because they heard it in a song.

Most people are sensible, but too many people are not and you have to say, with all the possible ideas you could have used instead why would you need to choose this one to advertise your product?
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WitWolfy  +   1034d ago
I always feel sorry for Batman in the Justice League.. Everybody has like every amplified power known to exist like... strength, flight, and speed to name a few and every time they flew off to the next destination; Batman will be like to only one staying behind being like... "It's cool guys go-on without me.. My Batwing will be here shortly.." watching them in jealousy as they fly away with their God given super powers..

Makes me chuckle EVERY TIME.
x5exotic  +   1034d ago
Madam Sessler be mad.
NeoTribe  +   1033d ago
Think this is bad? You shoulda seen what he made her choke on later on.
Rai  +   1033d ago
Euros wonder woman even looks better
87napper  +   1033d ago
Naw I don't see anything wrong it's a game and it's a fighting game for the most part I wish the U.S would have better cover art such as that
Iltapalanyymi  +   1033d ago
oOMICHAELOo  +   1033d ago
America gives women too many rights... I don't mean like equal rights, I mean special rights. I see it all the time they push this women are just as good if not better then men agenda all the time, but as soon as she gets slapped by a man she's "inferior". Make up your simple little minds America.
SuperK  +   1033d ago
Could not have said it any better.
hazelamy  +   1033d ago
if sexism was the reason for the change, why also go from the trousers to the star spangled briefs?

mixed messages there.

anyway, i'd love to have either one, though i do like the uk one a little bit more.

sure Batman's choking Wonder Woman in the uk one, but there's no way he could hurt her, and it looks like she's about to shove that sword through his face, so, advantage Wonder Woman i think. ^_^

ok, so they don't look star spangled but they still took her trousers off.

and am i imagining things, but is Batman choking himself with the lasso in the us one?
i mean, Wonder Woman's not holding it.
maybe the lasso made his hidden autoerotic asphyxiation fetish surface. O_O

it is the lasso of truth isn't it? ^_^
b_one  +   1033d ago
Dear United States, WTH is going on there... whats up with you ppl there...
mt  +   1033d ago
anyone who knows wonder woman, batman wouldn't be able to choke her. I love batman more than anything else, but he is not the superhero with superpower that is why I like him.
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ghostrider32  +   1032d ago
Of course not. If anything, it's a parody. Everybody knows Wonder Woman would break both of his arms and tell him to stick to fighting Gangsters.
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