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FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   1034d ago
The guy makes great games the gamers that can play it great..

No Fanboy of anything just own a PS3 and PC Ps Vita and WIIU

so I think this is great news...And what better system to make multi platform games.

720/ps4 going to use same architect so ports should be seamless..
o-Sunny-o  +   1034d ago
Time to switch disc joke now invalid.... :l
Tzuno  +   1034d ago
Hahahahahhhhhhhhh!!! Nailed.
Arai  +   1034d ago
He goes where the wind blows, a wind named Konami.
Don't read much into it, in the end he's an employee of said company.
Whatever they want they'll make happen, going multi-platform isn't a bad thing anyway.
As long as developers keep putting enough love and effort into their games they'll flourish on whichever system.
Kaneda  +   1034d ago
Just don't be like Square Enix...
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